Taco Bell Typo Causes 11 Overdraft Fees

A Vancouver man says he was overcharged by Taco Bell — costing him hundreds of dollars in fees. The man used his debit card to buy $15 worth of Taco Bell for his family. The receipt read the correct amount, and he says he didn’t notice that his card had been debited $150 until he started receiving overdraft fees for each item he bought after Taco Bell.

“We had it all budgeted out,” the customer told the local news. “We know exactly how much we spend. That knocked us in the hole.”

Soon, over $400 in fees had piled up.

“A $5 coffee was like $40 with the fee,” he said. “So every little thing we bought, it knocked us back $37 even further.”

Taco Bell refunded the $150 it mistakenly debited, but has so far refused to pay the 11 overdraft charges its mistake caused. It’s apparently still investigating and has not made a final decision.

UPDATE: Taco Bell just wrote us with some more information about how the story ended.

Our franchisee realized that his employee made an honest mistake keying in the amount, and immediately refunded the original $151.46 to the customers account. Here’s the part that the news coverage didn’t include: as soon as the franchisee learned about the overdraft charges on Friday, he paid for all 11 of them in full. In fact, he discovered that the bank would not clear the original $151.46 for at least seven days, so provided the customer with a check for the original amount.

Good work, Taco People.

Man Says Taco Bell Error Cost Him $400 [FOX 12]
(Photo:Morton Fox)

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