Starbucks Breakfast Value Meals Begin Today

Yes, today is the day. Starbucks will begin servings its new line of “breakfast pairings” (don’t call them value meals!). For $3.95 you shall receive coffee and an egg sandwich, oatmeal or coffee cake. It’s all part of Starbucks’ latest effort to rid themselves of the perception that they are overpriced — which is probably going to be kinda difficult.

From the New York Times:

About those lattes: the company is fed up with the characterization that it only sells $4 specialty drinks. “The $3.95 price point is a backhanded way to go at the four-buck perception – it’s less than four bucks, and it’s not just a drink, but food to go with it,” said Terry Davenport, Starbucks’s chief marketing officer.

The Times says that chain is also revamping its menus, which will no longer emphasize the pricey specialty drinks and instead focus on brewed and iced coffee.

So, what do you think?

Starbucks Addresses the Price Issue, and Breakfast [NYT]
(Photo:Paxton Holley)

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