Sears Guy Doesn't Fix Your TV, Drives On Your Lawn, Runs Into Things

Reader Joel isn’t too happy with the service he got from Sears. He was looking to get an older TV fixed and, rather than make sure that they could fix it, Sears sent a guy to drive on Joel’s lawn.

Recently, my 52 inch projection television lost picture and I needed repair. I found Sears on line and called. Yes, they needed a nine hour window so I had my sister meet them for me as I work. When I initially made the call, I explained to them that this is an older model set.

They asked no questions such as ” How old is it? ” so I assumed it doesn’t matter. The repair guy shows up about 3:00 p.m. and disassembles my set. He then tells my sister that parts are no longer made for this model as it is to old.

They could have asked the question and told me that over the phone and saved me a 100.00 trip charge. But that’s not all. It has been raining a lot and the ground is saturated.

This idiot decides, when he is leaving, rather than back his vehicle in the area where my cars are parked, he would rather back up into my FRONTYARD! As I’m sure you can guess, he got stuck. So he backed up in a circular pattern and was able to free himself only after digging up my lawn. Also he backed up so far as to run into my security light post. Sears will not excuse the $100.00 charge.

Go figure. $100.00 well spent!!!!!!! Unbelievable! Thanks for giving me an outlet to vent.

You know, venting is great, but if he did serious damage to your lawn or other property that will cost money to fix, you might want to consider filing a small claims lawsuit against Sears.

It doesn’t cost much, and its easier than you think. Here’s some information about small claims court that can help you make your decision.

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