The $1,821.97 Blackberry Bill

Maybe things are different in your house but in PJ’s it’s rather disconcerting to receive a bill for $1,821.91 for the wife’s Blackberry. U.S. Cellular says that she used 150mb of data and now must pay the price. PJ’s wife has no idea what she might have done that would’ve been that large, and US Cellular can’t tell her either. They just want their monies.

PJ writes:

My wife just received a bill for $1800 for my wife’s blackberry when she normally pays around $65. They claim she used 150mb of data and charge an outrageous amount per kb for an extra $1500 in data charges and $200 in taxes! They can’t explain what the data was that caused this mess and expect us to pay the bill. She has had her Blackberry for 2 years and never had a bill over $70 and never used more than the 4mb (that’s the blackberry plan she is on).

I can’t believe that they expect us to just pay the bill.

I would try the ol’ escalation trick to get this figured out.

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