Some People Think Generics Are Somehow Inferior

There are people out there who really think the name-brand slapped on conveys some kind of magical properties to medicine not covered in the active ingredient list, as Janet’s sad story of how she got humiliated by her boss shows:

Janet writes:

My boss gave me a list of a few things to pick up for him at CVS last week. Advil liquid gels were on the list. I bought him the CVS brand of liquid gels with the same milligrams of ibuprofen in them. When I returned he flipped out on me saying that they are not the same and these won’t work as well. He told me to keep my penny pinching to my own purchases. Then a few days later he brought it up in front of a few other co-workers. They all agreed with him.

The CVS brand costs half of what Advil costs for the same thing, while I thought I was doing him a favor, I was setting myself up for laughter, apparently. This made me think, how many other people out there believe this? Over-the-counter medications give you a list and amount of ingredients right on the back, if everything is exactly the same, why spend twice as much?

It makes me feel like I must be taking crazy pills.

Don’t feel too bad, Janet, some of those co-workers may have just been nodding their head because they want to keep their job. At least now you know in your office who can’t think for themselves (your boss + those people).

(Photo: yoshiffles)

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