Texas Bans Vista For State Gov

The malignment of Windows Vista has reached a new height: A Texas lawmaker added a provision to the state budget that would effectively ban Vista from being purchased by any state government agency.

The rider says that any agency must get written approval from the Budget Board before buying any Vista products, and the guy who inserted it said its intent was to block them from buying the operating system. Hinojosa, Senate Finance Committee vice chairman, said, “We have a lot of problems with the Vista program. It had a lot of bugs. It takes up a lot of memory. It’s not compatible with other equipment, and it’s supposed to be an upgrade from the XP program that is being used by state agencies, and it’s not.”

Budget ‘rider’ would bid ‘Hasta la vista’ to Windows Vista [San Antonio News via Yahoo Tech] (Thanks to John!) (Photo: paperbrigade)

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