Amazon 12 Plate Set Looks A Lot Like 1 Plate

Here’s an update from Bealls Florida.

On Monday, one of our readers clicked through a Morning Deal and purchased a set of 12 plates via Amazon. The deal clearly said it was a box of 12 plates, as does Amazon’s listing. Pezstar received his order today, however, and it was just a single plate. Judging by the comments on the Amazon page, he wasn’t the only one ripped off.

Pezstar writes,

On Monday, I noticed a link to Amazon in the morning deals post. It was an offer of 12 clear glass dinner plates for $2.99. I clicked straight to it, saw they were also offering a dozen salad plates and a dozen matching bowls, also for $2.99 per dozen.

I purchased all three.

Today, they arrived. I received one plate, one bowl, and one salad plate. Thinking I may have gotten mixed up, and feeling embarrassed, because I have absolutely no need for one place setting, I checked my Amazon orders. There is was, clear as day. 12 of them. I checked my confirmation email. 12 again.

I clearly don’t need one place setting. I contacted the seller. We’ll see what happens.

Our first thought was that this was another company doing business via Amazon and unaware of how to correctly price their items, but in fact it’s sold by Amazon. Or is it Bealls? There’s some confusion over just who’s responsible for the mixup, and we hope Amazon sorts it out quickly and refunds the cheated customers their money.

Update: As we mentioned on Friday, it’s still unclear whether Bealls Florida or Amazon is to blame for the pricing error. (Bealls Florida is explicitly blaming Amazon for the error in their communication with customers.) If you ordered the 12-piece set and received the single plate, you should probably follow the advice here from reader Tony Sina and file an A to Z claim with Amazon, and instead of a refund request that Amazon/Bealls fulfill your order per the original terms.

Morning Deals, Monday March 16, 2009

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