Amazon 12 Plate Set Looks A Lot Like 1 Plate

Here’s an update from Bealls Florida.

On Monday, one of our readers clicked through a Morning Deal and purchased a set of 12 plates via Amazon. The deal clearly said it was a box of 12 plates, as does Amazon’s listing. Pezstar received his order today, however, and it was just a single plate. Judging by the comments on the Amazon page, he wasn’t the only one ripped off.

Pezstar writes,

On Monday, I noticed a link to Amazon in the morning deals post. It was an offer of 12 clear glass dinner plates for $2.99. I clicked straight to it, saw they were also offering a dozen salad plates and a dozen matching bowls, also for $2.99 per dozen.

I purchased all three.

Today, they arrived. I received one plate, one bowl, and one salad plate. Thinking I may have gotten mixed up, and feeling embarrassed, because I have absolutely no need for one place setting, I checked my Amazon orders. There is was, clear as day. 12 of them. I checked my confirmation email. 12 again.

I clearly don’t need one place setting. I contacted the seller. We’ll see what happens.

Our first thought was that this was another company doing business via Amazon and unaware of how to correctly price their items, but in fact it’s sold by Amazon. Or is it Bealls? There’s some confusion over just who’s responsible for the mixup, and we hope Amazon sorts it out quickly and refunds the cheated customers their money.

Update: As we mentioned on Friday, it’s still unclear whether Bealls Florida or Amazon is to blame for the pricing error. (Bealls Florida is explicitly blaming Amazon for the error in their communication with customers.) If you ordered the 12-piece set and received the single plate, you should probably follow the advice here from reader Tony Sina and file an A to Z claim with Amazon, and instead of a refund request that Amazon/Bealls fulfill your order per the original terms.

Morning Deals, Monday March 16, 2009


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  1. taking_this_easy says:

    well… $3 for 12 dishes seems too cheap(its currently $30+ for 12 dishes)…

    refund i guess… dont think the company would be sending 11 dishes to them

    • AlexDitto says:


      I wouldn’t say it seems “too cheap”. There’s a Brick and Mortar wholesaler around here (Old Time Pottery) that sells bowls and plates, individually, for prices comparable to this. I’m talking 25 to 50 cents, maybe a few dollars for bigger dishes. It’s not fantastically high quality, obviously, but there’s some nice stuff.

      Just saying, depending on the quality of the plates, they could easily be valued at 25 cents each. I’m thinking the buyers were definitely ripped off.

      • penuspenuspenus says:

        @AlexDitto: $3 for 12 plates, give me a break. This was an obvious price mistake. This was hardly a ripoff/scam. These price mistakes get picked up on Slickdeals/Fatwallet all the time, and to be honest, they tend to handle the disappointment a lot better than this.

        There are deals, and there are price mistakes. Some people make out like bandits, and others get the shaft. The only thing you guys should be looking for is a return + refund.

        • Tony Sina says:

          @sodomanaz: You are probably right that this was a price mistake. But sending 1 plate instead of 12, without warning/further contact/whatever, and avoiding the issue altogether…that sort of makes for a bigger problem, especially when it comes to future purchases a customer might want to make through the seller, no?

          In this case, the only people that “made out like bandits” are the ones that decided to open a box of twelve items, give one out to everyone expecting the entire box, and then absolving themselves of any mistake or wrongdoing. How about a make-good other than “TS, get a refund from Amazon”

  2. Grant Gannon says:

    I jumped on this deal as well and have yet to see my order. This is the email I received the day after from Amazon. It clearly states ‘Box of 12’ for all three items.

    We’re writing to confirm your purchase of the following items from Bealls Florida:

    1 of Libbey Tempo 10-Inch Square Dinner Plate, Box of 12, Clear (available
    to ship by March 18,2009)

    1 of Libbey Tempo 8-Inch Square Salad/Dessert Plate, Box of 12, Clear
    (available to ship by March 18,2009)

    1 of Libbey Tempo 5-1/2-Inch Square Bowl, Box of 12, Clear (available to
    ship by March 18,2009)

    Amazon Payments has charged your credit card (Visa) for this purchase, and
    the funds have been credited to Bealls Florida.

    You have chosen to ship your order via Standard shipping. The delivery
    estimate for this method to your address is 2 to 6 business days after
    shipping. The actual delivery time for the item(s) in your order will
    depend on the shipping policies of Bealls Florida and when the item(s) are
    available to ship.

  3. coren says:

    It’s an outside seller who was listing their item at unit price. Obvious, I would suppose. They’ll probably grant a refund if people request it – if they won’t Amazon will do it anyway.

    • Anonymous says:

      @coren: If you look at the actual listing it says “Box of 12” so there is no reason to believe they’re selling them as individual pieces. This is hopefully a case of the vendor making a mistake on the listing and not an outright scam.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Good luck. I purchased the same items, and received single items rather than boxes, as well; Beall’s said it’s Amazon’s fault, and refused to refund my money. I filed an A-to-Z claim with Amazon, but haven’t heard anything from them. Beall’s is claiming that they don’t sell these items in boxes of 12… even though they are still listed on the Amazon website as boxes of 12. I’ll wait to see what Amazon says before I contact American Express to contest the charge.

  5. surgio says:

    Its a typographical error and they arent responsible. Once word got around online of this so called “deal” a buncha scammers jumped on it knowing it was incorrect but hoping to push their point on amazon and get them to honour it.

  6. starbreiz says:

    I don’t understand… the screencap shows it for $37.48, as does the linked Amazon page. It does say box of 12, but for that price, that better be right.

  7. Brent Gueth says:

    I also got in on this “deal” – waiting for contact back from the company to figure out where this is going to go to make this right.

    • penuspenuspenus says:

      @Brent Gueth: Can’t really feel bad for you guys. I mean you took advantage of a price mistake, and got burned. The only real option at this point is getting a refund.

      12 plates for $3 is most certainly a price mistake.

  8. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    starbreiz: some people took advantage of the morning deals posted here and purchased the plates for $2.99. It clearly states that it is a box of 12, but the OP here was sent one single plate.

    So don’t go by what it says right now – people paid $2.99 and it said back then that the price was for 12.

  9. kompeitou says:

    When this post first appeared, i clicked over thinking it was a pretty good deal… but when i got to amazon the cost was 36 dollars. Not sure if it was changed soon after your post, but it was clear that it was 2.99 a plate.

  10. David Levy says:

    It seems rather obvious what happened: sells a set of 12 dinner plates (currently for $37.48), and a third-party merchant selling the same plates individually (for $2.99 each) accidentally inserted its listing under the 12-plate set’s item number/description.

    • I_am_Awesome says:

      @David Levy:

      Clearly. The Consumerist is saying Amazon made the mistake, but the customers are saying some company called Bealls made the mistake. Maybe Consumerist should fix that.

  11. Skaperen says:

    When I buy things online, I do an image capture of the web page the offer is on, just in case they try to change things (like quantity in box, or price) later on.

    • EdnaLegume says:

      @Skaperen: that is exactly how I got a 900 dollar knife set for 120 bucks. Someone at amazon is a little quick with the clicking and less quick with the reviewing.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Same thing happened to me. I bought 12pc box each of bowls, dinner plates and salad plates; all marked as $2.99 per box. A couple of days later, I noticed a thread on SlickDeals regarding Amazon single-dish-deliveries so I decided to check on my order. I called Bealls Customer Service and spoke with a lady named Joy who was very pleasant and confirmed that they only shipped on dish each. She said that Bealls was aware of the problem and that I could just refuse the order when it arrives and they would credit my account back. Now I am just waiting to see if that actually happens. According to the CSR, it was a flub on Amazon’s side.

  13. Brent Gueth says:

    For those stating that it was obvious on the site – it wasn’t – here is my order directly copy and pasted from amazon:

    Items purchased:

    * 2 of: Libbey Tempo 8-Inch Square Salad/Dessert Plate, Box of 12, Clear
    Condition: New
    * 2 of: Libbey Tempo 10-Inch Square Dinner Plate, Box of 12, Clear
    Condition: New
    * 2 of: Libbey Tempo 5-1/2-Inch Square Bowl, Box of 12, Clear
    Condition: New

    It clearly states BOX OF 12

  14. Jan Scholl says:

    I bought this [] at Amazon in January thinking I was gonna get two different rings. I got two the same. They still haven’t corrected the photo. Even as I posted my feelings about the listing taking half the blame.

    • balthisar says:

      @Jan Scholl: Except in your case, unless you fail to read the description (you don’t just shop based on photos, do you?), it’s completely obvious what you’d be getting.

    • Anne Boleyn says:

      @Jan Scholl: Amco **Round** Egg Rings, Set of 2

      Product Features
      … “Make pefectly round eggs for breakfast sandwiches” …

      And it’s Amazon – if you’re not happy, return them. Easy peasy.

  15. Plates says:

    After one too many problems with Amazon and their call centre somewhere in South Asia, I found the best course of action is not to deal with Amazon and buy locally. You might pay a bit more that way, but if there is a problem you can talk to an actual English speaking human being face to face.

    • chutch says:

      @Plates: I’ve only ever had one problem with Amazon. Figuring in hundreds of orders, I’m pretty happy with that. During my one mis-shipped order, I was able to talk to someone that was VERY English speaking. I think we talked and they were in Arizona.

      I will say, it’s rare any company has a call center that’s not in India.

    • Corporate-Shill says:


      wow, what a concept, supporting local business people.

      • cuchanu says:


        It sounds great but for the most part buying local is only relevant at a locally owned business. And even then the owner probably buys all of their stuff on Amazon.

  16. lvixen says:

    I too jumped in on the deal. My order also states 12. I order two sets of everything. If it’s only two of each, they are going back for a refund. I know it sounded too good to be true, but if that’s what the orders say, don’t they have to honor it? Oh well, either way, I guess we’ll all see.

    • henwy says:


      No one is forced to honor pricing mistakes. It’s in every ToS.

      • floraposte says:

        @henwy: What’s in a ToS doesn’t supersede the law, though. I don’t know whose law is relevant here aside from the federal–Washington state, I presume, but maybe even the state of the buyer?–but if they say the company has to honor what they advertise, the ToS won’t help them.

        • henwy says:


          Wrong. Maybe you should take a look at this:


          You enter into a binding contract when you agree to the ToS and shop there. You could fight the ToS, but as you can see from the citations on the article, chances are you’re going to lose.

          • henwy says:


            Again, this is to get them to honor the price. Not whether or not they were offer you a refund if you get an item you’re unhappy with. So even if they send you a messaging saying your item has shipped and you have a contact, they’re protected because the relief you agreed to in the ToS is refund. Not getting the price honored.

  17. Christopher Wilson says:

    I ordered the deal with the plates, salad plates, and bowls, all said box of 12. today I received… a single bowl.

  18. chris101d says:

    Its very easy for the company to give refunds here…but I’d still be mad that I didnt get this deal. It makes me mad that they can list something and have their merchandise sell, especially in this case where people saw one listing and got others from the same company because of it…

    I only wish there were a law forcing the company to honor this listing rather than just refund those who complain and keep the cash of those who don’t.

    • henwy says:


      Why should anyone be forced to honor a pricing mistake that was prima facie obvious? I’ve jumped in on these pricing mistakes, hoping to get whatever it was but I never whined about it when it didn’t go through. Those are the chances you take when you try to take advantage of someone else.

  19. Yoko Broke Up The Beatles says:

    A great deal and nothing to suggest that the buyer shouldn’t get 12 plates. Anyone look at the shipping weight? 20 lbs. – that’s either 12 plates or 1 VERY heavy single plate.

  20. Sean Maher says:

    I often sell used items through Amazon. Amazon has twice changed listings and titles on products – changing “paperback” to “hardcover” for example – after I’ve listed my product. They don’t inform you that they’ve done it either, so you may not catch until it’s time to ship the order; meaning someone already ordered a product you don’t have. Then you have to apologize for Amazon’s mistake and offer a refund.

    Not sure if that’s what happened here, but it’s one problem with Amazon’s system. They should tell the seller if they’re changing their listing.

  21. Dracoster says:

    Don’t you people have consumer rights that’s actually protecting you?

    Here in Norway, if you buy a set of 12 plates, you get 12 plates. The seller have to sell what they advertise.

    • DerangedRoleModel says:

      @Dracoster: Hohoho, that’s a good one. Our politicians are too busy fetishizing big business to care about consumers.

    • henwy says:


      Wait a minute….in Norway, if a car company sent out an ad for a car but the company printing it typo’ed and said the car was only 500 euros instead of 5000 euros, the company is forced by law to sell as many 500 euro cars as people want to buy? That’s pretty screwed up right there.

      • shepd says:


        No, I expect the company in Norway would only be obliged to provide the correct merchandise if they accepted 500 euros for a car.

        If there is a printing error, and they refuse to take 500 euros for the car, they would be within their rights to refuse. If you sign up the sales contract (it is a car, after all) and they take 500 euros they cannot then say “Oh, oooops, we’d like another 4,500 euros before we can give you the car”.

        This would follow contract law in the US, assuming you don’t have a disclaimer on your sales receipt (I expect you would). If you write up a contract stating you’ll be selling 12 plates for $2.99, and you then accept the money and both digitally “sign” the contract, without wording permitting a refund should there be a mistake, you are on the hook to provide the goods, or an appropriate refund that someone could use to purchase the goods elsewhere (ie: About $40).

        Here, this should help.

        Basically, once consideration is satisfied, no matter how silly, the other party is bound by the contract. However, I am 100% sure that the contract with Amazon states that under a dispute your sole recourse is a full refund of the purchase price, minus shipping charges.

  22. LeahReindeer says:

    I ordered one set of 12 salad plates (“Libbey Tempo 8-Inch Square Salad/Dessert Plate, Box of 12, Clear”) and received one plate yesterday. Yes indeed, the order was for a set of twelve, not a single plate. The low-priced plates sold out quickly, and then the higher price that you’re now seeing appeared. I wrote to the company to ask for the remaining eleven plates on my order. Assuming those of us who ordered don’t receive our full order, what other recourse do we have?

    • henwy says:


      You can always refund, and if it’s amazon’s mistake they will pay for the return shipping. At least, that’s been my mistake in the past. They’ve been pretty good about it.

      If it’s a third party vendor, you might have to jump through a few more hoops. The key there is going through amazon customer service and informing them of the merchant’s mistake. Usually you’ll still be covered for return shipping.

  23. madrigal says:

    This was sold by BeallsFlorida. I remember this because I used to live in Florida, and there are Bealls stores everywhere. When the deal sold out, it switched to

  24. RandomHookup says:

    @ LeahReindeer:

    1) Ask for a refund or make-good from vendor
    2) Complain directly to Amazon
    3) Dispute with your credit card
    4) Complain to state attorney general’s office

  25. TheBovaEffect says:

    Please don’t hope Amazon will rectify this situation, lay on them with the full force of The Consumerist.

    A number of your readers (including myself) took advantage of the morning deal when we saw it posted and now we’re getting hosed.

    That’s exactly the type of behavior this blog was meant to stop. So lay into Amazon and Beales until they promise a correction for everyone, rather than the run around they’re getting now.

  26. EdnaLegume says:

    there’s five reviews (very recent) all stating the same thing, only received one instead of 12. The link shows the 12 box set at 37 dollars now though.

  27. Anonymous says:

    This type of listing is nothing new with Amamzon. If you check Fatwallet or SlickDeals you will see many postings of these multiple item deals for about what the one item would cost. OP’s now list these with a YMMV caution. Amazon does a poor job of screening the listings for their outside sellers and sometimes even THEMSELVES!

  28. Tony Sina says:

    I’m in the boat with yous guys, ordered one of each box of 12 (dinner plates, salad plates, bowls), and got a fancy “dinner for one” setting.
    Note/FYI – It was offered by Bealls at 2.99 for a box of 12 on the day of the deal, and now Amazon offers it directly from them at the price of 30-40 bucks.

    I spoke to Amazon first, seeing that a lot of people got nowhere with Bealls (RE Seller Feedback), and Muriel P. from Amazon advised me of the following:
    1)If the item is in stock (it was at the time), the seller is obligated to fulfill the order as per their agreement with Amazon.
    2)I should work with the seller to see if they would be willing to provide a refund (assuming the item was NOT in stock, which it wasn’t).
    3)I can file an A to Z claim.

    I spoke to Frederick (or Derek?-he provided me with his extension, regardless) at Bealls. I asked if he could assist me with an Amazon order, and I provided him the number.
    I asked him to acknowledge that
    a)My order form clearly stated “box of 12” for each (HE DID)
    b)That I should have received 12 of each (HE DID)
    c)That the 12-pc sets that I ordered were in-stock (HE DID)
    It was then that I told him that I received one of each, that I already spoke with Amazon, and they advised me that you are required to fill my order as per your agreement.
    He suddenly remembered a management directive regarding these particular items-he was advised to direct customers to Amazon to file an AtoZ claim.
    The conversation went around in a couple of circles, but what it boiled down to was I paid for 12, I was promised 12, they acknowledge 12, I get 1, Tough Go Get a Refund.
    Problem is, I want what I ordered. I’m silly like that.
    I was advised to either go back to Amazon and file a claim (which he acknowledged would only lead to a refund of money…), or to contact his supervisor Monday. So I guess I’ll have to speak with Teresa Monday morning.
    Called Amazon back, and Adolfo Q. had “never heard of this before (ie seller pretty much refusing to fulfill an order, which is essentially what is happening)”.
    AtoZ claims hurt the seller’s credibility and ratings within Amazon, and apparently I can specifically request that the order be fulfilled rather than simply get a refund. That should not be a problem since the item is in stock, right? Evidently, the concern has been noted on my account and Adolfo insists that the matter will be investigated.

    Should I speak to the seller’s management before I file the AtoZ claim? How is this not a clear example of someone screwing up and covering up rather than acknowledging and correcting amicably?

    And if I could say one more thing – and I mean no disrespect whatsoever – I find consumerist’s response to this surprisingly ho-hum.
    I follow this site on a daily basis (sometimes more than once a day), and I understand that posting a Morning Deal isn’t a whole-hearted guarantee that everything is a.o.k. I enjoy me some morning deals, but I am always wary of everything all the time (guess the BS detector should have gone off on a set of 12 plates for 3 bucks?)

    But for a group dedicated to smartening up the average consumer to post a link to a good deal and then go “Oh, gee, look at that, lots of luck” when it explodes…maybe look into this, provide us with some contacts? Point us in the right direction when everyone – EVERYONE – who took this deal is calling shenanigans? Maybe…check-up and confirm that these deals are deals and not…”shenaniganses?” I’m sorry if this is misdirected frustration over the ordeal, but I would rather not get so obviously screwed unless I was enjoying it or getting paid handsomely for it…and neither seems to be happening at the moment.

    33 Plates and bowls, please.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I once ordered a set of 6 small glass cups from Amazon, the kind of small glass bowls you use to serve jello. I was quite surprised when 6 sets of 6 cups showed up. They were only about $2.50 per set, so sending them back would have cost more than they were worth.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Aside from the low price, why is everyone fixating on the price and thinking that therein lies the mistake? The problem is that the transaction was for 12 plates. Instead of receiving the 12 plates that they ordered, purchasers receive only 1 plate. That is the discrepancy, and that is the problem that needs to be fixed.
    Refunding the money is not an acceptable remedy. The contact for sale was for 12 plates. If Amazon/Bealls made a mistake, the mistake was unilateral and they are still contractually bound to fulfill their contractual obligation or be in breach and subject to liability.
    Please also note that for those who will argue that the $2.50 price listed for a box of 12 plates was a misprint, the offer on Amazon’s website is still the same, only the price has changed. If someone orders a box of 12 plates at the updated price, how many plates should they receive? The answer is 12; the same number of plates they should have received at the special discounted price.

  31. Bs Baldwin says:

    It doesn’t matter if they made a mistake and listed the product as a set instead of individual pieces, the listing stated set of 12. Bealls needs to eat the cost of the other 11 pieces.

    • veg-o-matic says:

      @Bs Baldwin: I agree, particularly because Amazon’s Seller Participation Agreement reads, in part:

      “For sales where a seller lists goods at a fixed price (“fixed price sales”), the Seller is obligated to sell the goods at the listed price to Buyers who meet the Seller’s terms. By listing an item in a fixed price sale , you represent and warrant to prospective Buyers that you have the right and ability to sell, and that the listing is accurate, current, and complete and is not misleading or otherwise deceptive.” []

      However, it does look like they’re relying instead on taking a few hits via the A-to-z guarantee rather than fulfilling their obligations.

      Pricing errors happen, but there was nothing in last Monday’s listing that screamed “$ ERRURR.00” Amazon and their merchants make a name for themselves by occasionally offering random things at random discounts – this “offer” seemed to fit the bill. No one can reasonably be expected to have “known better.”

    • SudhamayiKabong says:

      @Bs Baldwin: I’m having a rough time tracking down anything that says they have to, aside from a bunch of posts on random subjects by people who seem to believe it’s the law. Hell, I’m one of those people. I was under the impression that if a retailer screws up pricing, they have to honor the lower price. Especially in this case, where a sale was made based on that price. However, I can’t seem to find any legal documentation that says that they have to, so I’m sort of confused. If anyone can lead me in the right direction, I would appreciate it.

      • Stephmo says:

        @SudhamayiKabong: You actually won’t find anything.

        Bealls can claim “unjust enrichment.” Basically, no one can get the full dozen from Amazon or Bealls that is probably a mistake and will put undue burden on Bealls/Amazon to fulfill.

        Basically, if Bealls offers to refund, they’ve done their part to make you whole over the typo (I’m sure they have documentation somewhere showing that the offer was supposed to be for one plate and not 12 – and somewhere, the SKU for the full box was entered instead of the single plate).

        If you tried to take them to small claims court and they told the judge, “look, it was a typo and I offered them a single plate – the intended sale. When that wasn’t enough, I offered a full refund.” The judge would go, “is that true?” At which point you’d say, “but I want my 12 plates as promised!”

        And judge Millian would tell you not to stand in her courtroom and tell her that you honestly believed that this wasn’t a typo…

        Wait…wrong small claims…

      • veg-o-matic says:


        With respect to this particular case, I think sections 8 and 9 of the Amazon Seller Participation Agreement are the first place to look… at least that’s what I’m going to go by when I don’t get my dishes.[]

        If I understand all of the delicate intricacies of contract law correctly (and I don’t), I think that beyond the agreement between Amazon and Bealls, Bealls could just claim “unilateral mistake.”

        For an example of unilateral mistake having nothing whatsoever to do with dinnerware, see: []
        Once again, bad land deals brought to you by Arkansas.

        The only difference here is that I don’t think we as dish-buyers could be reasonably expected to know that the price offered was a mistake and not a deep discount… unless all of us happen to be wholesale plateware dealers trolling the internets for some sweet mistakes to exploit. I mean, that applies to me, but I dont know about everyone else.

    • Tony Sina says:

      @Bs Baldwin: I agree. At the very least, it makes any future offerings from Amazon/sellers from Amazon as suspect, as far as I am concerned.

  32. Jerry McAdams says:

    I ordered the plates and got 1 plate. Bealls said to file for refund with which I did. Now I will see how honest is.

    • I_am_Awesome says:

      @Jerry McAdams:
      It has nothing to do with how honest is. You just have to file for the refund through them because they processed the payment.

      • Tony Sina says:

        @I_am_Awesome: What if I don’t want a refund? I have no recourse here when I am quoted a price, I pay the price, and they decide to change the terms without my even knowing about it? It’s odd.

  33. Ambyr Lix says:

    Yeah, I ordered the 2 different plates and the bowl, as well. I think I was the last to get them at 2.99 before bealls was out and amazon was the seller.
    I got one of each, not one box of 12 each. I double checked the page too, 20 pounds, box of 12.
    When I contacted Bealls about it, they said I have to get with Amazon to get my $ back.
    I kind of knew it was too good to be true, especially considering the cost of shipping… but it was amazon so I went for it anyways.

    Duh. Figures.

  34. Roycester says:

    We’ve been on the phone back and forth for several days now – ordered all 36 pieces – clearly says so as box of 12 on each item – and received only 3. Amazon says tough, call Beals and complain, Beals says it’s Amazon’s fault.

    Well, Amazon is the point of purchase, and Amazon is the company that charged our credit card and we would have no knowledge of Beals if not for the shipping information…

    Amazon needs to step up and make this right. We can’t even get credited for a refund or authorization to return the crap…

  35. broncobiker says:

    If it was advertised at $2.99 for the 12 piece set, then regardless of pricing error, unless both parties agree that a refund is acceptable, the company is obligated to provide 12 pieces for the $2.99 price.

  36. wallspray says:

    I love how people are saying “I can’t believe you people didn’t know it was a price mistake” when really it was the consumerist who posted it.

  37. mmcnary says:

    I got some GOJO hand cleaner that way once. The description clearly said box of 6 for some reasonable price, like $18. I ordered 3 boxes (it was a shared order with some guys at work) and ended up getting 3 individual containers. I called Amazon and they told me it was a mistake and they would reship the order. So a couple of days later I got… 3 more containers. When I called again, they just refunded my order and told me to keep the cleaner.

    I like Amazon.

  38. Ben_Q2 says:

    Last week I order a GT 9500 video card, I have the printout. Somehow it become a GT 9400. Many emails they said they would fix it. I want to point out they wanted me to do something that was not right to fix it on my end. Well they fix it, they put a order for a GT 9800. FYI $480 card, the 9500 was only $80. I get up they had did so many charges to my account it bonce a check. About the time I seen it I got a call from them. Saying sorry but we are not going to send you the $480 card. I was mad, I had fax him the info and he said they would pay for the fees. Again he said sorry and sent the GT 9800 anyway. About a hours later all the fees where gone, so was the bonce fee. The card came the other day.

  39. Sherlock Homo says:

    This was part of Morning Deals? That, in itself, is ultra-scummy.

  40. Anonymous says:

    I had a similar problem when I ordered (as per the item/order description) 288 pieces of plastic cutlery.
    When the small box arrived, it contained a bag of 24 pieces.
    While the response from the vendor was snarky (“let us know if you find 288 pieces for that price” and “amazon mislisted the item”) I was promptly refunded by the vendor; not amazon.

  41. Tony Sina says:

    This is not an Amazon error. It can’t be, as the seller sets everything up. They are required by Amazon’s terms to honor the price they themselves posted. Please contact Bealls at 1-800-569-9038. Tell them as much if you do want your plates. Ask to speak to supervisors Teresa or Frederick.

  42. Jack Doyle says:

    We purchased the “set of 12” plates. Only one showed up.

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  44. Anonymous says:

    I had this happen with the book “One up on Wallstreet” by Petr Lynch and it turned out that the item I ordered was a severely abridged mini book.

    I used the feedback at the bottom of the page and got them, in a day, to add Abridged to the title. I hadnt looked back untill today, but apparently this change didnt help as people are still buying the mini book.

    see the link for more:

  45. DjDynasty says:

    I also purchased a set of 12 salad plates, and 12 dinner plates. I only received 1 of each. If I could find more information on this company, I would EECB them. This is blatant fraud and false advertising.