Baseball Team Offers Flatulence Filters To Go With All You Can Eat Games

We love Minor League Baseball. Cheap tickets, sloppy play, and fun stadiums (our New Orleans Zephyrs boast a pool, a levee, and a “party shack”) make for a great spring or summer day. Minor League games are also known for their ridiculous promos and giveaways, and the Lake Elsinore Storm have made a natural pairing: fans who come to their all-you-can-eat Fat Tuesday games will also receive Subtle Butt, a “flatulence filter” that attaches to one’s underpants.

Subtle Butt is made from activated carbon and apparently makes your flatulence smell like a baby unicorn’s breath. We think such a device would be useful when combined with all-you-can-eat ballpark chili dogs, nachos, and boardwalk fries. This is excellent synergy!

Subtle Butt is manufactured by Garment Guard, which also makes armpit sweat protectors and some kind of skid mark eraser.

A Subtle Way to Curb Ballpark Emissions [Ben’s Biz Blog]


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  1. EarlNowak says:

    Zephyrs baseball! Thirsty thursdays all summer long.

  2. discounteggroll says:

    did that lady actually try eating the hot dog starting from the center?

    hilarious video nonetheless. I enjoyed watching it even without audio turned on

  3. laserjobs says:

    Oh, I am interested in the skid mark eraser. It seems the Keebler Elves must have snuck into my undies and left a fudge stripe.

  4. Frank Murphy says:

    Sounds better than the Yankees and Mets promotions – we’ll gouge and screw you the taxpayer even if you don’t come to the game.

  5. Canino says:

    I love minor league baseball – you never know what you’re going to see…midget wrasslin, junk car giveaways, duct tape fashion shows, dirtiest car in the parking lot prizes, 25-cent tamale nights…not to mention some of the best and worst baseball plays ever made and plenty of ejections and crazy manager rants. Best entertainment deal on any summer night.

  6. nakedscience says:

    You know, I live in Phoenix and have yet to go to a Spring Training event. SHAME ON ME.

  7. FooSchnickens - Full of SCAR says:

    This guy comes to mind:

    Go braves!

  8. Solange82200 says:

    Wow Foo, I normally hate watching sports, but that video may have changed my mind! I like the part when he’s crawling military style on the field lol

    • Eyebrows McGee (now with double the baby!) says:

      @Solange82200: Minor League ball is the BEST! There’s local politicians, free stuff, cheap beer, grass lounges, mascots getting in fistfights with the umpires … I swear, nobody has any filters, it makes baseball so much awesomer.

  9. jacques says:

    Do they make “Subtle Butt” guards for dogs? If so, I’m IN!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I just got a flyer from a couple of guys in bunny and tiger suits while I was out to lunch. Opening day for the Lakeland Flying Tigers. Gates open at 5:30 and the game starts at 7. FREE “specialty” BEER until the game starts and $1 drafts all night long. I’m thinking the “specialty” beer is Bell’s Lager since they’re the sponsor. It could be Bell’s Pisser for all I care…FREE BEER! HOORAY FREE BEER!

  11. Rhayader says:

    Don’t call it “sloppy play”. Minor league ballplayers are pros working as hard as they can to get to the next level.

    Most MLB players will tell you that a minor leaguer is just as likely to make a great play as a major leaguer, they just can’t perform as consistently day in, day out.

    • Alex Chasick says:

      @Rhayader: You must live in Pawtucket or Wilkes-Barre or something, because the minor league affiliates I’ve watched are some seriously error-laden games.

      I don’t doubt that they’re still better than most people at baseball, and I’m sure I couldn’t hit even a minor league curve ball, but the dropped flies and throws behind first base are pretty bad.

      • Rhayader says:

        @Alex Chasick: I live in Durham, so yeah my local team is very good. Still though, I’ve watched games in all minor league levels all over the country.

        I played college baseball and I can tell you that these guys know what they’re doing. Are they rough around the edges sometimes? Yes. They are also in the top 1 percentile in what they do. If only we could all be so good at our jobs.

  12. Raiders757 says:

    Will this work after a 12 pack of beer and Taco Bell?

  13. SpiderPaintingDollars says:

    Interesting, the company also provides (under)Garment Guards.
    it’s brand new
    it’s comfortable
    it’s cleaner than underwear
    it doesn’t leave panty lines
    it doesn’t peek out from your jeans
    it’s what everyone’s talking about
    And uhm, who is everyone? Because really, no one is talking about it except their webmaster.