Crazed Pizza Hut Delivery Guy Drives Onto Your Lawn, Tries To Fight You, Leaves With Food

Eugene and his wife Julie tried to order some pasta from Pizza Hut the other night. What they got instead was a turfed lawn and an invitation to a fist fight from the very angry delivery guy.

The problems started with the phone order. The couple had a partially used gift card (they’d used it previously with no problems), and the person taking the order couldn’t copy down the gift and debit card numbers correctly. She also decided “Eugene” was spelled “Andre,” it turned out.

When the delivery guy showed up, he drove up onto the lawn. Apparently he was expecting a driveway, and he found one where no one else thought to look. Eugene came out and called him an idiot, and you do not call this guy an idiot after he drives up over your lawn. He will call you a “fat ****.”

After getting him (somewhat) calmed down, I took a look at the bill I was to sign to complete the transaction. To my dismay, the people at the store failed to credit the gift certificate to the order. Not knowing if they had charged the nominal amount to the gift card that we intended to use, I told him that I could not sign the receipt because I may have been overcharged if they did, in fact, charge the amount on the gift card. The man then stormed back to his car with the food that we had ordered. His “(non food) Delivery of Terror” came to an end when he floored his loud truck in reverse to the already damaged lawn purposely looking to wreak more havoc to the distressed turf.

Eugene called to complain and Pizza Hut has offered him a free meal, which he hasn’t yet taken them up on, probably because he needs to re-seed his driveway first.

“The Pizza Hut Delivery From Hell” [Cleveland Leader]
(Photos: elliottcable and The County Clerk)

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