The House Commerce Committee is currently holding a hearing on the salmonella-tainted peanut butter. Included on the witness list are the families of several people who were killed or sickened by the peanut butter, as well as the president and plant manager of the Peanut Corporation of America. It’s really compelling testimony, and we’re sure the grilling of the PCA people will be intense. You can watch it online at C-SPAN or the committee’s website. (Photo: goaliej54 and greefus groinks)


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  1. Plates says:

    The members of the House Commerce Committee should personally test all of the peanut butter produced by the Peanut Corporation of America.

    • Ash78 ain't got time to bleed says:

      @Plates: hahahaha, seconded.

      I’m sure the testimony of the victims’ families will facilitate a very objective response from our government. They’re all impartial scientists bent on objective truths, after all.

      • Alex Chasick says:

        @Ash78: No opinion on the “impartial” part, but several members of the committee are MD’s, and I believe there’s also a nurse on there.

  2. CrazyMann says:

    Please change the picture… peanut butter in jars is fine and it gives the impression that there is a problem. More information can be found at

    • ZekeSulastin says:

      @CrazyMann: … but this is a blog! Surely bloggers aren’t held to the same standards of sensationalism we’d love reporters for regular news sources to follow, nor must it be perfectly accurate as long as the story is brought across!

      Seriously though, did you expect anything better? At least it isn’t like Mr. Let’s-Make-A-Story-Out-Of-Allergy-Warnings-That-Have-Been-There-For-Years …

    • Alex Chasick says:

      @CrazyMann: That’s an industrial-sized jar of peanut butter that wasn’t meant for public sale. (Like this.)

    • legwork says:

      @CrazyMann: It’s incorrect to suggest this problem only affects commercial products. True, the early reports only named them, but that was before investigators realized the breadth of affected end-use products. Several recalled peanut butter products are 1 pound sizes, while another is a trendy make-it-yourself variety. The overall list is huge.

      Go ahead, browse the list.

  3. FoxCMK says:

    “Problems at the plant are not new. FDA inspectors found in 2001 [sic] that products potentially were exposed to insecticides, one of several violations uncovered during the last visit federal officials made before the current food-poisoning scare, according to a report obtained by The Associated Press.”

    “Some of the problems FDA discovered at the plant in 2001 are similar to those found last month, when federal inspectors returned to the plant after nearly eight years.”


    So…the FDA, in its supreme wisdom, the benevolent White Knight of the U.S.’s consumable products, decided that after discovering potentially tainted peanut butter, they’d wait eight years to return to the plant?

    Why is it not surprising to me that this is an EPIC FAILURE on the parts of all involved parties?

    I move to require not only the House Commerce Committee to test the PCA’s peanut butter, but to include all of those society-sucking unelected leeches in the FDA.

  4. RandomHookup says:

    Hmmm…grilled peanuts.

  5. YourTechSupport says:

    You know would make this more interesting?
    A really big gong for calling out people’s bullshit.
    It would get old after a couple of days, so we’d replace it with a comedic sounds like pigs oinking, ducks quacking, car crashes, or the Wheel of Fortune BANKRUPT drop!

  6. lalaland13 says:

    Pretty much every time I see stories on salmonella peanut butter, I start wanting peanut butter. It’s just not right. Although I prefer mine without disease, thanks.

  7. rickinsthelens says:

    How about a package of peanut butter crackers instead. Here is a great example of the law of unintended consequences. Elected official holds up a jar of non-affected peanut butter as an example of the problem with peanuts infected with Salmenlla. News shows footage of said senator. Consumers stop buying non-affected peanut butter out of fear. Peanut butter manufacturer cuts production due to lack of demand. Line workers, distributors, and farmers lose money and jobs due to over hyped scare. Senator and media go on to next issue, spiraling unemployment, while keeping jobs.

    • ekzachtly says:

      @rickinsthelens: Nah, you’re right. Probably better for Congress not to the issue of salmonella being found in the US’s peanut butter supply.

      • rickinsthelens says:

        @ekzachtly: If they are going to make a big deal out of it, get it right. It is not all peanut products. The inaccurate reporting and grandstanding by elected officials is hurting people that had nothing to do with the incidents. That is my point. Remember the Alar apple scare? Real people hurt by grandstanding and inaccurate statements.

  8. ZukeZuke says:

    NOM NOM NOM!!!

  9. U-235 says:

    Wait…. are you saying something interesting might actually be shown on C-SPAN?!? Well I’ll be….

    • cuchanu says:

      @U-235: My dad has a friend who watches C-SPAN for hours… Seriously. I thought it was just on to give the illusion of government transparency.

  10. edrebber says:

    The executives of the distributor chose to distribute peanut butter products that they knew were contaminated with salmonella.

    This is an issue for law enforcement and the courts. The executives who authorized the distrubution of the contaminated peanut butter products should get the death penalty, bacause they are mass murderers.

    Lower level employees who knew of the contamination should spend decades in prison.

  11. cuchanu says:

    One of the people grilling the peanut butter guys held up a jar of their peanuts and asked them both, “would you eat this?”…..silence….. speaks louder than words. I hope they are charged with murder or at least manslaughter.

  12. jmndos says:

    Well, if your making food and you wanna be safe, run each jar through UV.

  13. consumerd says:

    I watched the newscast on this last night, talk about having no answers or refusing to answer the question. That takes balls. I am shocked all the victims were civil about it.

    I think at bare minimum they should be criminally charged and all their profits and operations seized!

    That would straighten up the next one real quick.