Troubles With Redeeming Quiznos Free Sandwich Coupons

Looks like some Quiznos aren’t too happy about the free sandwich campaign. Readers report interactions ranging from coupons being denied, to local franchises making up new limitations on it (like only certain sandwiches are eligible, or requiring drink and chip purchase), to being treated like thieving jerks. The coupon says the offer is only good at “participating stores,” but doesn’t say anything that in lieu of free sandwich the coupon will be exchanged for rude attitudes. Inside, the conflict between corporate, the franchises, and the customer caught in-between. Oh, and yes, they do check IDs.

John blogs:

“Fake!” I says, “Fake!”

E and I diligently signed up for the email list at yesterday and happily printed our coupons a few hours ago.

We walk into Quiznos store #2129
Mid-Pike Plaza
11802D Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852

Only to find:

The cashier-girl is sitting at one of the dining room tables hamming it up with her gentleman friend. There are no workers to be seen behind the counter. I ask distracted cashier-girl what’s going on with the coupons she says, “the best we can do is give you $2 off.” THAT’S WHACK!
Take what you can get right? There’s a reason why the NO COUPONS SIGN is posted inside the restaurant and not on the glass door.

The two sandwich makers are rude.

Upon checkout, cashier-girl forgets she offered a $2.00 discount. I remind her that we have coupons, she scans one and gives us $1.00 off and claims it’s only one discount coupon per purchase. I suppose I could have made a fuss and separated our sandwiches to make two transactions at this point, but I didn’t want to keep her from her gentleman visitor any longer, she was clearly irritated with the concept of customers in her workplace.

Of course, E. called Quiznos customer service – no answer. Call Quiznos customer service if you want to listen to an automated voice leading to an automated directory of extension numbers to strangers.

Evan B. writes:

The proprietor posted a sign on the door saying that they would only honor the Million Quiznos’ small subway offer was if I purchased a drink and bag of chips. I verified with the proprietor that her posted sign was in effect and there’d be no “free” subway without a purchase of a drink and chips. I had no desire to eat in the store and intended to make a to-go order, and I had no wish for a corn-syrup laden beverage or grease-packed bag of crispy wafers, so I decided to forget about this supposed “free” subway deal.

Jay writes:

I’ve taken advantage (as countless other readers I’m sure) of the Quiznos “Free Sub” you posted about… except it’s proven to be a tough one to use in my area.

“We do not except coupon in this store”

The picture below is from the La Quinta, Calif. franchisee, taken over lunch today;another one in Palm Desert (different owner) had a similar sign a few weeks ago about when Quiznos announced “new lower prices”. I stopped eating there when the sign went up – now the one I’ve been going to instead is doing it as well.

Quiznos seems to like keeping a tight leash on its franchisees, but its more aggressive handing out of coupons coupled with lower prices seems to be causing some of its owners to “revolt”.

Thought I’d bring this to your attention. Seems to me that as the corporate office is passing out the discounts and freebies, I can’t be the only one witnessing some store owners snubbing all offers.

Palm Desert, Calif.

Brent writes:

I went to Quizno’s tonight to redeem my free coupon and to pick up another sub for my wife. I showed the coupon to the kid behind the counter (couldn’t have been older than 16). He told me rudely, “Every Day Value only.” I pointed out that the coupon said that it could be used for a small Every Day Value OR Signature Sub. He told me that he didn’t care what the coupon said, the owner of this Quizno’s told him that it was only for the Every Day Value. I chuckled, honestly thinking he was joking. Then he said, “If you don’t like it, there’s the door.” I couldn’t believe how I was being treated and headed out the door. I saw on the door that there was a phone number that one could call with comments. Unfortunately, the middle number had been scratched out (1-866-?-TOASTED). I popped back in and asked what the missing number was. He said, “It’s right there. Just dial 866-TOASTED.” (The correct number is actually 1-866-4-TOASTED but it’s currently not connecting when dialed.)

I went to a different, nearby Quizno’s and was treated very well – with no issues regarding the coupon.

I’ve sent a comment to Quizno’s but honestly don’t expect to hear back

Kentaro writes:

I headed out to the nearest Quiznos in Brighton, MI (store number 2116). Upon arrival I walked inside with a couple friends I had brought, showed the woman at the counter our coupons, and she said I should buy something. I told her I was a musician and college student and that with the $2 a week I must live off of, I would rather receive just the free sub. She then said that I was required to buy something. I showed her the coupon and told her that I should be receiving a free sandwich. Nowhere on the coupon does it say that a purchase must be made in order to receive the free sub.

She persisted in her stance and, as two other buddies of mine were there, we ended up having to give her a couple bucks each to buy a drink in order to receive the “free” sub. I asked her again before I was about to pay and asked her to show me where on the coupon it said that a purchase must be made. She said it’s not on the coupon, but a separate purchase must be made. I asked if the manager was in, and she told me she was the manager. We gave her our money and left the store.

I am not upset that I had to give up two dollars for a sub. I am upset that Quiznos didn’t keep their word for their own coupon. It is as if I went up to some friends and said, “Hey guys, let’s go out for lunch. I’ll buy.” and upon seeing the tab, following up with “Oh by the way, I’ll buy, but you each need to give me five bucks.” This “campaign” has lost Quiznos my business for at least a very long time, and I am pretty dissatisfied with what happened there today. I do not think I am being irrational, but please let me know if I am missing something.

Thank you.

Kentaro R.

Rusty writes:

Tell me you guys are on top of this one – I saw that you guys posted something yesterday – but here in Washington, DC no Quiznos are honoring the coupons – the front desk person calls the manager who bascially says no way – “and who is supposed to pay for the subs” – what a scam – then they try and get you to order something else. I can’t believe that Quiznos would embark on such a huge campaign without communicating the scope of the give away to its stores- that’s why it seems like such a scam – I wonder if other parts of the country are being shown the door when they go in for their free subs – this may go down as the worst promotion since New Coke.

Frank writes:

The lady behind the counter actually wrote down my driver’s id number which scares me as an invasion of privacy and could possibly cause identity theft. When asked about the reason she needed the number she said they were for”resource management” whatever that means.

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