Consumer Reports Health Blog Debunks 6 Medical Myths

Today’s “April False” post on the Consumer Reports Health Blog looks at six commonly held medical and health misconceptions. The only one I must take issue with is the one about baldness, because I am balding and I am not only a better lover, but probably the best lover. Otherwise, take a look and learn something new.

“April False: 6 medical myths debunked” [Consumer Reports]
(Photo: elvissa)


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  1. Canino says:

    Now THAT is a disturbing looking cat.

  2. Yossarian says:

    “If you don’t quit smoking on your first attempt, you may never quit at all.” This seems perfectly true to me. Why is it a “myth.”

  3. missy070203 says:

    hmmmm….. never tried a bald man……

  4. noone1569 says:

    Best. Cake. Evar!

  5. Saboth says:

    As the hair thins on my head, I’ve noticed it has migrated south for the winter. This makes me a better lover, because my wife can grip my back hair for better positioning.

  6. jbrecken says:

    Is anyone else itchy after reading that list?

  7. Trai_Dep says:

    So does a Brazilian Wax improve your sexual performance?
    Nature vs Nurture gets confusing sometimes…

  8. kissinggames says:

    Lies. Do you know how many ticks I burn off with matches each year? Hundreds. Literally hundreds.

  9. ElizabethD says:

    People who make a BIG production out of removing ticks drive me nuts. Just get a grip right behind the critter’s little head and yank. No need to do this at light speed nor at CR’s recommended speed of “slowly”.

    I have removed literally thousands of embedded dog ticks from my dogs, my kids, myself over the decades and it is a cinch — even when they are swollen like ugly grapes. Drop ’em in a small covered jar of rubbing alcohol and dispose of the bodies when it gets yucky in there. This grooming activity can be relaxing for both tick puller and pullee, sort of like apes grooming each other’s fur. *makes monkey noises* We used to take turns tick-picking the dogs on the outdoor deck all summer. (Now I’m sounding like Ma Kettle or something.)

  10. RandomHookup says:

    …and I am not only a better lover, but probably the best lover.

    One sure way to know that it’s April Fool’s Day.

  11. Verucalise (Est.February2008) says:

    Chris- please provide evidence, your statement is a very subjective one.

  12. Stephmo says:

    “In fact, a review article published in the Journal of Food Protection in 2000 found no case of food-borne illness linked directly with commercial mayonnaise or dressing. Far more likely to make you sick: unwashed fruits and vegetables and undercooked meats.”

    HA! Vindicated! Old co-workers used to FREAK that I’d have tuna salad out for a few hours in the office in a sealed container at room temperature (which was really just stupidly cold due to freakish AC system). They were convinced I’d drop dead from salmonella from the mayonnaise. Now if only I could have walked by and said, “is that the apple of death you have on your desk – at room temperature?”

  13. theblackdog says:

    Is this cake on cake wrecks?


    Best. Site. Ever!

  14. DrGirlfriend says:

    @Yossarian: Oh you’re one of those. (And by one of those, I mean people who say something deliberately obtuse just to prove an insignificant point, then hang on to that point for dear life).

  15. cromartie says:

    Men who lose their hair have more testosterone than other men and are better lovers.

    I’m sorry, this is absolutely true and I have plenty of references to prove it.