Sprightly old people rock. This 78-year-old woman pursued and helped catch an armed robber in the parking lot of a mall on Long Island, NY. You can’t hide from old ladies in a PC Richard, purse snatchers of the world. [Newsday]


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  1. Trai_Dep says:

    Wow, Madoff’s wife really wants to hang on to her loot!

  2. Plates says:

    Long Island, New York’s Florida. Well, other than Florida, New York and all of Upstate.

  3. HogwartsAlum says:

    While this is not recommended due to the possibility of getting a cap in your ass…

    YOU GO, LADY!!! :D

  4. Johnny Cache says:

    She was about to go all “Gran Torino” on his ass.

  5. rlee says:

    “You can’t hide from old ladies in a PC Richard, purse snatchers of the world.”

    Ooooh, comma splicing and a missing comma, all in one sentence! Impressive. (I’m assuming that the would-be robber/snatcher was named “Richard”, and the article somehow makes the PC reference relevant — it keeps timing out for me — or I’d have to add “surreal”.

  6. Chris Walters says:

    @rlee: you are crazy. “PC Richard” is the name of a computer store–it’s actually “PC Richard & Sons,” I believe, but it’s commonly/informally shortened to lose the son reference. In the story, the woman followed the man from the parking lot to the PC Richard store, where officers arrived and extracted him.

    I hope that helps you parse the sentence correctly.

  7. rlee says:

    @Chris: Ah, ok. My apologies.