Baseball Team Offers Flatulence Filters To Go With All You Can Eat Games

We love Minor League Baseball. Cheap tickets, sloppy play, and fun stadiums (our New Orleans Zephyrs boast a pool, a levee, and a “party shack”) make for a great spring or summer day. Minor League games are also known for their ridiculous promos and giveaways, and the Lake Elsinore Storm have made a natural pairing: fans who come to their all-you-can-eat Fat Tuesday games will also receive Subtle Butt, a “flatulence filter” that attaches to one’s underpants.

Subtle Butt is made from activated carbon and apparently makes your flatulence smell like a baby unicorn’s breath. We think such a device would be useful when combined with all-you-can-eat ballpark chili dogs, nachos, and boardwalk fries. This is excellent synergy!

Subtle Butt is manufactured by Garment Guard, which also makes armpit sweat protectors and some kind of skid mark eraser.

A Subtle Way to Curb Ballpark Emissions [Ben’s Biz Blog]

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