Troubles With Redeeming Quiznos Free Sandwich Coupons

Looks like some Quiznos aren’t too happy about the free sandwich campaign. Readers report interactions ranging from coupons being denied, to local franchises making up new limitations on it (like only certain sandwiches are eligible, or requiring drink and chip purchase), to being treated like thieving jerks. The coupon says the offer is only good at “participating stores,” but doesn’t say anything that in lieu of free sandwich the coupon will be exchanged for rude attitudes. Inside, the conflict between corporate, the franchises, and the customer caught in-between. Oh, and yes, they do check IDs.

John blogs:

“Fake!” I says, “Fake!”

E and I diligently signed up for the email list at yesterday and happily printed our coupons a few hours ago.

We walk into Quiznos store #2129
Mid-Pike Plaza
11802D Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852

Only to find:

The cashier-girl is sitting at one of the dining room tables hamming it up with her gentleman friend. There are no workers to be seen behind the counter. I ask distracted cashier-girl what’s going on with the coupons she says, “the best we can do is give you $2 off.” THAT’S WHACK!
Take what you can get right? There’s a reason why the NO COUPONS SIGN is posted inside the restaurant and not on the glass door.

The two sandwich makers are rude.

Upon checkout, cashier-girl forgets she offered a $2.00 discount. I remind her that we have coupons, she scans one and gives us $1.00 off and claims it’s only one discount coupon per purchase. I suppose I could have made a fuss and separated our sandwiches to make two transactions at this point, but I didn’t want to keep her from her gentleman visitor any longer, she was clearly irritated with the concept of customers in her workplace.

Of course, E. called Quiznos customer service – no answer. Call Quiznos customer service if you want to listen to an automated voice leading to an automated directory of extension numbers to strangers.

Evan B. writes:

The proprietor posted a sign on the door saying that they would only honor the Million Quiznos’ small subway offer was if I purchased a drink and bag of chips. I verified with the proprietor that her posted sign was in effect and there’d be no “free” subway without a purchase of a drink and chips. I had no desire to eat in the store and intended to make a to-go order, and I had no wish for a corn-syrup laden beverage or grease-packed bag of crispy wafers, so I decided to forget about this supposed “free” subway deal.

Jay writes:

I’ve taken advantage (as countless other readers I’m sure) of the Quiznos “Free Sub” you posted about… except it’s proven to be a tough one to use in my area.

“We do not except coupon in this store”

The picture below is from the La Quinta, Calif. franchisee, taken over lunch today;another one in Palm Desert (different owner) had a similar sign a few weeks ago about when Quiznos announced “new lower prices”. I stopped eating there when the sign went up – now the one I’ve been going to instead is doing it as well.

Quiznos seems to like keeping a tight leash on its franchisees, but its more aggressive handing out of coupons coupled with lower prices seems to be causing some of its owners to “revolt”.

Thought I’d bring this to your attention. Seems to me that as the corporate office is passing out the discounts and freebies, I can’t be the only one witnessing some store owners snubbing all offers.

Palm Desert, Calif.

Brent writes:

I went to Quizno’s tonight to redeem my free coupon and to pick up another sub for my wife. I showed the coupon to the kid behind the counter (couldn’t have been older than 16). He told me rudely, “Every Day Value only.” I pointed out that the coupon said that it could be used for a small Every Day Value OR Signature Sub. He told me that he didn’t care what the coupon said, the owner of this Quizno’s told him that it was only for the Every Day Value. I chuckled, honestly thinking he was joking. Then he said, “If you don’t like it, there’s the door.” I couldn’t believe how I was being treated and headed out the door. I saw on the door that there was a phone number that one could call with comments. Unfortunately, the middle number had been scratched out (1-866-?-TOASTED). I popped back in and asked what the missing number was. He said, “It’s right there. Just dial 866-TOASTED.” (The correct number is actually 1-866-4-TOASTED but it’s currently not connecting when dialed.)

I went to a different, nearby Quizno’s and was treated very well – with no issues regarding the coupon.

I’ve sent a comment to Quizno’s but honestly don’t expect to hear back

Kentaro writes:

I headed out to the nearest Quiznos in Brighton, MI (store number 2116). Upon arrival I walked inside with a couple friends I had brought, showed the woman at the counter our coupons, and she said I should buy something. I told her I was a musician and college student and that with the $2 a week I must live off of, I would rather receive just the free sub. She then said that I was required to buy something. I showed her the coupon and told her that I should be receiving a free sandwich. Nowhere on the coupon does it say that a purchase must be made in order to receive the free sub.

She persisted in her stance and, as two other buddies of mine were there, we ended up having to give her a couple bucks each to buy a drink in order to receive the “free” sub. I asked her again before I was about to pay and asked her to show me where on the coupon it said that a purchase must be made. She said it’s not on the coupon, but a separate purchase must be made. I asked if the manager was in, and she told me she was the manager. We gave her our money and left the store.

I am not upset that I had to give up two dollars for a sub. I am upset that Quiznos didn’t keep their word for their own coupon. It is as if I went up to some friends and said, “Hey guys, let’s go out for lunch. I’ll buy.” and upon seeing the tab, following up with “Oh by the way, I’ll buy, but you each need to give me five bucks.” This “campaign” has lost Quiznos my business for at least a very long time, and I am pretty dissatisfied with what happened there today. I do not think I am being irrational, but please let me know if I am missing something.

Thank you.

Kentaro R.

Rusty writes:

Tell me you guys are on top of this one – I saw that you guys posted something yesterday – but here in Washington, DC no Quiznos are honoring the coupons – the front desk person calls the manager who bascially says no way – “and who is supposed to pay for the subs” – what a scam – then they try and get you to order something else. I can’t believe that Quiznos would embark on such a huge campaign without communicating the scope of the give away to its stores- that’s why it seems like such a scam – I wonder if other parts of the country are being shown the door when they go in for their free subs – this may go down as the worst promotion since New Coke.

Frank writes:

The lady behind the counter actually wrote down my driver’s id number which scares me as an invasion of privacy and could possibly cause identity theft. When asked about the reason she needed the number she said they were for”resource management” whatever that means.

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  1. Patrick Henry says:

    Wow, Quizno’s really screwed that one up! I didn’t print out a coupon because I hate them anyway–guess It just confirms what I’ve always thought.

    • Patrick Henry says:

      @Patrick Henry:

      I take it back. I’m going to go to a local one with my friend. If they don’t accept it, can I stand outside their store and tell people not to eat there because their service sucks, they don’t accept coupons, etc? What are the laws regarding that?

      • god_forbids says:

        @Patrick Henry: Freedom of speech, check. Right to peaceful assembly, check.
        Have at it!

        (BTW ignore posters who will say “the Constitution only applies to gov’t!”)

        • god_forbids says:

          @god_forbids: Although they can boot you from private property, they have no such right on municipal, state or federal rights of way or thoroughfares (roads and sidewalks, in general).

      • FnordX says:

        @Patrick Henry:

        Them not accepting the coupons is going to do a lot more damage to the stores than you standing outside. Instead of bringing in new customers to try their product, they’re showing new customers that they should avoid the stores at all cost.

      • pb5000 says:

        @Patrick Henry: Will you hold up a sign saying “Give me free subs, or give me death!”

        I suppose that’s the first time you’ve heard a joke like that before right?

        • Patrick Henry says:


          I’ve heard it many a time….I could do that, but passing people wouldn’t get the joke unless they knew my name.

          @Cyberxion101: Lighten up, dude. It’s the internets. Like I’m actually going to go to a store and protest sandwiches.

    • Shmonkmonk says:

      @Patrick Henry: The side walks and parking lots of plazas, strip malls, etc, are private property. When it snows, you don’t think it’s the government that comes and clears off their parking lot, and salts the side walks, do you?

      What’s the point of this “protest” anyway? So you can be a nuisance and have some “funny” stories to tell? You said yourself that you don’t eat at Quiznos so you didn’t lose out in any way. If you just have this burning desire to stand up for something, why don’t you go out and fight some real injustice?

      • Patrick Henry says:


        Real injustice is difficult to come by. Plus, I’m lacking a spandex costume, superpowers, and an origin story. Think of this “protest” as a cheaper alternative to going to the movies. Besides, who’s to say they’re going to be jerks?

        • LuminousMuse says:

          @Patrick Henry: “Real injustice is difficult to come by.” So…you haven’t watched the news or read anything about the country’s current financial state? Or maybe it’s everyone’s fault for not keeping 100% on top of what’s happening in our government and businesses and calling them on the B.S. to keep them in line, therefore it doesn’t qualify as “injustice”?

        • brent_r says:

          @Patrick Henry:
          The real injustice is pricks like you.

          • floraposte says:

            @brent_r: If you think real injustice is people reporting that a store isn’t honoring their policy, what are you doing at a consumer site?

            • brent_r says:

              His plan has nothing to do with reporting that a store isn’t honoring their policy.

              He’s already admitted to it himself:
              He is looking for an excuse to protest and raise a commotion for no reason other than personal entertainment.

              • brent_r says:

                @brent_r: This quote sums it up well:
                Think of this “protest” as a cheaper alternative to going to the movies.

                He has no righteous pro-consumer cause here.
                It’s just entertainment through trouble making – simple attention seeking.

                • Cyberxion101 says:

                  @brent_r: He might not have any vested interest in seeing Quiznos honor the deal, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t test the waters while he’s there with his friend or that doing so should suggest that he’s just out to make trouble.

                • floraposte says:

                  @brent_r: Sounds like you don’t actually think the act is unjust, then; you just don’t like his motive.

          • Cyberxion101 says:

            @brent_r: Wow, who the fuck asked you Brent. Go crawl back into your troll-hole kiddo.

        • JulesNoctambule says:

          @Patrick Henry: ‘Plus, I’m lacking a spandex costume, superpowers, and an origin story.’

          Ha! First laugh of the day. Consumerist, can we keep him and get rid of brent_r?

    • Anonymous says:

      @Patrick Henry: I agree that Quizno’s corp. screwed this one up, but we shouldn’t blame some stores for not accepting the coupons. They are each individually owned and in this difficult economic time I don’t blame some stores for not wanting to give away free sandwiches. There should have been better discussion between the corp. executives and the store owners but you and I know that will happen around the same time as the rapture.

    • TheGuinnessTooth says:

      @Patrick Henry: I didn’t bother printing the coupon for the same reason. Quiznos makes crappy subs. Maybe if they didn’t toast everything the subs wouldn’t be so bad, but I hate toasted subs so much that I just don’t waste my time going there.

      • MrEvil says:

        @TheGuinnessTooth: Compared to Subway? Quizno’s is miles better, I have received better sandwiches from small local delis. But the small local guys are like finding hen’s teeth in my city where it’s CHAINS GALORE.

        To each his own though, there are times I can go for a cold sammich, and other days I want one nice and hot fresh from the toaster.

        • Caprica Six says:

          @MrEvil: yea, too bad about the small mom and pop deli’s. I used to love this one deli in South San Francisco. We used to call it *Tough Guy Deli* becuase the people who used to patronize the place were iron workers and here we are just normal dot com folk. Sadly, gone due to the Subway’s and Quiznos.

  2. Sam Oldenburg says:

    I redeemed a coupon today at quiznos without problem. The lady looked at me kind of funny, and was kind of hesitant on giving me stuff completely for free, but all in all I walked out of there, with the sandwich of my choice (as specified by the limits on the coupon) without paying a penny.

    I love quizno’s sandwiches (unhealthy as they are), it’s a shame they aren’t honoring the coupons everywhere.

    • Wombatish says:

      @Sam Oldenburg: Same.

      Redeemed with no trouble, the guy didn’t even ask to see my ID.

      I asked nicely before hand if they were taking the coupons, he said yes, and all was good (and tasty).

    • SegamanXero says:

      @Sam Oldenburg: I ended up getting two coupons because of a glitch with windows sending print jobs to my printer. (IE printer failing to print one coupon, or so I thought and then I used another email address to get a new coupon and attempt to print that one). After the computer DECIDED on its OWN accord to print the coupons (it took about two hours for it to send the print jobs, and it did them in a row when it decided to get around to printing), I decided to just use them at two different quiznos.

      The first place accepted my coupon no problem, the second place said I need to buy something with it.

    • SegamanXero says:

      @Sam Oldenburg: oh yea forgot to mention, the first place didn’t care for me showing me their ID, the second place wanted to see my ID (and looked at my ID for a about a minute too).

      • HogwartsAlum says:


        WHY on God’s Green Earth would anyone need your ID for a COUPON??????

        I used to love Quiznos (trying to eat better, so I haven’t’ been in a while), but that is enough to keep me away for good.

        • Sam Oldenburg says:


          It seems they just want to verify that you’re redeeming the coupon you signed up for. This is to hopefully prevent someone from redeeming more than one coupon, but we all know you can just sign up with a different email address and get another one. Then just hope you get a different cashier, or go to a different quiznos.

    • thatsnotfab says:

      @Sam Oldenburg: My boyfriend and I redeemed ours with no trouble either. They did check our IDs, but that was indicated on the coupon, so I was expecting that. It’s sad to think that we got decent service at Quizno’s by chance, after reading the horror stories above.

  3. David Levy says:

    “…the Million Quiznos’ small subway offer…”

    “…and there’d be no ‘free’ subway without a purchase of a drink and chips.”

    “…I decided to forget about this supposed ‘free’ subway deal.”

    I’ve encountered many names for this type of sandwhich, but “subway” isn’t one of them. Is that an actual regionalism? (I’m aware that there is a competing chain called “Subway.”)

    • zegota says:

      @David Levy: I think it’s just someone misunderstanding that “sub sandwich” stands for “submarine sandwich” and not “subway sandwich.”

      • menty666 says:

        @zegota: I wouldn’t eat anything out of a subway. You ever see a bathroom down there? Yeah, neither does the popcorn vendor packing your box of popcorn with his bare urine covered hand.

    • PoleMan14 says:

      @David Levy:

      Saw that one too…Subway has apparently done well at advertising…just like asking for a Kleenex instead of a tissue or a Q-tip instead of a cotton swab I guess.

    • Joedel263 says:

      @David Levy: maybe this person took the coupon to a Subway and that’s why they wouldn’t accept it…

      only one Quizno’s close by here.. they at least had the sign on the door, I didn’t go in..

    • summerbee says:

      @David Levy: Ew, point taken. Subway. I imagine a sandwich made of tile and grease.

      Then again, I grew up calling them hoagies. Say that a few times fast.

    • Vengefultacos says:

      @David Levy: Heh, reminds me of hearing someone say “I’ll have a Pepsi Coke.”

    • gparlett says:

      @David Levy: As a dedicated sandwich lover, I hate that Subway and sub sandwiches have become synonyms. It’s like calling all steaks ‘Sizzlers’ or all hamburgers ‘McDonalds’… when I meet someone who thinks Subway makes a good sandwich, I just shake my head and think of the world of flavor they are giving up.
      You want a real sandwich, buy a sub at Wegmans, or heck even the gargantuan at Jimmy Johns.

      • joel. says:

        @gparlett: mmmmm Jimmy John’s.

      • trujunglist says:


        Jimmy Johns exists in like 5 locations in the entire country. As much as I’d love to get them, they aren’t within at least a thousand miles. There are several thousand subways within that same distance. No wonder people eat Subway and not Jimmy Johns! Whodathunkit

        • Ratty says:

          @trujunglist: There’s 3 within my city. :D admittedly the closest one is 5 miles out, but yeah, they’re places.

        • ludwigk says:

          @eelmonger: Don’t they collect up these coupons and send them to corporate for reimbursement? Or, does corporate just print these things and accept franchisees to suck it up? That sounds like terrible thing to do, since certain areas, due to internet savvy and population, will get slammed.

          I didn’t even sign up for one. $0 is still to expensive a price if I’m expected to eat one of those things.

        • Brunette Bookworm says:

          @trujunglist: There are two Jimmy John’s in my town. I live near Chicago and they did start in Illinois, so that may be why I see so many here.

      • Charlotte Rae's Web says:

        @gparlett: Jimmy JOhn’s just opened up in our area and they are not good. I was really disappointed.

      • BlazerUnit says:

        @gparlett: Subway makes a good corporate chain sub sandwich, much like Hardee’s and Ruby Tuesday make really good chain burgers. Everyone probably knows of some local/regional joint that makes an even better sandwich or burger, so I’m not sure of the need to slam all Subways.

        They’ve never done me dirty, anyways.

    • bogart27 says:

      @David Levy: I was more intrigued at the fact that he looks down on a soda and chips as “a corn-syrup laden beverage or grease-packed bag of crispy wafers” when he’s looking for a free cheese and sauce soaked monstrosity.

  4. Alexander says:

    A free sub could not possibly be worth this much hassle…I’m not even going to bother trying to use the one I printed.

    • summerbee says:

      @Alexander: I think you should. They’ve got you in their marketing database now for free unless you use the coupon.

    • Ein2015 says:

      @Alexander: This is exactly what they hoped for… a big ass marketing database for cheap as hell!

    • Outrun1986 says:

      @Alexander: The marketing database won’t get them anywhere, most people who signed up for this only want “free”, and they won’t be lured into other stuff easily. Yes some people will, but the majority of people who signed up for this are the deal hunter type of person like myself who knows how to avoid the pitfalls of deals such as buying extra things just to get the deal. They are effectively marketing to a load of “devil” customers.

      Look at the Kmart coupon deal that’s going on now, do you really think people are buying extra regular priced stuff along with their coupon deals, no. I am not going to buy stuff from Quiznos just because they send me emails. I can easily route all those emails to my spam folder within no time as well.

    • ScottRose says:


      You should indeed go to Quiznos.

      Order your sandwich per the instructions on the coupon.

      Once it’s made and you’re at the cash register, present the coupon.

      Then one of two things will happen: 1) They won’t accept it and you can leave that prepared food sitting on the counter and walk out. 2) You get your tasty sandwich for free.

      Either way, you win. Well, or in the case of #1 they lose and you stay the same, but that’s kind of a win..

      If everyone does this, they will get the message.

  5. eelmonger says:

    This was pretty much predicted in the original thread: Quiznos corporate loves to give out coupons, but hates to support their franchise owners with them. I didn’t bother getting a coupon because I know all my local Quiznos, delicious as they may be, would have done something like what is in the OP.

    Also, I know we’re supposed to lay off the posters, but does Evan B. really think all submarine sandwiches are called “subways?” I didn’t think they’d reached Band-Aid or Popsicle level yet.

    • Stubtify says:


      Agreed. I knew this would happen as well. Coupons used to be way more common, but you’d always deal with an upset manager/owner who wanted to know where you got it, how you printed it, if it was a copy…. blah blah blah… I printed one too, but will be holding my breath while using it.

    • ailema says:

      @eelmonger: It’s unlikely that the store manager explained the problems in detail to the cashier. If the store isn’t getting money back from the coupons then giving subs away for free could sink the store in no time. These kinds of promotions only work when you can spread the loss out. The stores that make a lot of money will cover the stores that lose money. A franchise may not be able to take the financial hit.

    • Anonymous says:

      My local Quiznos likes to put limitations on posted promotions that aren’t stipulated anywhere except by the cashier after you’ve been rung up. They also recently got rid of the only reason I ever went there – getting a 10% discount for saying I worked at the local business park.

      I guess it’s convenient that they’re also next to the Gamestop I’ll never shop at again either.

      • TheGuinnessTooth says:

        @SirDanF: The thing you do in a situation like that is threaten to walkout without paying. If you don’t take the sub you haven’t stolen anything. They haven’t lived up to their end of the bargain by honoring the promotion, so you are entitled to not live up to your end of the bargain by eating said crappy sandwich.

    • I_am_Awesome says:

      Yep. Saw this coming a mile away. Quiznos is notorious for screwing their franchisees. My local store seems to be barely making ends meet – I stopped going because my sandwiches were always sub-par.

      • LandruBek says:

        @I_am_Awesome: “sub-par” — heh, good one. Reminds me of an inside joke from a few years back: my friends and I went to this one sandwich shop so often that we decided to call it, amongst ourselves, the “sub standard.” (Then we would snicker.)

  6. PoleMan14 says:

    Honestly, what La Quinta store manager looked at that sign and went “Perfect….print”

    • Rain says:

      @PoleMan14: I’m guessing that whoever wrote that sign doesn’t speak English as their first language. My manager’s first language is Mandarin. Sometimes I want to take a big red pen and correct his grammar.

      Now I’m paranoid that someone will point out a grammatical error in my post.

      • Kishi says:

        @Raindrip: Sadly, I’ve seen better grammar from a lot of the people I’ve worked with who learned English as a second language, as opposed to native speakers. Mainly because the people who learned it as a second language had teachers in the classroom tell them when they were wrong.

        • huadpe says:

          @Kishi: I think the factor is not so much telling people that they’re wrong, but rather being put in situations where they want to persuade people through writing.

          If you are using writing to make an argument to your reader, then you have a strong internal incentive to use proper grammar. Of course people still don’t do this all the time, but instead of an external incentive which leads mostly to annoyance at someone being pedantic, you have an incentive of your own creation to learn and adhere to the rules of the language in which you are writing.

          There’s a reason most lawyers can write very well, and it’s not just that they went to grad school.

          • floraposte says:

            @huadpe: It’s that they also attended intensive writing classes run by English departments to rid them of their execrable writing habits :). Seriously. They really, really don’t write well naturally.

        • wgrune says:


          Agreed. A teacher in this country would never correct one of our precious little snowflakes when they use bad grammar.

          I have heard horror stories of kids in high school using texting shorthand (which drives me nuts even in texts) on graded papers.

          • Rachacha says:

            @wgrune: I was helping my 7year old with his homework last night, and he confused “its” and “it’s” in one of his sentences. I pointed to the sentence, and he immediately figured out what the problem was. I was very happy knowing that my 7 year old is smarter than half of America :-)

            • VeiledThreats says:

              @Rachacha: My 7 year old made the same mistake Monday night and I corrected him. I went on to explain the difference, but I got lost in my own explanation. Funny how, as native speakers, we find it hard to explain why it is that we spell/say things a certain way. I ended up just telling him it’s just the way it’s done. English is such a complicated language!

          • cortana says:

            @wgrune: Yeah.. I used to get in a hell of a lot of trouble in school. My 5th grade teacher was an idiot who couldn’t spell OR write proper English. So on a daily basis I corrected her in class until she did her best to get me in trouble. I think I won in the end.

            • pb5000 says:

              @cortana: The manager at my office speaks very poorly. My wife and I have been working very hard to cut down my 4 year old’s grammar problems (switching they and them, her and she, little things like that). I almost out of habit corrected the manager during the middle of a meeting when she said something stupid like “that don’t work.” It would have been bad, but oh so good.

          • plumpeach says:

            @wgrune: Is this supposed to be sarcastic?
            Because if not, that’s a pretty broad brush with which you’re painting teachers. And the wrong color paint.

          • RedwoodFlyer says:

            @wgrune: Forget about high school kids…we had a resume (for a pilot..not even a flight attendant or something)that has such gems as “IMHO” which, of course, our chief pilot (who is out of touch with cell phones and IM) thought was some aeronautical abbreviation he’s never heard of.

    • Patrick Henry says:


      I’d say, so you don’t have an exception to coupons? Perfect, means you can take it. Then I’d make him change the sign. Then I’d make fun of the whole store for their poor English. Then I’d throw it a politically incorrect comment about their countries of origin and walk out of the store laughing like a customer from hell.


    • cheesebubble says:

      @PoleMan14: No doubt. George Bush must be living and working in La Quinta now.

  7. cupcake_ninja says:

    Why even bother paying for the sandwich, and giving them your hard earned money? If they can’t honor their end of the deal, why bother honoring your end as a consumer? Walk out and go somewhere else.

    I think people often forget that when they eat out, they not only pay for the food, but they’re paying for the service. I can make a sandwich at home for a fraction of the price. If I’m going to Quiznos or a competitor to have them make me one, I’m paying for someone else to do it for me. If they’re not going to deliver the service you’re paying for, why pay for it?

    • Sam Oldenburg says:

      @cupcake_ninja: Because it’s convenient and suits the needs of the lazy?

      Oh please, people don’t stop going out to eat, and never will, even with sub-par customer service.

    • Batwaffel says:

      @cupcake_ninja: I totally agree. In the situation of most of these stories and their representatives being completely rude, especially the one where the store manager was actually the one being rude, I would have waited till they made the sub and then walked out informing them that they have just effectively wasted the money anyway because I was not going to purchase it. It’s a bit of a dick move, but then, so is treating your customers like shit.

      • VeeKaChu says:

        @Batwaffel: If a store doesn’t post obvious “No Coupon” signs, then it’s not even a dick move. I would order the sub indicated on the coupon, and when they ring it up I would present the chit that Quizno’s told me was essentially “legal tender” for said sub. If they don’t want to honor it, it’s their problem, but doubled; they’ve wasted the sandwich in any case, and they’ve lost customer goodwill.

        In no way is that a dick move, because their own parent company told me to do it.

        • supercereal says:

          @VeeKaChu: I believe individual Quiznos are franchisee owned, which is why some managers can choose not to honor the coupon (a la “May not be accepted in all locations).

          Plus most coupons state that you have to present it before ordering. I have no idea if this one said that, but if if did, and you don’t present it, then it becomes a tool move to pull.

          But enough of the “internet lawyer.” I’ll leave it up to someone who knows this stuff to confirm/deny this.

    • HooFoot says:

      @cupcake_ninja: I don’t understand it either. Why would you give someone your money after they were rude and screwed you over?

      • Shadowman615 says:

        @HooFoot: What’s really odd about it is that it seems the staff at some of these places are going out of their way to be preemptively rude about it. That doesn’t sound like the best idea.

    • ZenMasterKel says:

      @cupcake_ninja:As Eddie Murphy said, “This don’t look like McDonalds.” Have fun eating your nutricious meal that you fixed yourself, but don’t knock people for wanting a specific taste of their favorite fast food restaurant or the convenence of not having to cook at home.

      • VeiledThreats says:

        @ZenMasterKel: I don’t think Cupcake was saying “just eat a home”, their point was that we could eat at home, but we go to places like Quiznos for SERVICE, for them to make it for us. Treating those one SERVES poorly is biting the hand that feeds. This week’s free sandwich can buy a store a customer for months. Failing to honor a valid coupon lost them far more than they gained by saving their precious bread and lettuce supplies.

    • pixiegirl1 says:

      @cupcake_ninja: I would walk out and have no problem doing so. I would probably make a big scene doing it too(yes I’m a brat like that). If they don’t want to give away free subs then dont give out free sub coupons. If business is down because of the economy don’t treat your customers like crap because they probably won’t come back. Unfortunately I think a lot of people will go back somewhere they had crappy service if they like the product. Which is something I’ll never understand, I have no problem taking my money somewhere I get service.

  8. c0ntro1 says:

    My coupon was “declined” today, apparently by the machine they enter it into and not by the store. She held up a stack of the coupons they had received that day, so I know they were accepting them & showed me the “declined” receipt that it printed out, so I know she tried in good faith. But that still leaves me with the question of WHY it was declined… (along with the cost of a sub I wasn’t expecting to have to pay for.)

    • RandomHookup says:

      @c0ntro1: I noticed that they entered the code into a little keypad on a separate machine at the register. I suppose it’s possible that either they misentered the code or it was accidently entered at another location. The manual nature of the process makes it likely mistakes will happen.

    • wgrune says:


      I think if they declined my coupon and couldn’t explain to me why it was validly declined I would have declined to pay for my sandwich and left empty-handed.

  9. Blueskylaw says:

    I still have not gotten my coupon even though I applied twice (second application one day after first application), so in essence they got my information for free.
    As for writing down my license# – I’m sorry but that would just not happen. I am giving you a coupon, not cashing a check.
    On the fun side of things, ask them if they “except” competitors coupons or if resource management is the same thing as force multiplier.
    Wait for blank stare – enjoy.

    • Blue387 says:

      @Blueskylaw: Did you check your email and/or spam folder?

    • shepd says:


      “We do not except coupon in this store”

      So… you will take a coupon without exceptions? Nice! I’ve got one I wrote by hand on one of your napkins that says “1,000,000 free subs — valid until the sun crashes into the earth”. Looky, see! It has your logo on the napkin! It’s valid! No exceptions!

      I mean, seriously. I understand if your English is terrible a handwritten sign will have errors, but there’s ZERO EXCUSE not to use the grammar checker on your computer when printing the sign. Especially if your English is this bad.

      • LandruBek says:

        @shepd: Maybe what the sign means is that they do not except coupons from their general policy of disrespecting whatever comes through the front door. :-)

  10. Anonymous says:

    The “we do not except coupon in this store” cracks me up. My 6th grade teacher spent a year hammering the difference between ‘accept’ and ‘except’ into our heads, and seeing the huge failure of this makes me lol.

  11. kjm0606 says:

    The Quiznos near my office wouldn’t take and offered me $2 off instead (uh, no, Quiznos is nasty and not worth shelling out for even after the discount). I called another one a few blocks away and they said the same thing. A friend in LA had the same experience.

  12. gatewaytoheaven says:

    Me: Hi, I’d like to use this coupon please.
    Cashier: We don’t take this coupon anymore. The owner says he lost over a thousand dollars with these fake coupons.
    Me: Fake coupons?
    Cashier: You need to pay the full price now.

    What is the point of releasing said coupons if they’re not going to be accepted. If Quiznos really cared, they’d keep their franchisees on a leash.

    • summerbee says:

      @gatewaytoheaven: Um, whoa? Did that really happen to you? Seriously, this post is making me WANT to sign up for that coupon, print it out, & head to Quiznos armed with screenshots of the promo.

  13. menty666 says:

    Quiznos and their franchisees have always had a tenuous relationship. Scratch that, from what I’ve seen in the past, franchisees hate corporate, particularly in this relationship, and it doesn’t seem to be undeserved.

    Here’s one example: []

    • Snarkysnake says:


      Second that-And add that at least once in their history,they have even screwed the owners (shareholders).
      Back when they were a public company ,but 2/3 owned by the Schaden family, I bought a nice little bundle of shares in a fast growing,catchy niche company and watched my money grow as the whole “toasted subs” thing caught on.Quiznos was something that Subway was not: Investable
      Things looked good,the stores were making money and growth was phenomenal. That’s when the majority owners stepped in and basically said that they wanted all of the thing for themselves. In 2001,they purchased an opinion from THEIR investment banker that their lowball ($8.50) a share offer was “fair” and squeezed out the little guys that provided the capital to put the chain on easy street.

      A cheap lesson in how Wall Street works,but instructive in the morals of the management.

    • winnabago says:


      I’ve always heard that Quiznos corporate has a stranglehold on their franchises and gets a huge chunk of before-cost revenue (like 10-12%). I walked into the local Q the other day and there were a stack of flyers for what I thought were some promo or sub deal, but instead they were listings for the sale of the business! They only wanted like $90,000 for everything. What a deal. A parent company that makes crappy commercials and gives all your customers coupons for free merchandise – sign me up!

  14. Anonymous says:

    The Quiznos near me (in Goleta CA) accepted my coupon without any question at all. They had a huge pile of coupons (and mentioned that it had been a pretty busy day with lots of people coming in for free subs). A friend also had no problem at all with the other franchise in town.

    We’re right next to a university, so perhaps they were ready for lots of people appreciating free food.

  15. crichton007 says:

    I used mine today and the store even let me upgrade to a premium sandwich by paying the difference although they said I couldn’t after today since the menu is going to change.

  16. koath says:

    I redeemed mine today without a problem. They didn’t require the photo id. They had a pretty big pile of coupons behind the counter.

    My quiznos is pretty new to my town and is in competition with 4 subways.

  17. Andy Hutchins says:

    I don’t usually wade in over here (I’m a Deadspinner by day and night, mostly), but I wanted to mention that the Quiznos in Gainesville, FL, where I and twelve other college kids redeemed coupons one after the other and just two employees (one working the lettuce and sandwich wrapping, and the register, the other doing the pre-oven prep work) handled it beautifully.

    They were nice, told the people in line (who all brandished coupons) to just sit tight, as they were happy to make our sandwiches, and had no problem redeeming the coupons. You don’t see it too often, here, but I’d like to commend that franchise.

    I don’t have the franchise number, but any Gainesville residents will know it as the one across from the HH Gregg on 34th.

  18. wickedpixel says:

    had no problem redeeming mine at the emeryville, ca quiznos. did have to show id – she just verified it matched my name on the coupon – no biggie. i’ll happily show my id for a free lunch :)

  19. Gareth Roberts says:

    I had the same problem, I drove around my town, went to 3 locations and got denied at each one, and they all gave me that look like the thought they were about to get robbed…maybe I’ll try without waving the gun around

  20. jamisonfitz says:

    My wife and I redeemed our coupons at the Biloxi, MS store today, i almost actually expected some sort of gimmick or hassle but the “Franchise owner” rang us up free of charge and was happy to do so. Given the fact that i wasn’t hassled ill probably return.

    • oneliketadow says:

      @jamisonfitz: I’m glad you’re not ill.

    • Eoghann says:


      My wife and I redeemed our coupons at the Biloxi, MS store today, i almost actually expected some sort of gimmick or hassle but the “Franchise owner” rang us up free of charge and was happy to do so. Given the fact that i wasn’t hassled ill probably return.

      I, too, had no problems redeeming my coupon for a free sandwich one of the Richmond VA stores (Parham Rd). The code on the coupon was input as if it were a gift card and returned an approval number that the cashier entered in the system. He checked my ID (like the coupon said), and I was on my way with my sandwich, which was very good. I really like Quiznos sandwiches anyway, and I had no problem exchanging a throwaway email address for a free one. I wasn’t treated any better or worse than I’d been treated before in this particular store. It’s always clean and pleasant.

  21. Geblah187 says:

    I too had this same experience, but the Quizno’s closest to my house had a sign on the door saying they didn’t accept coupons. I asked the only worker (also the only one in the entire restaurant) “Why no coupons?”

    His response: “This location doesn’t make enough money to honor them”

    I say: “… aren’t these coupons handed out by the corporate office? Don’t you get reimbursed for them?”

    You’d think I had just asked him a question about astrophysics. All I got was a blank stare.

    I said: “Well, maybe you’d have more business if you didn’t go about denying people the use of coupons. That tends to piss people off. Me, specifically.”

    I went to the next closest Quizno’s and had no problem using the coupon. I don’t think i’ll be back though, which sort of defeats the purpose of the promotion.

    • TechnoDestructo says:


      If there is any bullshit from corporate regarding the reimbursement, he may be right. They’ve been accused of not reimbursing coupons, among many other things bordering on VILE.

      That’s why I don’t eat at Quiznos. Business practices.


    • Jennifer Lynn Harman says:

      No, they don’t reimburse. That’s why some don’t accept the coupons. Because they honestly can’t afford to. Sorry if that pisses you off, but there’s nothing that we can do about it. (I work at a Quizno’s and I know what goes on)
      I really don’t understand why it is that people can’t get the fact that the economy is collapsing and some places are struggling. And the coupons are NOT helping.

      • louiedog says:

        @Jennifer Lynn Harman:

        The economy is struggling and people can’t afford to eat out so much. Quiznos handled this poorly. It’s not the fault of the customers who just want the sub they were promised.

      • TechnoDestructo says:

        @Jennifer Lynn Harman:

        They don’t get it because they don’t know about the internal bullshit with your company.

        Coupons are generally reimbursed by the issuer. People know that’s how it works for manufacturer coupons at supermarkets, and they assume that’s how it must work at Quiznos. If they aren’t reading franchise blogs, chances are they have no idea about how Quiznos screws their franchises.

        That is why they don’t get it.

  22. Blueskylaw says:

    Quiznos Headquarters
    1475 Lawrence St., Ste. 400
    Denver, CO 80202
    United States

    Phone: 720-359-3300
    Fax: 720-359-3399
    Toll Free: 866-486-2783

    Executive Chairman – Gregory D. Brenneman

    CEO – Richard F. Schaden

    EVP Franchise Owner Assistance – Michael M. Elliott

  23. coren says:

    I wonder how the reimbursement from corporate is happening, if at all? Possibly the issue here (likely the issue here – although if they only have to turn over redeemed coupons and not transaction receipts, there is the potential for scamming a little extra profit..)

  24. Synthesis says:

    Got rejected two for two here in Irvine, CA. The first one I tried in the District told me he reached the limit on the number of coupons he would accept and that he wouldn’t be taking any more. And the one on Bison simply posted on their door that they would not be accepting any coupons, which is kind of a bummer as that store was always really nice to me back in the college days. It’s kind of sad, I was looking forward to a free sub after getting free tacos and pancakes this week :).

  25. Ouze says:

    the real problem here is that in most of those examples, the people involved still pay (something).

    if all of these people, when presented with these extraneous or nonapplicable charges/purchases simple walked out, paid NOTHING, and called corporate instead, it would make a much bigger difference.

    Personally, if I have a coupon, and and a surly teenager jerks me around, I’m not going to hand them any money at all. It’s not like an equivalent Subway or whatever is ever far away.

  26. Rich Piotrowski says:

    I’m a former Quiznos Franchisee that was sued by Quiznos. We counter sued them and we won. Our verdict, along with some other fun info about them is available here [] If you have the time and want to read an amazing story read the Judge’s 36 page ruling on that link. In his ruling, Judge Hoffman used such words as “charade” to describe what they did to us. I guarantee you will never come across a Judge’s order like this, about any other company anywhere! It really does tell the story of what this company is all about.

    Being I am the only franchisee that beat them in court, I am the only franchisee that can publicly criticize them and what they do. What they do to Franchisees is as close to a scam as is possible. They stay on the line of just what is legal, using the law to protect them from what would otherwise be common law fraud. (how they do that is they hide behind the protection that the FTC gives them, to not reveal information).

    The reason so many Franchisees are not honoring this coupon is that the company delayed this promo TWICE, as many of the Franchisees said they would not go along unless Quiznos Corporate (which makes about a hundred million a year selling food to its franchisees, and prohibits them from buying food from anyone else) paid for the food in this promotion. Late last week, Quiznos decided to roll it out anyhow saying no, franchisees would have to pay the entire cost. Every other system (such as Denny’s Arby’s etc) the cost of the promo was shared by both parties. In addition, most of those system sell food at cost to Franchisees. Like those other systems, Quiznos makes money by collecting a 7% royalty and 4% from franchisees which they say is for advertising. Unlike those other system however, on top of those fees, Quiznos makes that hundred million IN ADDITION by selling food to them. And you wonder why Franchisees are not honoring the coupon?

    Oh, and before someone asks, yes, we are in the process of writing a book about them as we are the only ones that can.

    • Patrick Henry says:

      @Rich Piotrowski:

      Good! But its too bad–the only people its going to hurt is the company and the franchises. Customers don’t want to be bullshitted with bad promotions.

      • twophrasebark says:

        @Patrick Henry: Rich, I just wrote a whole post below outlining what I figured was the scenario.

        I hope Consumerist does a separate piece on your experiences and your book.

      • idip says:

        @Patrick Henry: Was just thinking that…

        I mean, it’s unfortunate and all that the franchisees are being screwed. But who get’s hurt in the end?

        Corporate? Franchisee?

        My money is on the Franchisee, because the customer is going to get pissed his coupon was not accepted and will not return to that store in quite some time along with telling his friends which results in lost income for the franchisee.

        You might save a little money in the short run by not honoring the coupon, but in the long run there are repercussions.

        My local Quiznos stopped accepting coupons and stopped giving out 10% discount to University student/staff.

        That was just about two years ago. I used to go 2-3x’s a month.

        Now, just because I can’t save my 50cents, i go maybe 2-3x’s a year.

        It’s hard to pay 7-8 dollars for a sandwich + $2.00 for a 21oz soda.

        Having a coupon or discount goes a long way to make your customers return.

    • full.tang.halo says:

      @Rich Piotrowski: As having been the person who handled the payments for a franchise that did mailing and shipping services, corporate can $&%# you around in 100’s of ways, coupons that you have to eat the cost of the product/service on top of your overhead is the worst of the worst. Which seems to be what this is, that are telling stores to give away free food, hurting the franchisee’s bottom line, I’d not accept the coupons either.

    • Pylon83 says:

      @Rich Piotrowski:
      Forgive my brashness, but I have a hard time garnering any sympathy for Franchise owners. Most of these large franchise systems require a significant amount of liquidity in the franchisee. To me, that means the franchisee is probably a relatively astute businessman who has acquired a decent amount of money over the years. For such a person to enter into a complex business transaction, and then to complain about the terms later, is just absurd. All of these questions should be answered before the franchise agreement is entered into. As you say, Quiznos is riding the fine line of the law without crossing it. That’s not sleazy, that’s savvy business. This isn’t a situation where the transaction is lopsided (one dumb consumer and one savvy corporation). A franchise agreement is between two intelligent parties, and once it’s executed, there is no reason to bitch about its unfairness unless one side is actually in breach of it.

      • full.tang.halo says:

        @Pylon83: You sir obviously live in a world where franchise owner’s make amazing amounts of money doing nothing but hiring low wage help ect ect…

        I’ve managed and run 2 franchise business’s, both owned by a “small business owner” and my gf currently manages a 2 store food franchise, again owned by her father, a small biz owner. Your “brashness” is blind stupidity of the way small businesses are formed and run, succeed and fail. Read the 30+ page linked after trial order then come back and say that Quizos was just running a savvy business, there were blatant abuses by both corporate and it’s lawyers. But like I say don’t let the truth get in the way of an ignorant commenter.

        • Pylon83 says:

          I understand that most franchisees don’t make large amounts of money. If you had actually read what I wrote, I indicated that in order to qualify for a Franchise agreement, you have to have a good amount of liquid wealth. Before I go any further, I must say that I just looked up Quizno’s franchise requirements, and they are VERY low, $125k net and $70k liquid. Compare that to McDonald’s, which requires $300k liquid assets. My point was the people buying these franchises are arguably savvy business people who should be able to spot a bad deal/contract when they see one (or at least their lawyers should be able to).

          • Sparerib says:

            @Pylon83: Unfortunately you are not taking into account situations that arise AFTER the fact of signing. Such as this coupon debacle. Yes, each and every one of these franchisees bought into the song and dance and bogus numbers that Quiznos throws at them. But when all is said and done, Quiznos can still turn around and require their franchisees to eat the loss from “promotions” like this, while they sit there and make money around every facet of the restaurant. Rita’s Water Ice has been doing the same thing for years to my in-laws and there is currently a class-action being pulled together to sue. Many franchise groups require an investment that is just not as lucrative as they make it out to be by using numbers that are convenient to them. Such as per store sales, or how the royalties are calculated. In many instances franchisees won’t see a profit unless they take a plunge and purchase “regions” of stores.

            • Pylon83 says:

              I’m certain the Franchise agreement says something to the effect of “We may run promotions that you have to pay for”. As long as the contract says that, a franchisee has no right to complain about it. If they don’t like the provision, they shouldn’t have entered into the contract. Again, the franchisees aren’t 85 year old grandmothers who are borderline senile and particularly susceptible to manipulation. To meet the franchise qualifications, you have to have at least half a brain, and with that half-brain you should be hiring a good attorney to go over all of the paperwork with you and ENSURE that you UNDERSTAND what your obligations are.

              • Sparerib says:


                It’s just not the case. The way that people are sold on the company just isn’t the reality of the situations. That’s why people are suing, and that’s why people are upset. Take for example this: I was the manager of 2 Quiznos in Philadelphia and business was…steady. Then out of nowhere Quiznos plops 2 more shops within shouting distance of mine. Now I’m competing with my own product. Then on top of that Quiznos dictates that my prices are not on par with my region and I have to drop them, to boot.

                • Pylon83 says:

                  I still stick by my belief that franchise agreements are entered into by business people. The franchisee is free to negotiate for a provision that would prevent “corporate” from selling another franchise within a certain distance, etc. A franchise is nothing but a big contractual relationship that both parties can negotiate. If the franchisee doesn’t like the terms, don’t enter into it. As to what they’re “sold on”, there’s no excuse for not doing proper due dilligence, especially when you’re investing so much money into something. Basing your decision solely on the figures they provide to you is simply irresponsible. Contact other franchisees, order an independent market analysis, etc. I refuse to accept “that’s not what they told me” as a legitimate excuse in a business-business transaction. I’ll stipulate that proper due diligence is expensive, time consuming and difficult, but laziness/cheapness is no reason not to do it. If you can’t afford to do the proper research before entering into the agreement, you probably can’t afford to run the business. Please don’t take my rant here as an assertion on my part that franchisees don’t get screwed, I accept that in many cases they do. That said, it’s my opinion that it’s solely their own doing.

                  • Sparerib says:

                    @Pylon83: You can stick by whatever belief you want, but it’s just not true. Franchise groups are selling “the american dream” to people by telling them they can own their own business. People are fallible, lawyers are fallible, business groups, etc. That’s why we are in the debacle we are in now, people led astray when the assume a certain amount of trust in organizations like banks and businesses. Judge them all you want, but people aren’t perfect. And fault cannot be levied at one side and not the other. The owners of any franchise brand should be held accountable to their franchisees, and when they fail to accept that you have a breakdown in communications. That’s why this kind of giveaway is doomed to failure.

                  • Rich Piotrowski says:

                    As many others on here have pointed out, you do not know what you are talking about. I’m not saying that to insult you, but it is just that, like many people, you are forming your beliefs on assumptions that just are not true.

                    First, companies such as Quiznos, will NOT let you negotiate the contracts. Now you can say you can walk, and how I and thousands of others wish we did, but at the time, their tactic fooled us “savvy” business people, and dozens of lawyers too. In hindsight we can all say a lot of things, but based on his resume, would you have not thought that investing with Madoff was a good idea? Were those funds that put millions and millions of their money into his firm ran by idiots, or were they tricked, scammed, or mislead?

                    The same is true when it came to this Franchise agreement, they are adhesion contracts, not the normal run of the mill kind of contract you would encounter to say buy a car, so it it easy to hide your fraudulent plan without it being written into the contract. We were lied to, mislead, and scammed by this company and it’s intentions. Sure, the contract technically lets the royally screw us over, but when you enter into it you believe they are going to be honest and look to develop a business based on mutual gain over a long period of time. You do not think the person is going to try and scam people for the benefit of short term profit, that while it’s a “get rich quick” type of scheme that nets him far less then if he let it grow properly over the long term, he’s more interested in making that money NOW.

                    I never thought I’d get rich quick, but like Dave Thomas, I thought I’d build in into something over the years, working hard to get there. The crook Schaden had a different plan. His plan was simple, to con as many people into an unworkable business model and make that gazillions overnight.

              • Sparerib says:

                @Pylon83: Sorry to prattle on, but here is a good article on franchises.


      • johnva says:

        @Pylon83: Totally disagree. While they may be within their contractual rights to do this, it’s still pretty scummy and a bad idea in these perilous times for small businesses. I guarantee a large number of franchise owners are currently struggling to get by, and a huge promotion with the cost placed 100% on the franchisees seems to be a really ill-advised idea by corporate right now.

        It seems to me like this is nothing more than a conflict of interest similar to the one our former franchise owner described above (in his case, corporate was engaging in unfair behavior seemingly to protect themselves from lawsuits by Subway, with little regard for the franchise owners). In this case, it seems like corporate thought that they could use this to get a bunch of valuable marketing information from people without any real cost to themselves (and in fact, they would make PROFIT from it, because they sell the ingredients to the franchise owners who then have to give it away for free).

        Now I take your point about it being in their contract, and you’re right, the contract probably does give corporate wide-ranging rights. But that doesn’t mean it’s fair or a good idea for them to use those rights to do things that are really bad for their franchisees.

  27. David Lin says:

    Quizno’s franchises in Canada are notoriously worse for accepting coupons. Often there are “Buy any sub and receive a 2nd sub of equal or lesser value free!” coupons issued in Canada… sometimes they require the purchase of beverages and sometimes they do not.

    Regardless, Quizno’s franchises refuse to accept them and you only realize this after you walk into the restaurant and are preparing to order. In the rare circumstance they do accept the coupon, they place stipulations on the promotion that are not stated anywhere on the coupon.

    For example, in the case of “buy any sub and get a 2nd sub of equal or lesser value free,” one store actually had a sign posted that you must buy a large sub at full price and you would only get a small sub for free… you could not get a 2nd large sub.

    Terribly deceitful advertising and part of the reason why I refuse to eat at Quizno’s.

    • drjayphd says:

      @David Lin: And therein lies the problem, franchisees tacking on ridiculous stipulations. Yes, you can turn around and go somewhere else, but the franchisees can run their business into the ground however their little hearts desire.

      Complaining to corporate probably wouldn’t help much, as they’re screwing the franchisees even worse than the store owners are nailing you… everyone looks bad in this case. Soooooo let’s just agree not to patronize Quizno’s, ‘kay? ;)

  28. Yoko Broke Up The Beatles says:

    I see this as a failure on Quizno’s corporate, in the form of them not getting their franchisees on board with this promotion.

    That being said, a coupon for any free sub at Quizno’s should work at any Quizno’s with no questions asked. I have my coupon, but have not yet redeemed it. I just may have to ask if my local Quizno’s will take it….but only AFTER they make my sub. (If they take it, with no restrictions, great – I get a free sub. If they don’t take it, they just wasted a sub! I walk out.)

    Power to the people!

    • ailema says:

      @Yoko Broke Up The Beatles: “(If they take it, with no restrictions, great – I get a free sub. If they don’t take it, they just wasted a sub! I walk out.)”

      And then one of the employees eats the sub and the promo the cost. Way to go, you just gave someone else a free sub!

  29. FaustianSlip says:

    Yeesh. We don’t have a Quizno’s around here, but this is pretty ridiculous. Contrast the above experiences with what I saw at my local Denny’s on Free Grand Slam Day- the place was a complete madhouse, but the staff were friendly, courteous *and* handing out rainchecks to anyone who wasn’t willing to wait half an hour to be seated. The insanity of having all of those free meals being served on the same day couldn’t have been especially fun for the poor waitstaff and kitchen crew, but they seemed to be handling it well, and they certainly weren’t being rude or turning people away. Quizno’s could take a lesson or two on this one.

    I can understand the franchise owners being angry with corporate for undercutting their business, et cetera, but taking that out on your customers doesn’t seem an ideal way to stay profitable, either. Personally, I’d probably rather honor the coupons and lose money than gain a reputation for being a business that treats its customers like dirt, whether they’re paying or not. I must have heard twenty people saying, “You know, I haven’t been to a Denny’s in years, but this is really good- I’ll have to come back!” during that free breakfast thing. Quizno’s is obviously going for something similar, but you have to, y’know, actually deliver on the freebies your promising for it to work.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Quiznos does not reimburse for the coupons that they cavalierly give away on line or in newspapers. They gave away subs in January (BOGOS) subs in February (BOGOS) and free chips & drinks. Now a million free subs. The hard truth is the sub is not “free” it costs the owners of each location the cost of the food. Plus, they have to pay rent, electric, insurance and labor. They literally cannot afford to keep giving food away. Stores are closing all over the country because Quiznos does not care about their owners. All they care about is them making money. Giving away food doesn’t cost them anything, but it makes Quiznos a ton of money. Because, you see, Quiznos owns the food company that sells the food to the stores and they make a HUGE profit. So, who loses? You do, as a consumer and the ownerof the franchised stores, because “free” food will drive him out of business. But Quiznos is laughing, laughing, laughing….all the way to the bank. Someone listed the phone numbers. Call and complain about their greed.

  31. youbastid says:

    Add store #910,
    12222 Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles
    To the list of not accepting the coupons!

  32. Anonymous says:

    I tried redeeming my coupon and I was treated like a criminal–they accused me of using a fake coupon.

    I know I ain’t giving Quiznos any more of my money.

  33. FuryOfFirestorm says:

    Between Subway’s $5 footlong deal and this snafu, Quiznos is FUCKED!

  34. Anonymous says:

    Cedar Hill store in Texas is accepting coupons! The employees said they were even printing coupons for themselves, as I’m sure this beats their regular discount.

    I’m not a big fan of Quizno’s though. About the only time I regularly visited one was in college when I knew the franchise owner and he had great deals for college students. Too expensive normally though.

  35. ShrikirtiHaele says:

    I went and used my coupon today. I got a signature sub, they didn’t ask me to buy anything, and they didn’t even hassle me to check my i.d.! i guess i found one of the good ones.

    • Andrea Viera says:

      @ShrikirtiHaele: lol I was starting to wonder if I was the only one who didn’t have a problem. The guy didn’t even look at it; he was really nice about it and seemed happy that I used it.

      Honey Burbon Chicken on Wheat FTW!

  36. twophrasebark says:

    I assumed this was going to happen.

    Quiznos executives must have been smoking crack to think that their franchisees would not revolt at this promotion.

    Don’t blame the franchisees.

    These promotions are always a severe financial burden to the individual owner of the franchise. Whatever the terms are, believe me, Quiznos is not sending the franchise owner the value of your sub back. You’d think so, right?

    No. They might not be getting anything at all.

    How could that be? Ask anyone who runs a franchise from any brand from Quiznos to McDonald’s – the corporate parent makes up promotions and expect the franchisees to eat most of or all of the cost.

    In this case, the promotion is clearly so egregious that Quiznos hurt their brand and the owners by creating an offer that would only infuriate customers.

    • Geblah187 says:


      While I agree with the point you make about the conflict in franchise and corporate, the average consumer isn’t going to know (or care) why their coupon is not accepted. They would just feel they’ve been bait-and-switched.

      Wouldn’t it be cheaper in the long run for the franchise to just eat the cost to maintain their customer base? I understand this might lead to corporate increasing promotions, but in the end – isn’t the success of corporate dependent on the franchise, and vice versa?

      • twophrasebark says:


        I doubt you’d feel that way if you were the franchisee, no?

        A lot of these guys are struggling to survive.

        • floraposte says:

          @twophrasebark: If I were a franchisee, I’d throw myself into the promotion to pull in customers rather than sourly clutching the money I save by losing them. There’s some penny-wise and pound-foolish going on in these franchises, and I think they’re more concerned with their frustration with corporate than the effects of that frustration on their customer base.

          • johnva says:

            @floraposte: While I agree that it’s not necessarily a good idea for them to be nasty to their customers over their dispute with corporate, I also do have quite a bit of sympathy for the franchise owners, especially in this economic environment. I’m sure their sales are down a lot already due to the economic downturn (since they aren’t the cheapest option), and probably the last thing they needed right now was a promotion forcing them to give out tons of free product totally uncompensated. Obviously I have no idea what rights corporate has to do this under the franchise agreement, but it seems pretty sleazy and maybe bad business too if it ends up forcing many of their locations out of business.

            So it’s easy to say “penny wise, pound foolish” but in this environment I’ve got a lot of sympathy for people with small businesses that are struggling to stay afloat. Now that I know that corporate isn’t reimbursing them at all, I know I won’t be using one of these coupons.

        • AustinTXProgrammer says:

          @twophrasebark: And being rude to customers will stop that. Once you fail, you aren’t struggling anymore, are you? If I get jacked around like that I NEVER return to the store. If I get a free sandwich and like it, I always return at least once.

          Corporate screwed their franchisees, but their franchisees need to pull through and try to benefit from this promotion. Maybe they should talk to Rich Piotrowski and his lawyer and sue corporate themselves.

    • CFinWV says:

      @Rich Piotrowski: Ah, the dark side of franchising. I worked for a small franchise years ago and they would constantly put out coupons for free “this” and free “that” and then scream bloody murder at us because we’re not making our sales goals. They didn’t look at units, they looked only at dollars. Their stupid coupons were the bulk of our business unfortunately. There’s a reason why many coupons offer free things so long as you make another purchase, not just an outright free item. Our corporate didn’t seem to grasp that concept. It’s no wonder they’re out of business.

  37. chris_d says:

    Quiznos must be run by complete morons. The way they treat their franchisees is awful. I have seen a franchise owner open a store only to have another one spring up just down the street. There are only so many stores a market can support, so one folds.

    I am just amazed that corporate would issue the coupons and make the franchisees eat 100% of the cost.

    This whole thing kind of seems like amway where they have products that their distributor is supposed to sell that are way overpriced, the distributor can’t possibly sell at a profit, then the distributor loses tons of money while the people at the top get rich.

  38. Corporate-Shill says:

    Isn’t Quiznos the national change notorious for screwing over the franchisee with regards to promotions and coupons?

    If so, isn’t a free sub from Quiznos a bit like stealing from the franchisee owner?

    Doubt my local Q is going to accept this promo. Oh, that is right, the local Q has closed their doors for the second time in the past two years. I wonder why.

    • MrsLopsided says:

      @Corporate-Shill: Exactly, I don’t blame them, the franchisee still pays full price to corporate. Corporate generously offers a freebie that comes out of franchisee profits.

    • mac-phisto says:

      @Corporate-Shill: my local Q lasted barely 2 years. gone forever. the franchise has been up for sale for at least a year. i pity those people – i know a bit about selling franchises from a close friend of mine…NOT A FUN EXPERIENCE!

  39. Argy says:

    I redeemed my coupon tonight with no problem. And there was a stack of a few dozen others that had been redeemed sitting next to the register.

  40. grouse says:

    There is a Quizno’s near me, and I got one of these coupons and thought I would check it out. Doubt I will now though.

  41. Random_Tangent says:

    None of the local (and a not-so-local one that was on my way to an errand) would take the coupon. I ate at Subway instead.

    It. Was. Delicious.

  42. jasoneff says:

    Got my sandwich at the Quiznos in Cary, NC, no problem, didn’t even check my ID.

  43. metaled says:

    Darn, a free sandwich…Too bad no-one in my family can stand their food. The one near us tastes like they use really dry stuff (old) and then toasts it, making it even dryer. Nope don’t care for them new fangled toasted subs…. what will they think of next, fried ice cream. ;)

  44. jonny4 says:

    I can tell you personally at my local store it worked without a hitch. A friend and I both got coupons in our name and we ordered seperate orders without a hitch no restrictions. They did say at first they were having issues saying the credit card machine to verify the coupons was actually using the coupons to add sales to the till.

  45. Inail says:

    Used it, no problem.

    But found the food grossly oversalted and won’t go back. Glad it was free.

  46. georgi55 says:

    You know what’s sad? The coupons are why I stopped going to quiznos. About 3 years ago, they used to have $2 off coupon all the time. Then occasionally they’d have buy one get one free coupons too. I used to go to my local quiznos couple of times a week. Then after a while the coupons disappeared. I continued going at least once a week anyway paying full price since I liked their subs. After a while, they had a floor of $2 off coupons again so I started using them while still continuing to go once a week until the owener changed and said no coupons after being totally rude to me and at first asking me to print the coupon in color. The next time I went back with color coupon, they had signs up that said no coupon. I bought a sub anyway, and that was my last quiznos visit for the next year. I do go back occasionally, but probably been there about 4, 5 times in the last 2.5 years. Had they not been rude to me about $2 off I’d have continue going every week even there are no coupons and they’d have made up all the coupons I had used in about 150 subs I’d have bought from them in the last 2.5 years had I continued going once a week.

  47. Jason Stephens says:

    Same thing at store #8120 in New Hartford, NY. Went last night with my wife only to find a hand written note on the front door saying “this location does not accept the million sub coupons – Management” SO…drove a half a block to Subway and got a 5 dollar foot long! Thanks for nothing Quiznos!

    • floraposte says:

      @Jason Stephens: Boy, I wonder if a smart Subway could offer a discount with the Quizno’s coupon. I guess it’d be too hard to make sure you weren’t getting the same one over and over again, though.

  48. ckaught78 says:

    I always figured that with these coupons and other the local franchises would be reimbursed to a certain amount from corporate.

  49. Dan Ray says:

    I didn’t have any trouble redeeming two of them in the downtown Greensboro, NC store yesterday. The cashier (who I think was the manager) had to ring my wifes’ and my lunches separately because of how the coupons worked, but I didn’t get any attitude from him about it.

  50. TechnoElf says:

    I had not issue at all getting my sub last monday at a Quiznos in Little Rock, AR. In fact they didn’t even ask for my idea, the person I assume was the manager just said to ignore that check id part. I didn’t even have to pay tax like the coupon said I would have too. It’s pretty lame that other Quiznos are not going by the coupon.

  51. Anonymous says:

    I had no problem with my coupon here in MA. The clerk asked where we were getting them, as they just started seeing them, and in typical corporate fashion, they apparently didn’t bother to alert the franchises, but I got my sandwich. Actually, I prefer Subway anyway

  52. Amber Lupin says:

    I have always had trouble redeeming coupons at Quiznos and it is a major contributing factor why I mostly boycott the establishment, especially the particular one that gave me trouble. Used to be if you signed up for their email list and *chose your store*, you could print out coupons that were specifically *for that particularly Quiznos store*.

    When I brought in my coupons, the store manager informed me that they don’t take “internet coupons.” I find that difficult to understand as I chose that Quiznos and had assumed the coupons were somehow tied to the establishment.

    To that Quiznos’ credit (this is in Washington DC), the manager overrode the price of my meal and used the coupon but told me I could never use one again. That was the last time I was in that store.

  53. Jason Drake says:

    Yeah this is bullshit. When I ordered a sub and showed them the coupon, the manager uttered something to his co-worker in Farsi or something, and then they took meat off my sub.. WTF stop being so cheap. Im going to subway.

    • TheGuinnessTooth says:

      @Jason Drake: NEVER show the coupon until the end of the transaction. That way if they try to screw you, you can screw them by not taking the sandwich.

  54. winstonthorne says:

    If they do not except the coupon, there should be no problem, and they should accept it without complaint.

  55. Matthew Broder says:

    I’d rather get a $5 foot long at Subway anyway. At least I know what I’m walking into and there is no confusion amongst the employees and customers.

    The section of the Quizno’s website to register for the free sub is now closed. It display’s the message: “We’ve reached one million! Please check back for future offers and don’t forget to nominate your hometown hero.”

  56. millertime1211 says:

    I printed the coupon, took it in, got my sandwich, no questions asked. I bought nothing else, walking with a coupon, walked out with a sandwich, it was a great feeling!!!

  57. TheGuinnessTooth says:

    When restaurants refuse to honor coupons or promotions I refuse to pay for what I ordered. I leave them stuck there with a sandwich, burger, coffee, or what have you.

    If I was a manager and I’ve got a choice of giving a customer a free sandwich and making him happy, or throwing away a sandwich that the customer refuses to pay for, I would choose to give the customer the sandwich. Either way you look at it you’re out a sandwich, you might as well make the customer happy instead of pissing him off and then throwing the sandwich away.

  58. GMFish says:

    Why do companies pull half-assed promotions like this? Either do the promotion and require all of your franchises to be on board or do not do the promotion.

    When it’s done half-assed like this, any good will is lost. You end up with more people hating you than before the promotion. How does that make sense?!

  59. nikkimarie says:

    negative on my store in MI


    They yelled at me for taking this pic too which is why it’s blurry.

    I ended up just buying the sub anyway which I felt guilty for immediately after I left – they “got” me!

  60. savdavid says:

    Thanks everyone. You have convinced me never to eat at this rip-off, lying Subway wannabe.

  61. LorneReams says:

    Mine accepted it no problem and was very polite about it. I guess it’s hit or miss.

  62. Anonymous says:

    Odd. I printed mine the day the first Consumerist story ran and had no problem getting the coupon or getting them to accept it. I didn’t haggle the issue with the store, I simply got to the register and said “Oh, I have a coupon.” They seemed to accept it fine.

    Quizno’s in North Dallas, near 635 & Luna Rd.

  63. bravo369 says:

    Quiznos is the worst about honoring coupons. i have tried using all kinds of coupons and seem to always be told new restrictions or denied altogether. Mabye a year ago, i had a coupon for buy 1 get 1 so i decided to get subs for me and my dad. needless to say i was told that the coupon doesn’t apply there. i asked where it says that on the coupon and they said it doesn’t but we don’t accept it. seems like Quiznos needs to crack down on the franchises if they don’t take the coupons because it gives the company as a whole a black eye.

  64. PsycheInamorata says:

    (Sorry if this is a repeat, but I’m not reading through 3 pages of comments.)

    Registered to get mine when it was first announced here, but I STILL haven’t received my coupon.

    I haven’t even had the chance to be wrongly rejected. :(

  65. Sir Winston Thriller says:

    This would be an excellent time for Subway to run an add saying that if the local Quiznos won’t take the coupon, Subway will.

  66. idip says:

    Not saying I condone this or anything, but…

    It’s a corporate coupon, which should be accepted regardless.

    What you could do is order, present the coupon at the cashier (with your fully made sandwich), if they accept it great!

    If they decline it, then say, “Oh, I’m sorry then, I’m going to have to decline this purchase as well” and walk out.

    If enough people do this, they’ll lose more money then just accepting the coupon and possibly getting people who may have bought drinks and cookies on their own.

  67. PCJustin says:

    In my experience, this has been a common problem at Quiznos.. either corporate doesn’t have good relationships with their franchisees, or they don’t have a very good screening process before selling a franchise.

    I don’t expect the Quiznos franchisees to understand how giving away free products leads to increased sales… but other franchise chains don’t seem to have these ridiculous problems. This is the only place where I’ve seen poorly written signs refusing to honor corporate-issued coupons.

  68. ChChChacos says:

    I went to one yesterday in Dartmouth,MA and had no problems what-so-ever. I had my free small sub and I purchased a drink, but not because it was required. They didn’t even check my ID!

  69. hdhrant says:

    “Upon checkout…”

    Quiznos 1, John 0

  70. Wendy Sloan says:

    I didn’t get to use my coupon since I used my alias to sign up for it, and apparently I would need to show ID. Turned me off completely. I’m glad I didn’t attempt to redeem.

  71. vdragonmpc says:

    I will never go to a quiznos after my experience in Colonial Heights Virginia. They had commercials for a ‘prime rib’ sub and it looked good on TV. What I got at the store was a mushy mess that had turned beef in it. One of the grossest things I have ever seen. I went back and asked for my money back. They told me a song and dance that I must have had it in my fridge for a week they had no way of knowing when I bought the sub. I had the 15 minute old receipt. Into the trash it went along with a few customers who overheard the conversation.

    Im sorry the meat smelled very off and I cant believe the manager argued that I had stored a bad sub to get a free sub. Jerks.

    Im loving the 5$ footlongs nice fresh and tasty.

  72. Jeff McRae says:

    The Quiznos closest to me closed a few weeks ago. I don’t feel like trekkin’ all the way across Boston for a free sub.

  73. Jason Bishop says:

    I haven’t eaten at a Quiznos in years, but went because of this coupon. My wife and I had no problems redeeming the coupon and the sandwiches were great! I will definitely be back.

  74. ValedaFusus says:

    coupon was rejected by a store in chicago. Quizno’s you win this round, but I won’t be back. ever. subway ftw.

  75. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like the Quiznos in your states should take a lesson from QUIZNOS STORE# 2771 located at 2465 Whitten Road in Memphis, TN. The sandwiches are created quickly and the cashier is friendly. The cashier even offered me additional coupons. I loved the service so much that I have already returned twice and paid for sandwiches at the regular price. I highly recommend Store# 2771 to everyone. Hint to other Quiznos: I’m sure corporate never intended for the individidual franchisers to run away business with a “free sub” promotion so call Store# 2771 and emulate them.

  76. corinthos says:

    I had a problem on my lunch break. Nothing posted on the door. Went ahead and ordered then was told at the register it was just 2 dollars off. I then said never mind and the guy let out a big sigh and said to another coworker “I wish people would read the coupons” um didn’t see anything about 2 dollars off on there.
    Anyways I just went to the Sonic right next to it since I wasted 15 minutes of my break waiting in line.

  77. SJPadbury says:

    Personally, I think the correct way to handle this is simple:
    Walk in. Order sandwich. Get to register. Present coupon. If they refuse to honor it, point out that now they have to just throw out the sandwich if they don’t honor the coupon. Under no circumstances give them money for the sub, make additional purchases you weren’t planning on, or let them take down ID information.

  78. Caprica Six says:

    I totally agree. The guy on the Market St Quiznos in SF totally denied myself and a few others in line. All of us just said too bad, we are going to Subway down the street. He was apologetic, but the funny thing he said was that ALL the Quiznos downtown SF would not accept them. Whatever…

  79. Cliff_Donner says:

    According to the story, the coupon states that it’s valid only at “participating locations,” so there’s clearly no requirement for any specific Quizno’s to honor the coupon. However, it’s pretty poor form for Quizno’s corporate to run a promotion that so many franchisees would object to participating in. (And, no excuse for employees to be rude to customers.)

    I can’t help but compare this to Tuesday’s Consumerist story Kmart Assistant Manager Hates Your Coupons. In this story, Kmart ran a “double coupon” promotion. Presumably, Kmart is a savvy enough retailer to know that there are “50% off” coupons out there in the world and that it would mean that they’d be giving some merchandise away at no charge. Even though the terms of the promotion did not have any restrictions to prevent this, Kmart balked at one customer’s attempt to avail herself of the sale. This thread was full of comments (IMO, wrongly) castigating the OP for trying to get something for nothing, saying the store had the right to “refuse service to anyone,” and basically impugning the OP’s character for simply taking advantage of the promotion.

    Though the Quizno’s situation seems essentially the same to me (except for the fact that the promotion does have a restriction that allows a location not to honor the coupon), no one’s making those comments in this thread. I find this curious.

  80. King Biggs says:

    Store#: 962
    Southtowne Shopping Center
    My Local Store 5030 W Highway 290
    Austin Texas 78735
    Contact Us 512-892-2331

    This Austin Quiznos has also apparently suffered tremendous losses ON THE FIRST DAY OF THE PROMO and declined my attempt to use the coupon. The ugly employee (no seriously, her mother thinks shes ugly too)told us at 1130 AM on the first day of the promo that they had already suffered thousands in losses and were declining the coupon. What a fcking joke, i went to subway!

  81. crookedview says:

    I had no issues redeeming my coupon yesterday at a local Quiznos in Sioux Falls, SD. It was even one of the managers that I presented the coupon to.

    She didn’t ask for an ID, but she did enter the coupon ID code into the little credit card swipe machine. When I commented on that, she said that’s how they ensure that the coupon hasn’t been used yet. She also mentioned she just received information on how to process the coupon the day before.

    The sub tasted better, because it was free.

  82. steveliv says:

    i went to the local quizno’s with my sister and mom, we all had the coupons and the worker took them. i noticed she typed the very long coupon code into the credit card scanner, and it popped out a receipt, no problems! i did buy a drink anyways, i wasn’t required to, but i was eating the sub in the store and needed a drink.

  83. tinyangel says:

    Got my free sandwich without having to purchase anything but the sandwich was thin (a small slice of meat, no veggies, no sauce, no cheese). This was my first and last experience with Quiznos.

  84. Anonymous says:

    Not one problem with coupon at all. Sandwich was very good, sandwich prep person was very cordial, no i.d. requested, not an “issue” here in Iowa whatsoever. And no “additional purchases” were necessary.

  85. zelas says:

    I just wanted to say, I didn’t have any trouble with mine!
    I even called two different stores in my area ahead of time, and they both accept it.

  86. MonkeyMonk says:

    There was a Quiznos in the Bucktown area of Chicago which was the *worst* fast food establishment I’ve ever been to. It was convenient so I made three attempts before finally giving up:

    1) Trip 1: Sandwich was soggy and nearly untoasted. Gross.
    2) Trip 2: Sandwich was soggy and untoasted again. I asked for more toasting and got to watch my sandwich throw around behind the counter by the clearly annoyed counter girl.
    3) Trip 3: The girl working the cashier is completely ignoring customers and talking on her cell phone. After about 4 customers are waiting she bursts into tears and starts screaming into the phone before storming off into the back room.

    That was the final straw. The franchise lasted about 9 months before closing down except nobody cleaned up the store for another 3 months and you could see the sandwich ingredients still sitting behind the counter growing insane amounts of mold and other organic material.

    Eventually somebody (I’m assuming) from Quizno’s corporate came by and cut all mention of Quiznos out of the awning with a box cutter leaving a big gaping hole in the green awning.

    I’ve never eaten at a Quiznos ever again.

  87. UnicornMaster says:

    The thing is, whether or not you get your free sub, they still have your name and email address. The joke is on you!

  88. Anonymous says:

    My husband I used ours in Washington at the same time – no problem. His coupon didn’t even print with his name on it, or expiration date (just N/A). They didn’t care and they didn’t ask for ID.
    I felt bad that our dinner was free, so we bought a bag of chips and a cup of soup. $3.22 later we had 2 subs, chips and soup.

  89. Bye says:

    It sucks that the franchisees treat their customers so poorly, but that’s what happens when the corporate office treats their franchisees like dirt.

    It’s trickle-down disrespect.

  90. RudeandRude says:

    My local Quiznos in New City, NY took my coupon no questions asked, even though they had no idea about the promo. They didn’t check my ID either.

    Too bad their sandwiches suck.

  91. Outrun1986 says:

    Ok, if this was me I would NOT be buying anything at stores that did not honor the coupon. Of course I would be asking if they took the coupons first. Some of the posters in the original post bought stuff even though they had to pay extra. This is EXACTLY what they wanted you to do, lure you in with a free sub coupon, then tell you that you have to buy something in order to get the sub, or tell you that the sub is only a dollar or 2 off. This creates more sales for the restaurant, and the promo obviously worked for some people. If I saw those signs, I would be heading for the exit very fast, and I would likely never return to that particular establishment again.

  92. Lukecadet says:

    I stopped eating at Quiznos when they came out with the commercial with little rats. Guess I know what they were now. They were the employees of Quiznos in the commercial.

  93. damitaimee says:

    the quiznos near me accepted the coupon but were very rude about it.

    i asked for extra veggies on my sandwich because honestly, she had put together the smallest, thinnest sandwich i had ever seen. i ordered a veggie, so it’s not like it had meat, and i didn’t even want cheese.

    after i asked for the veggies, the employee refused reminding me that the sandwich i was receiving was ‘free.’

    i don’t understand. just because it’s a free sandwich doesn’t mean you can just hand me a piece of bread with almost nothing in it and call it a day.

    i don’t eat at quiznos, ever. here i was making an attempt to check it out. these employees have made me feel so uncomfortable, i am never going back to quiznos again. we only have one in San Luis Obispo, ca.

  94. Levi Martin says:

    I had the same issue with Quizno’s at store #1851 in the East Towne Mall here in Madison WI. My cousin and I walked up to the counter to order and were rudely told we had to purchase chips and a drink.

    So a “free” sub ended up costing me $2.56 after taxes, and drink/chips. Great promotion guys! I’ve never eaten at Quizno’s before, but my first experience with your store its virtually assured I will never eat at Quiznos again. Same goes for my cousin and friends who I told about the promotion.

    At least with Subway when I get a coupon for a free sub they accept it w/out requiring anything more. What they advertise is what they offer in the store! Amazing!

  95. RonDiaz says:

    Yea our Quiznos has a sign posted ALL COUPONS $2 off only as well.

  96. CigarMan22 says:

    Houston location 501 in Westchase had a hand written sign up saying they would not accept the coupon either.. We walked out without ordering anything and I will NEVER, EVER eat at Quiznos again.. Great marketing Quiznos, you giving away “free” subs that are causing you to lose more customers than you’re gaining.. A+

  97. chenry says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if in the small print on the coupon it says “subject to participation”, meaning that the franchises are within their right to not honour the coupon.

    Still, it’s pretty lame.

    • CigarMan22 says:


      Then why is the only quiznos in my zipcode the exact same zipcode that is printed on my coupon right under my name? I understand “subject to participation” but come on Quiznos when I punch in my zip you should alert me that the offer is void in my area..

  98. Tom_Servo says:

    The Quiznos over in Schrerville never accepts any coupons, not even the ones in the local paper that advertise that store. I always just go to Jimmy John’s. Better sandwiches that are cheaper to begin with. Quiznos is always some sort of hassle in my experience.

  99. JoeWaiver says:

    I got, “Our scanner isn’t working,” “That coupon was only meant for employees,” and the one most people get, “You have to buy chips and a drink.”

    What a loser of a promo. I actually like the food at quiznos but they treat me like a thief over a $5 sandwich.

  100. Time-Clock says:

    I went to local store in South Bay Area Los Angeles with my coupon. There was couple arguing with the owner about the coupon. There was no sign indicating on non-acceptance of the coupon.

    The owner threaten to call the police if the couple do not leave. The couple left. There was another couple in process of paying for their subs change their mind and left too with sandwiches and paying for meal in disgust.

    The owner look at me seeing the paper in my hand. Owner said out loud, you get out too. We don’t accept Fword coupons. There at least 6 other people eating inside.

    The coupons are suppose to bring people in to Quiznos. It driving people away. Quiznos are closing their stores all over the place.

  101. jrizos says:

    I used to go in and order the “Baja Chicken Sub” and they would leave the Cilantro off every time. I’d ask for them to add it and they’d say they were “out.” After about six times, it became clear that they would NEVER have the cilantro, and that really made a difference in the sandwich. If only I was a consumerist reader last year, I’d have submitted it.

  102. Cris Myers says:

    Quiznos is no longer in my lunch menu of places to eat. I work in downtown Chicago in the loop and none of them accept the coupon, so I say I don’t accept doing business with you anymore.

    The thing that makes me make this decision isn’t the fact they didn’t take the coupon, it’s the fact they were complete jerks about it. I could understand if they said we don’t accept this coupon sir, instead of “we don’t take this coupon” with a very high level of aggravation in their voice and daggers being thrown at me with their eyes.

    They lost a regular customer because of that, in the end they are the ones who will feel the consumers wrath.

  103. Outrun1986 says:

    I fully expect Quiznos to be the next chain to go under. Their stores are dead in my area and there are never any cars by them, I can’t imagine they are getting much business coupon or no coupon here.

    This coupon has done nothing but drive away customers. They are going to have a hard time un-doing all the bad publicity they have already gotten.

    I have had excellent service at pretty much EVERY Subway I have been to. The one time I had bad service, the manager more than made it up to me without any problems, and was extremely easy and friendly to deal with. My experiences with Subway have been very consistent across the chain, no matter what location I visit. I have also never had a problem using coupons at Subway provided I use them in the manner stated on the coupon, or for the store that is listed on the coupon. I have the points card too (its free to get) and they look happy every time I get a free sub there, not as if I am taking something from them.

  104. kwsventures says:

    Didn’t your mother tell you “there is no free lunch”? No those looking for freebies are getting angry when the deal isn’t what they thought is was. What has this world come to when you can’t get your entitlement, ur, freebie?

  105. dreamsneverend says:

    While I think it’s a major screw up by Quizos, some of you guys need to get a life. It is no wonder our economy is in the shitter when people protest not getting a $7 sub for free.

  106. Borax-Johnson says:

    The point seems to be gathering a lot of valuable demographic material to then send to someone who got epically pissed off at how the Quiznos retailer treated them.

    Perfect business model: spend $$$ mailing stuff to people who will never set foot in your establishment again.

  107. Jennifer Lynn Harman says:

    Okay, What the poster of this complaint will not take into consideration is that the Quizno’s Corporation or whatever does NOT discuss things with the store owners. I work at a Quizno’s in Harborcreek, PA and my boss (the owner) is always complaining about it. They don’t discuss any promotions or whatever. And also all stores do have the right to refuse. It takes alot of money to run a store and if we just give away stuff, we aren’t making any money. Seriously, think about that. And most of the time when we have to refuse coupons, its the customer who freaks out and starts giving us an attitude. I had one try to get into a shouting match with me and hold up other customers and some even left because they weren’t being served. I’m not saying the customers are all rude because they aren’t. And I’m not saying that we’re perfect either. But we bust our butts trying to give the best service we can and when we do, we run across stuff like this that makes us feel like we’ve failed. Which I haven’t seen any posts about Harborcreek. But just know, that if you come to our store, we’re as polite as can be. And we also have signs posted that we’re accepting SOME coupons and to just be sure to present them when you order. But its the fact that some of these promotions can make or break a store that some are refused. Also with this economy, even the ones that we are accepting could break us. And that means people losing their jobs. Now really, tell me what’s worse… You not getting a sub for free, or a whole restaurant full of people losing their jobs? If its the former, you really need to rethink priorities in life. If its the latter, then you’re a good person and really shouldn’t be posting things like this. Seriously, just think about it.

    • pmw says:

      @Jennifer Lynn Harman: “a whole restaurant full of people losing their jobs” would be tragic, I agree. I would not want that.

      But think about this: the average customer does not know that this coupon was released against the wishes of franchise owners. The average customer gets the coupon, becomes filled with joy at Quiznos’ charity during these difficult economic times, and leaps to his nearest Quiznos franchise.

      Now, are you going to tell him that if he gets his free sub like the coupon advertises, a restaurant full of people will lose their jobs? Or just tell him to get out, as at least one customer on this site was told?

      Refusing to honor this coupon results in a severe blow to Quiznos’ long-term profitability. All these customers who are turned away (for whatever reason) will tell their friends and Internet sites of their negative experience, and Quiznos as a whole will probably lose a lot more money than the $7 they “saved”.

      (That said, I truly sympathize with the franchise owners. They’re between a rock and a hard place.)

    • orlo says:

      @Jennifer Lynn Harman: Your store owner bought the franchise and signed on to take part in Quizno’s promotions. “Free” coupons are part of the cost of advertising. The promotion was to help you keep your jobs, but your boss is too stingy and shortsighted.

      • Jennifer Lynn Harman says:

        @orlo: No, my boss doesn’t wanna lose the store. We barely have business as it is. And honestly, I don’t blame him one bit. Every time there’s a promotion like this, we lose money. This particular promotion isn’t gonna help us keep our jobs. Which is why we won’t participate. We’re in a pretty tight bind. Plus, on top of us not getting much business, a CiCi’s Pizza just opened up next door and they’re taking a bunch of our usual customers so now we have even less. I understand where everyone is coming from on this, I really do. But also you have to see it not only from the consumer standpoint but the business standpoint too. The other coupons (buy one get one free, free sub with purchase of drink and chips, etc.) we accept because we’re making somewhat of a profit off of it. But the flat out “free” crap is what’s gonna put us under. Sorry if this upsets you, but we’re having issues as it is. A lot of the Quizno’s franchises are. And corporate isn’t helping that. All they care about is that THEY get money in their pockets. That being said, I must go to work where I’ll probably have people complaining about this there too.

  108. chrisjames says:

    Why is Frank more concerned with the privacy issue than the employee reaching into his pockets to get his ID? I mean, I’m assuming he didn’t hand it over willingly and then worry about his privacy afterward.

  109. aguacarbonica says:

    This is before I call before I try to use meal coupons. No one should feel obligated to do that, but this just confirms my cynicism about coupon deals.

    • aguacarbonica says:


      I am not remotely sure what was going on when I was typing this post, but it should say:

      This is why I call before I try to use meal coupons.

      ^That is why trying to type a message and hold a conversation at the same time is not always a good idea.

  110. billsquared says:

    Redeemed my freebie coupon in Troy, MI (Crooks Rd / Corporate Drive) without incident. Staff was friendly about it, and offered to “upgrade” from a small to a regular for the menu price difference of $1. Also offered to make a meal deal out of it, which I declined, but all in all a very nice experience (and strangely deserted there at 12:15pm) this afternoon.

  111. jake.valentine says:

    The Turkey/Guacamole is good, but their sandwiches are waaaay overpriced. The Quizno’s near my workplace is almost always empty while the nearby In-N-Out is ALWAYS packed. If you offer good food at reasonable prices you don’t need to mess with coupons because customers will come anyway.

  112. Anonymous says:

    Me, my wifes,and several friends redeemed ours in Stillwater, OK with no trouble at all. Bought a chocolate chunk cookie as an extra.They did ask for a photo ID as stated on the coupon, lilkely since the coupons were not a mass mailing. We eat there about once a week.

  113. TheMonkII says:

    Now, folks, please don’t rip me apart here, but we never get cool things like this up in Canada. Well, perhaps we do, but with the lack of USA ranged Antenna’s, I’m rarely able to keep up with what’s going on. I wonder if I made a coupon with paper and crayon’s it could pass? Heck, I’d even buy the drink & chips :)

  114. buckfutt says:

    Used mine in Marietta, GA today. No problems at all, and they didn’t even card me.

  115. Ben_Q2 says:

    Here is whats going to happen to them. Go to [] and you will see that subway had lost a CALS where they have to give out 147,500 $2.00 off gift cards. Close to the same thing.

  116. Anonymous says:

    I used my coupon at the Quizno’s on Oakland Avenue in Pittsburgh by the U of Pitt campus and it worked just fine. I didn’t have to buy anything, they just gave me a free sandwich. Its a shame some stores aren’t honoring the deal. :(

  117. TVGenius says:

    So I filled out the form on Monday to get the coupon, at which point the counter was showing only 50,000 or so coupons given away. When I got the email, I noticed it said the coupon was only good for five days. Since I thought I might not be able to use it until the weekend, I decided to wait to print it. Now today when I click the link to access the coupon, it tells me “WE’VE REACHED 1 MILLION!” and there’s no coupon. Sounds like they called it off when the backlash started. Two of my co-workers tried to use theirs yesterday and they got the 3rd degree from the employee wanting to know where the coupons came from and whether or not they were real.

    Smooth one there, Quiznos. First you shrink the sandwiches without fessing up to it, now this?

  118. JaneBadall says:

    This problem is not affecting all Quiznos.

    The guy & I walked in w/2 coupons. Showed them to the counter person who only said that we would need ID which we had. Ordered two sandwiches, handed over the coupons and left without buying anything else.

    Easy, no problems at all.

  119. Anonymous says:

    Buncha crap!

    I walked 2 miles there to lunch thinking I could get a sandwich and some water and see if it was a good match for me walking there a few days a week. That is spelled “regular customer” for those at quznos that are wondering why corporate thought of this “giveaway”.

    I did not have $1.99 on me in my walking clothes.

    Good walk, crappy deal.

    No management I do NOT understand.

    I will walk and spend my money somewhere else now.

    I make a very nice salary, I can afford to eat where I like.

    I don’t like being jerked around.

  120. wildmight says:

    Previous coupons are the reason I stopped eating at Quiznos all together – too many problems with coupons. I’d get into really bad fights inside the store (not presenting coupon prior, telling them they could toss the sandwich out when i got to the register). I felt like an ass first time, because there was a huge line behind me (store by 1800G in DC).

  121. Gene Miller says:

    I spoke with the manager at my local Quiznos and he said what happened was they franchises thought they were going to be reimbursed for this and over the past day, maybe two, they were told they were only going to reimburse the franchises $0.075 (yes, 7.5 cents).

    So it sounds like it was a communication breakdown between the Corp. Office and the franchises. Unfortunately we’re caught in the middle.

  122. Patty Erickson says:

    I have a coupon but can’t find a store in the area who will take it. Seems like a promotion just to get folks in the door and hope they will still get something.

    I am choosing not to eat at Quiznos. If they don’t take the coupon then I will spend my money elsewhere.

  123. dewman says:

    I printed off two coupons using different e-mails. I had no problems, and one of the Quizno’s I went to didn’t even check my i.d.

  124. atomoverride says:

    thanks for nothing quizno’s goto hell ill never eat at your stores again!

  125. Jason Bordelon says:

    Quiznos in new orleans St. Charles will not accept the coupons either. This was a big scam by corporate to get our email for marketing purposes.

  126. Addy Mcquiston says:

    I actually had a wonderful transaction using the coupon… I live in Pittsburgh and I had just gotten out of class at noon. I attending classes at AIP in downtown Pittsburgh, so I assumed that it would be massivly crazy, but damnit I wanted my free sub!

    So I walked down and there was no line for ordering and only maybe 3 people waiting for their sub. I went up the the register, expecting some issue, but the cashier was really friendly and entered the coupon in with no problem, she didn’t even look at my ID!

    Though the free food was nice, it would have been almost 5 bucks for this little sub when I could go over to subway and get one double the size for the same price… but hey, couldn’t argue with 0 cents.

  127. Cat_In_A_Hat says:

    I just tried to use my coupon at my local shop and they had a pretty pink sign on the door which said they would only honor 50 coupons per day and once their sandwhich quota was reached, any customer could have $$2 off any sub. I was told to try again tomorrow. Blah.

  128. halo969 says:

    I’ve had similar issues at Dunkin Donuts and I’ve stopped patronizing. I think treating customers like crap kinda goes against the point of the coupon to begin with. Instead of thinking about the repeat business that coupon may inspire, they instead cause people to rethink ever going back. Great business plan.

  129. fatetwister64 says:

    No problem for me today. Owner did give me a dirty look. C’mon Quiznos! You guys have a nice product. Suck it up for 2 weeks. Give the best customer service you can and win over some new people. Look at what Denny’s did.

  130. Trick says:

    I just don’t go. I hate the smell of burnt hair at our Santa Maria, CA store anyway. This is one place that won’t be missed when their screwed-up policies come back and bite them back in their arse.

  131. uconn says:

    I no longer go to the Bristol CT Quizno’s. They wouldn’t accept coupons in the past, so I didn’t waste my time getting one of these.

  132. Ryan Yaple says:

    I am also disgusted with Quizno’s initial reaction at the Brighton, Michigan store. However, I am a personal friend of the manager and explained the situation, Kentaro R, please feel free to contact me and I will put you into contact with the Quizno’s in Brighton for an apology. :)

  133. Daniel Hedrick says:

    I printed my Quiznos coupon and headed into my local store to redeem it the other day. I was told the same thing as most of the people commenting… “We don’t take that coupon.” I was hungry, though, so I went ahead and got lunch anyway.

    As I was paying, the owner asked me how often I ate at Quiznos, and if I lived in the area. He apologized for not being able to take the coupon, and gave me a different one good for chips and a drink with any sandwich purchase… It’s only good at that store, and he claims it will never expire.

    Compared to some peoples’ experiences with this coupon, and Quiznos in general, I’d say this particular owner handled the situation pretty well. If nothing else, he retained me as an occasional customer. It’s tough being a franchise owner, under the corporate mother-ship’s thumb. Still, it’s no excuse for treating your customers like crap just because you don’t want to accept a coupon.

  134. TaylerTesminombre says:

    “We do not except coupon in this store.”

    Haha, I’ll fix that for you:
    “We are incompetent and have bad grammar. We also can’t spell for crap.”

  135. Anonymous says:

    Quizno’s Million sub giveaway should be called “Million sub giveaway (minus a few thousand we won’t honor)”

    I was disappointed to find out this afternoon that the two stores by my office stopped honoring these coupons because they’ve “reached their 500 limit” at the location. What kind of promotion is this? If you’re going to state that you’re giving away 1 million subs, give away 1 million subs. It’s bad marketing like this that keeps me from ever coming back.

  136. Anonymous says:

    NYC store on 14th street prominently displays that they are not accepting the coupons. I went to go redeem mine, saw the sign and didn’t even bother going in. Terrible business practice if you ask me because some people buy drinks or chips with their sandwiches.. that’s easy cash they could have collected! Fail on them

  137. Anonymous says:

    I am happy to report that in Yankton, SD I redeemed my coupon without problems or hassles. They took it said, smiled, and said “thank you”.
    It’s a good feeling when the little things in life work out.

  138. littlesuzie says:

    The Quiznos in Fairfax City, VA had a sign with the list of subs you could order with the coupon. My coupon was declined. The manager gave the coupon back to me with the receipt that said “declined” and said that I should contact Quiznos directly. He gave me a dollar off the sub, but it was still really disappointing since I wasn’t planning on giving $5 to Quiznos today.

  139. mdovell says:

    Not to be defensive of the place but consider this.

    Chances are the company doesn’t give these businesses the money back…AND the owners of the place had to shell out tens of thousands of dollars to start it up.

    Other chains do the same things.

    I used to use coupons on the one near me…guess what happened? It closed.

    How would you like to constantly take discounts and eliminate margin on products without your concent?

  140. Anonymous says:

    Well, the free sub suppose to draw customers into store as marketing event. I went to my local regular Quiznos and they accept the coupons with friendly smile. People, that’s not focus on those stores not honoring the coupons. We should reward those Quiznos that honoring the coupons. I also bought a chip and drink as appreciation to their effort of giving out a free sandwich. Don’t be an ass customers that other customers look down on you… I would imagine what these teenagers workers thinking how cheap you are complaint about a small sandwich.

  141. doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

    Here’s the deal… your local franchise owner not only is out the cost of your ‘free’ sandwich, they have to pay corporate a royalty on the deal because it was technically ‘sold’ to you (for free).

    Not a good deal for the store.

  142. bitplayer says:

    There was a great story a few years ago, probably AP, about how Quiznos franchise owners were really taking a bath on the purchase of their meat and bread. The prices they paid were way above market. Apparently the only way Quiznos corporate can make any money is to set up a shell company to supply their franchises, make franchises order supplies from them and then over charge them. It’s driven a lot of franchise locations out of business apparently.

  143. Anonymous says:

    I discussed my similarly poor experience with the coupon with an acquaintance who owns a franchise, and the reason why the franchises are so pissed about this is the franchises are apparently not reimbursed–not a dime–for any of the subs given free.

    I’m not saying this excuses the ridiculous behavior on the part of employees and managers, but it does shed some light on why there are so few “participating locations.”

  144. Justifan says:

    if you google around the franchisees are pissed at quiznos. apparently they are bled to death by over priced food/equipment costs they are bound to by contract. i’m not surprised that the owners are not taking coupons if they are barely getting by. people think that the owners are making a lot of money because of the high prices, but its the corporate raking it in while the owners barely get by.

  145. Garrett Lee says:

    First they looked at me like I had two heads, then they spent 5 minutes trying to figure out what “Free Sub” meant, and then they actually charged me tax on it. In case you’re wondering, apparently VA sales tax on $0.00 is $0.19. I guess I got off easy. It wasn’t an enjoyable customer experience, and the food was disappointing. I don’t think I’ll ever be going to Quizno’s again.

  146. John Atkins says:

    I went to the Quiznos store #2859, 37 Rio Robles in San Jose and tried to redeem the coupon. The cashier looked at it like she was looking at ancient Greek, then pointed at it and said, ‘We don’t know what store this is for.’ I asked, ‘Does that mean you won’t honor this coupon?’ ‘No.’

    I said thank you and turned to leave. She then actually asked me if I still wanted the sandwich. No apology, no nothing except, hey, come back!, we still want to make a full-priced sale!

    I’ll never, ever go back to any Quiznos again. I don’t think they know how pissed they have made a good portion of those million people who tried to redeem that coupon.

    And I blame the franchise owners like store 2859’s. Yeah, yeah, we all get that times are difficult. But do you not get that the less than $1 you lost on the few sandwiches you may have had to give away will cost you SO much more in the future? I mean, do that math. All those folks who actually SET FOOT IN YOUR BUSINESS, you could have made a HUGELY good impression and sealed them as customers for almost certainly at least several full-priced purchases in the future….

    … but you dissed them, you have made them decide to never shop you again. Cost you a buck, instead you decide to fore go many future transactions.

    And I’m not even counting on the bad press and word-of-mouth.

    Good luck to the parent company and all the franchisees who didn’t have the goat sense to try to make the best of a bad situation.

  147. Brivacy Plocked says:

    i have had 4 free subs this week. I saved my coupon to PDF so i can just keep printing them. There are 5 quiznos within 5 miles of my job. Today i will drive downtown and get a couple more.

    Sadly to say, every quiznos i go to, they are extremely rude, but I did actually get to keep my 3 inch sandwich.

  148. Cat_In_A_Hat says:

    Just redeemed mine! yeah!!!!

  149. Chad Okada says:

    I was able to use the coupon, but they gave me a sandwich that was only 1/3 the size of a normal sandwich with 1/4 the ingredients in the sandwich. It was basically, bread, mayonaisse, and a sliver of meat.

  150. Anonymous says:

    I went to four different Quiznos and none accepted I seriously doubt any Quiznos are really accepting coupon if the individual franchises are not being reimbursed. I do believe Quiznos advertising company might have hired people to post that they are accepting them on sites like this one.

  151. Anonymous says:

    Add the Quiznos on Olive Ave. in Merced, CA to the list of stores not taking the coupon. The owner looked at me like I was trying to rob the place and had never seen the coupon before. Of course this was on the first day that the coupons were available….but corporate really should let stores know when this is going to start so they can prepare for it.

  152. Anonymous says:

    Yesterday, 2/27 I eagerly entered Quiznos #2129 in Rockville MD, on Rockville Pike for my free sandwich with coupon. There was a sign inside the store that they were not accepting the free coupons. The cashier who was at first with a young man she appeared to know who sitting at a table, said she could only take $2. off a sandwich. I informed her that my free coupon’s expiration date was March 1. She said that they have met their quota for free sandwiches. What a low life low class store. I hope they lose a lot of business because of their rudeness, lack of customer service and Quiznos false advertising! As instructed on line, I had also forwarded the freebies to friends. It was VERY embarrasing when they had similar experiences in other Quiznos!! Does anyone think they will stay in Business with all this negative publicity? We hope not!!

  153. Anonymous says:

    SCAMMED with a capital S! Jerk behind the counter told us rudely that the coupon should have a watermark (HOW do you print a watermark??) when I said that to him, he then retracted and said “oh, well there should be a whole bunch of “Q’S” around the border!” uh…yeah…dude, I just printed off the coupon that QUIZNOS sent me! :( So we LEFT the place and went to eat at Subway! Never again. Waste of time and printer ink.

  154. Ryan Blanco says:

    Shame on Quiznos! They would have been better off not offering this “free” sub coupon at all. I went to a total of 3 Los Angeles area Quiznos locations. The first one required me to get a drink and a side to get my “free” small sub, and the other two didn’t accept the coupon at all! Why offer the coupon if many locations won’t even honor it??? I went on their website to complain a few days ago and haven’t heard anything back…guess they don’t care. They are going to loose more customers than they are gaining because people like me won’t be going there anymore.

  155. SeventyOne says:

    A bit late to the party here, but I just redeemed my coupon…

    At Quizno’s #1477 in Hurst, Texas (between Dallas and Fort Worth), they took my coupon with a smile, politely asked for my ID, made my Classic Italian to my specifications, and sent me on my way happy.

    Free sandwiches RULE.

  156. Anonymous says:

    Tried to redeem my coupon at three Quizno’s in Lake Forest CA. One offered a dollar off, another said they’d give a free bag of chips with a sub purchase, another said it was not accepting them at all, and that they did not know of any Quizno’s stores accepting them. This is irritating. I will not being going to Quizno’s again… ever. Someone needs to be fired for this idiocy.

  157. Anonymous says:

    I’m not a huge Quiznos fan, but I knew there was one on my errand route. So on Saturday I popped by to get a sandwich for lunch. Before ordering, though, I asked “Are you accepting the coupon.” The man at the counter said “Nope.”

    I just said “Ok” and left. It wasn’t worth my time to argue and I wasn’t planning on spending any money.

    It’s a pity, because that Quiznos is very convenient but now they’ve left a bad taste in my mouth and I doubt I’ll ever go by. There are plenty of other places to eat. Had they given me a free sub, they might have gotten a customer in the future. As it is, I’ll stick to chains that don’t promise one thing and deliver another.

  158. Anonymous says:

    I just was told, 3/6/09, that my coupon was no good as “they ran out of free subs”!! How is that possible? Scam…their products are so fat laiden anyway that it was tough to get something that wouldn’t give me gastric distress. Bye Bye Q

  159. Anonymous says:

    I actually go to the Rockvill Pike Quiznos store (#2129) all the time because it’s near where I work. I think they consistently have good food and good service….! I think through the whole ‘free sub’ coupon ordeal, it clearly shows how bad the relationship between corporate and franchise owner is. I’m a small business owner myself and i don’t really blame Q franchise owners for being upset and “boycotting” the giveaway.

  160. Anonymous says:

    My girlfriend owns a Quiznos, and the corporation is killing her business. The store owners are stuck with their lease, utilities, labor, food cost, and Quiznos corp keeps cutting prices and collecting 11% off the top. Quiznos may go under.