T-Mobile came in first in a J.D. Power and Associates study of cellphone customer care performance, with 755 out of a possible 1,000 points. Actually, though, all the carriers came in above the 700 point range except for Sprint, which was in the 600s. [RCR Wireless]


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  1. wickedpixel says:

    I love how Sprint/Nextel wasn’t actually mentioned in the JDP’s press release so they issued their own press release letting everyone know they came in last.

    If I’d read the JDP press release and noticed the lack of Sprint I would have assumed they weren’t included in the survey.

    Way to go Sprint!

  2. tripnman says:

    600 points? 700 points? Does this mean they can get a decent interest rate on a loan, or should those carriers wait until their scores go over 800?

  3. downwithmonstercable says:

    Yeah go Tmobile! You are awesome! Woo woo

  4. batsy says:

    I would trade a little customer care for actually getting service in most places.

  5. synergy says:

    755 out of 1000… that’s 75.5%…. so. If this was school, they’d be getting a “C” and everyone else would be in the same boat or worse (I’m looking at you, Sprint!).


  6. krom says:

    TMO has JD Power awards going back years. Say what you want about how little better they are than other carriers, after this many years no other carrier has been able or willing to make up that difference.

  7. iluvhatemail says:

    seriously, as a former sprint customer just 4 months ago for over 7 years it feels great to have a competent customer service department to call when i have a problem. Congratulations T-mobile, you deserve it and I and a very happy customer.

    • Subliminal0182 says:

      @iluvhatemail: Yes, T-Mobile is great!! My mom bought a G1 & halfway through activation, the call from her blackberry got disconnected. Called back a few minutes later, gave info, new rep told us previous rep had finished activation & put notes on the system to tell customer to have a great Xmas & to enjoy the phone!

      I don’t have service EVERYWHERE, but it’s a tradeoff for the pleasant experiences I’ve had whenever calling CS.

      • merely_a_muse says:

        @Subliminal0182: That’s my TMo problem, I love the customer service (except when I killed the phone I loved so dearly and the rep made fun of it. I loved it okay!). But I don’t get reception in my house, or inside the boyfriends apartment unless I’m near a window and contorting my body.

        I just want to make a call without going outside :(.

  8. Marcus_T says:

    Oh crap. The last time this study was released AT&T was 4th out of 5 and they made us do all this retarded shit to show we “care” about the customer.

    There are two directions AT&T can go with this:
    1.) Add to the amount of stupid “value statements” we must put you through.
    2.) Or, dump the shit that’s not working, and change it up.
    The smart choice is #2, but I know they will do #1. I am stoked to see what other nonsense statements I must utter to the customer!

    • Chris Walters says:

      @Marcus_T: I would love to call a customer service line someday and hear:

      “Si habla Espanol, press 1.
      If you do not want to hear any value statements, press 2.”

      It is clear I do not know the Spanish word for “press,” but that’s not my point.

  9. geeniusatwrok says:

    Been a T-Mo customer since the VoiceStream days. Absolutely no gripes, which for me is saying something. I even got a little help hooking up an unlocked iPhone to their EDGE service, something supported neither by Apple nor T-Mo. Sure there’s horror stories about them, but there’s horror stories about every type of service provider on the planet, and those usually drown out the kudos.

    Fun fact: the only people who can get a usable GSM signal in my office building are T-Mo customers.

  10. TalKeaton: Every Puzzle Has an Answer! says:

    I’m a T-Mobile customer and so far I have no complaints. None. It’s great. Coverage is only slightly less than other companies in the area where I live, but I live in the dark abyss of nowhere so I can’t say I blame ’em.

  11. Davan says:

    Ill trade quality customer service on my Sprint # for the unbeatable price any day.

    I have to call customer support, what? three times a year? 40% discount is definitely worth 10% worse customer service.

    • jamar0303 says:

      @Davan: And for those of us who aren’t nearly as lucky or want to use nicer phones (you aren’t going to see a 3+ inch 864×480 screen, attractiveness, 5MP camera, and waterproofing on the same phone on Sprint) there’s good ol’ T-Mo. Unless you’re a prepaid customer. They don’t seem to be too fond of those. But is anyone in America?

  12. CmdX says:

    Now this is just odd… there were reports a few months ago that put Sprint/Nextel on the top of the customer-satisfaction survey and now there is this which puts it on the bottom.

    All the carriers are horrible, but if you know where to look (SERO) you can get some great deals with Sprint that pretty much override any customer service issues you may have over the year.

    I’ll spend an extra hour or two on the phone over the course of a year if it means I saved $100+

  13. madrigal says:

    I’ve had T-mobile for years. Their customer service has always been excellent. Except recently when one of their higher ups called me a liar. My contract is up in the summer, and I will be going elsewhere.

  14. Serenefengshui says:

    I use T-Mobile and they’ve been super-helpful every time I’ve called with a problem or question. Now, the mall folks who run their kiosks? Not so helpful and in fact, downright rude.

  15. UnnamedUser says:

    JD Powers, eh?

    Once upon a time I worked for a company that boasted loudly to prospective customers and to the trade press that they had received a JD Powers award for some obscure and narrowly focused something or other where the entire world population (of companies) who could possibly have any interest at all in winning such an award was maybe two or three. — Obscure, narrowly focused.

    I tried to find out how this came to pass. All the internal official channels that would normally have said something rather officious about it were silent. Even the “back channels” were evasive on the subject. Several months later I heard a rumor that you can get any award you want, make something up, from JD Powers if you put the right amount of money on the table. The allegation was that the award was simply bought and paid for.

    Whether there is any truth to that rumor, I haven’t a clue. So, this with a grain of salt. However, given the extreme narrow focus on the award for “Best in class” of a class so obscure, so industry specific and where the number of industry incumbents was so small, the amount of money at stake was so small, it would not surprise me at all.

    Did I mention that my former employer went out of business, was acquired actually and at below “book value”, in about 2003 or so. We knew is was going to happen. We just didn’t know when. I was long gone before they actually went under.

    In my mind, a JD Power award is really a “negative recommendation”.

  16. flidget says:

    T-Mobile? Really? I’m a third-party phone seller, and spend half my working hours calling into T-Mobile, Verizon, or AT&T, and my experience with T-Mobile has been such that I get a horrible sinking feeling once I find out they’re a customer’s carrier, because I know it’s going to be a hassle.

    As for the other two – Verizon tends to be more competent, but also tends to put me on hold for upwards of half an hour.

  17. MeOhMy says:

    I’ve had some pretty miserable experiences with T-Mobile and I still wholeheartedly believe they’re better than the other choices.

    That’s not to say their customer service is all that great…but everyone else’s customer service is completely abysmal.