Saving Money With An Entertainment Book

Hot off our discussion last week of how to save money by spending money, Free Money Finance lists ways to save using an Entertainment Book. His list of tips includes the following:

1. Look through the entire book.
2. Record the offers you like. [Including] free or very low offers, no-brainer offers, offers to places you frequent often, price-matching offers and places you may want to try out.
3. Take extra steps to really maximize the use of the Entertainment Book. [Such as] plan around the book, look through the book before any trip/purchase and take the book with you when you’re out.

He’s saved $29 so far and thinks he can save $200 in a year. Maybe, maybe not. Time will tell.

What’s your take on the Entertainment Book? Worth the cost or just another rip-off fundraising vehicle?

How to Save Money Using an Entertainment Book [Free Money Finance]


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