B of A Heiress Says Bank Is "Repulsive", Run By "Idiots"

Virginia Hammerness, the 75-year-old heiress to A.P. Giannini’s family fortune and a significant stockholder in Bank of America, the bank her grandfather founded in San Francisco in 1904, has harsh words for the people in charge.

In an interview with CBS 5 in San Francisco, Hammerness let loose on the current regime.

“I think its totally repulsive,” Hammerness said when asked what she thinks of Bank of America now. “What idiots, what kind of idiots are running that bank?”

She’s especially annoyed that the bank bought Merrill Lynch.

“They bought it and then, you know, they found out before the deal was consummated that the head of Merrill Lynch paid all those bonuses to people. Bank of America should have said forget it,” she said. “I just think what’s happening is just nauseating really. I feel so sorry for my children, my grandchildren, my great grandchildren and everybody else’s.”

When asked if she still put her money in Bank of America, she said that she did, but not because she has loyalty for the bank — but because she was too lazy to find somewhere else to put it. “That’s the honest to God truth, just too lazy to move it somewhere else,” she said.


B Of A Heiress Blasts Bank Leaders As ‘Idiots’ [CBS 5]

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