'Property Tax Reassessment' Company Sends Junk Mail Disguised As Tax Doc

We’ve seen some misleading advertising before, but this one is a doozy. A company called “Property Tax Reassessment” is sending homeowners in California a fake tax document that looks official, and that attempts to con recipients into paying $179 before February 26th so that the company can file some paperwork on their behalf. There’s even a late fee threat for missing the deadline! It’s some of the most convincing looking junk mail we’ve ever seen, and it’s a total scam.

More than one person has alerted us to the scam, but Susannah scanned the form and sent it in, along with this description (emphasis ours):

The attached letter arrived in the mail today at our California home. Designed in detail to replicate the look of a property tax bill, the letter demands the recipient file a property tax “Reassessment Application” with them before a prominently-featured deadline.

The fee demanded by the letter is to pay “Property Reassessment” to file forms requesting a property tax reassessment that we could do ourselves.

The letter blathers about how there is a service fee due by February 26 and that if it is late there will be $30 late fee. But it turns out the letter is from a place called “Property Tax Reassessment” with a PO Box in Los Angeles. We have our property assessed by the County we live in, not in Los Angeles.

(Thanks to Susannah and ChedZ!)

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