$1 Popcorn and Drinks On Stimulus Night At Movie Theater Chain

Carmike Cinemas, which operates 2,276 screens in 36 states has declared Tuesdays “stimulus night” and will be offering $1 popcorn and drinks.

Starting March 10, the chain will sell 16-ounce sodas and 46-ounce popcorns for $1 each. Madness!

Discounts on concession are rare for theaters because that’s where they make most of their money — but Carmike is hoping that $1 goodies will inspire loyalty and that customers will notice the improvements they’ve made to the theaters.

What do you think? Are “Stimulus Tuesdays” going to lure you to the movies on a weekday?

Theater Chain Begins Recession Special: $1 Popcorn and Sodas [NYTimes] (Thanks, Phil!)

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