iPod Mechanic Stole Over 9,000 iPods From Apple, Feds Say

An iPod repair shop, that we ripping Apple off for 9,000+ iPod shuffles. The feds charged Nicholas Woodman with jacking iPod shuffles from Apple by guessing shuffle serial numbers from a shuffle replacement site without actually ever buying the original shuffles himself.

Very interesting… For the past few years, we’ve received complaint after complaint about people sending in their iPods for repairs to this company only to never get them back. After our posts went up, Nicholas swore to me up and down via IM that the problems were because of bad employees and that he was working on getting better ones. He even asked me for advice with recruiting new employees from college fairs, along with sharing his desire to acquire souped-up street-racer-cars and appreciation for big-name trance music djs. Eventually his IMs became so persistent that I blocked him…. The Feds might have got him on this shuffle thing, but my hunch is there’s more to look into w/r/t iPod Mechanic

Feds say iPod repairman stole 9,000 Shuffles from Apple [Computerworld]

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