Bealls Florida Says Amazon Confused Listings On 12 Piece Dinnerware Mini-Fiasco

It took a while, but Bealls Florida has sent us their official explanation for why people who thought they were buying 12 plates through an Amazon sale received just 1 earlier this month.

Regarding the posting on your site titled ‘Amazon 12 Plate Set Looks a Lot like 1 Plate’, dated Friday, March 20th, we have just updated our website to reflect the following statement:

We regret to inform you that due to a product listing error by, the Libbey dinnerware that was offered by Amazon was inaccurately offered as a “Box of 12” from Bealls Florida. The Libbey dinnerware is not offered in sets of 12 from Bealls Florida, it is sold individually as open stock items.

If you have ordered and received this merchandise, you will be contacted by Amazon and will be given a full refund.

We feel the error can be traced back to the method that Amazon uses to match products from varied merchants by UPC code, and in this case, a product we sell on our website as ‘open stock’ was matched to a UPC code on with a different description of ’12-plate set’.

You can read the same message on the “Advertising Updates” page of their website, where you’ll also be subjected to some sort of awful Catwoman Tankini thing. (Halle Berry era, not Pfeiffer, Kitt or Newmar.) [Edit: or Merriweather!]

Update: Our original tipster, Pez, wrote in today to say Amazon has contacted him over the issue:

I heard back from Amazon today. The final word is that I’m getting a refund of the full amount I paid, I keep the place setting I received, and they’ve thrown in a $5.00 Amazon gift certificate for good measure.

“Advertising Updates” [Bealls Florida]

“Amazon 12 Plate Set Looks A Lot Like 1 Plate”

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