IDT Accused Of Stealing Reader's Dog

Reader Niklas says IDT Energy stole his dog from his house. Niklas says that an IDT Energy rep knocked on his door around 1pm on Friday, March 6, and when he opened it, his 5-year old Yorkshire terrier Milo ran out into the hall. Niklas sent the IDT Energy person on their way, but couldn’t find his dog. Other neighbors later reported…

…seeing an IDT guy leaving the building with “something under his jacket that he had trouble holding.”

Niklas says he is working with a Brooklyn detective to track the dog. The cops released the story to the press as a police blotter item and it was published in The Brooklyn Paper. Niklas has started a Facebook group to help track the dog down. He’s offering a $1200 no questions asked reward for his dog’s safe return. It seems IDT Energy has found a new, lower, depth of degradation to scrape.

Help Find Milo!!! [Facebook]
A dog gone shame [The Brooklyn Paper]

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