$1 Oatmeal At Jamba Juice W/ Coupon

Get oatmeal for $1 at Jamba Juice with this coupon. [Jamba Juice]


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  1. Girtych says:

    Sounds tasty. Has anyone tried their oatmeal?

    • scarletvirtue says:

      @Girtych: Yep – it’s really good stuff. I think they use Irish Oats, which makes it taste more substantial. They might also be putting crack in there, because I’m addicted to it.

    • ludwigk says:

      @Girtych: It’s very good. It’s slow cooked, steel cut oats. Don’t listen to the haters below who are comparing it to instant oatmeal. They have literally *never eaten* oatmeal before. It’s like comparing a french baguette to wonderbread.

      I make my own slow cooked oatmeal on the weekends. Takes about an hour, which is why I don’t do it more often.

      They had essentially the same coupon last month, and I used that one about 6 times. I look forward to using this one another dozen or so in March.

  2. jamesdenver says:

    yes – they’re actually pretty good. I’d go light on the fruit toppings though. The banana was ok, but the berry looks like one of those syrupy high glucose messes they put on pancakes to make them unhealthy.


  3. ScottRose says:

    Ooo, only slightly more than oatmeal at home, and without the trouble of pressing buttons on the microwave!

    • formergr says:

      @ScottRose: @TurboWagon00: I don’t know what kind Jamba Juice serves, but if it’s regular “whole” oatmeal made in a big pot, it tastes way better than any instant stuff you can make in the microwave at home. To really make good oatmeal, I feel like you need to do it in a pot and let it cook, which doesn’t really work with one serving.

      There’s an Au Bon Pain by my office, and while I don’t like a lot of their offerings, they have a big old pot of fresh oatmeal steaming every morning that I occasionally get some from, and a nice little fixings bar with cinnamon, raisins, almond flakes, honey, maple syrup, brown sugar, and chocolate chips to choose from. Yum! Way better than anything I could make for just myself at home (and oatmeal doesn’t reheat well, ime, so making extra doesn’t work).

  4. Cat_In_A_Hat says:

    Yummy, I love oatmeal. Hope this promotion goes over better than the Quiznos fiasco.

    • Kimaroo - 100% Pure Natural Kitteh says:

      @Cat_In_A_Hat: my dad and I both used this coupon this morning and it went perfectly. They rang up each one seperately but they were happy to do it. The sign said that they stop serving the oats at 11, and we were there at 11:30ish and they still cheerfully served us both oatmeal with both coupons! It couldn’t have gone better.

  5. Gann says:

    Oatmeal, PBJ sandwiches, grilled cheese… I do not understand going out to get these instead of making them yourself.

    • jamesdenver says:


      Because you’re a busy professional and can now walk down the street eating oatmeal while running for a cab.

      • Gann says:

        @jamesdenver: Buy some Tupperware, or disposable containers and you can fix the stuff yourself in the time you would have spent waiting in line. Then proceed to walk down your street or run for your cab.

    • Oranges w/ Cheese says:

      @Gann: Because americans in general are lazy slobs? Why else would we have 5-minute freezer meals that nutritionally feed seven, but portionwise only feed two? This is why we’re fat.

    • Dylan Karvia says:

      @Gann: Gives you an excuse to get a chocolate moo’d

  6. LastVigilante says:

    Or you could just get the same results at home by purchasing a 6-pack of 16-oz boxes of McCann’s Irish Oatmeal from Amazon: [slickdeals.net] via [gadgets.boingboing.net]

  7. gStein_*|bringing starpipe back|* says:

    Meg- can we get a taste-test by Captain Duvel Moneycat?

  8. Caprica Six says:

    Jamba oatmeal beats that packaged oatmeal from Starsucks. I mean when their oatmeal first came out I was surprised to see the *barista* pull out a package of oatmeal a la Quaker Oats and pour hot water on it. That just sucked…

  9. Melt says:

    Jamba’s oatmeal is actually pretty good. Agree with the banana versus the syrupy “berry” flavored topping.

  10. Trai_Dep says:

    In the name of all that’s holy, do not let Captain Duvel Moneycats read Consumerist this week.

  11. B says:

    I won’t try it till I know if the Consumerist Cat approves.

  12. savdavid says:

    I would only eat that if I was starving.

  13. TurboWagon00 says:

    Stuff like this and “Batter Blaster” pancake-in-a-can makes me want to kick puppies. Are people this ***damn busy/stupid/lazy that they cant make this stuff at home ? (The collective) we deserve a nice long recession and the corresponding recalibration of values.

  14. ExtraCelestial says:

    This is just another reminder of how they took all of the Jamba’s out of the DC area :o(

    I sob after watching Burn After Reading. So unfair!!

  15. SayAhh says:

    I printed out the coupon last time it was available (about a week before it expired) but forgot to use it until the day after it expired. Ended up not buying the oatmeal. Anyway, I went in yesterday (I was STARVING) expecting to pay full price, when the girl working there told me that they’re now serving oatmeal all-day and that they were having a $1 special on oatmeal.

    It was the happiest moment of my life.*

    (*Not because I saved $2, but because I was DYING of hunger and heat-exhaustion. The oatmeal was pretty decent, though. And, to echo previous poster’s opinions, an excellent value for its discounted price.)

  16. MooseOfReason says:

    Seems like a rip-off, despite its discounted price.

    I’d rather get a box at the store and make my own.

  17. bluewyvern says:

    Why the hate? You’re out, you want something to eat, and here’s a coupon for cheap oatmeal. It’s healthy, it’s tasty, and it’s the real deal — steel cut oats slow cooked, not a packet of reconstituted oat powder and artificial flavorings.

    It’s hard to find good, simple food when you’re on the go. Somehow if I buy a cup of oatmeal it’s lazy, a signal of the decadence and decline of American culture, but if I buy a hot dog or cinnamon bun or milkshake or pancakes or whatever other unhealthy crappy food is on offer for probably much more than a dollar, then I’m doing the right thing? Please.

    Hurray for cheap, good oatmeal. I’d even buy it at full price.

  18. pullshot says:

    This stuff is really good. This thread has a bunch of morons slandering it that haven’t even tried it.


    Get the clue before you make moronic comments slandering this delicious oatmeal. I imagine I will enjoy this at least 5 times this month, because I’m so financially sound and can afford $5.

  19. Edmund Mendez says:

    Wow, what a good deal for a buck. You can’t beat that. I will definitely check this out.

  20. kwsventures says:

    Not some “great deal”. Figure buying a bulk load of oatmeal and making the same amount offered here would cost you, what, around .10 cents. Nice mark up. … I see this sort of so called deal often. Low price doesn’t mean a great value.

  21. bagumpity says:

    Why all the “instant” oatmeal these days? There’s a certain comfort in all the stirring, mixing, adding your own special spices, etc. I think my kids really appreciate it when their mom goes to all the trouble to make something just for them.

  22. Raanne says:

    I just can’t imagine buying oatmeal anywhere, even if it is only $1. Its so cheap and easy to make at home. and fast. (real oatmeal only takes 5 minutes) I can understand someone wanting a healthy breakfast though, and I suppose if you are going to buy breakfast somewhere, given the options most places have these days, this would be healthier.

    • Kimaroo - 100% Pure Natural Kitteh says:

      @Raanne: the oats they are selling isn’t the five minute kind, they are steel cut oats and take at minimum thirty minutes to cook through.

  23. Tuan-Anh M. Nguyen says:

    These are really good… Steel Cut oats take forever and a day to cook. You also have to try many different methods to get it right.. Amazon has a case of six 16 oz boxes of steel cut oats for 15 bucks… Its a steal!! So is this coupon!! BRAIN FOOD!!

  24. Anonymous says:

    I was very happy with my experience using the coupon this morning. Definitely recommend the oatmeal – it’s steel cut oats, not instant. Fresh bananas are the way to go too, although I’ve had the berry and it’s not bad either (a bit too sweet).

    Also, the Jamba employee said I could keep the coupon to save paper if I wanted to come back every day for the rest of the month. Sweet! $1 delicious REAL oatmeal + encouraging environmental responsibility? they rock.