FEMA Food May Contain Salmonella Peanut Butter

Food kits distributed by FEMA as part of a disaster relief effort in Kentucky and Arkansas may contain some of that awesome salmonella peanut butter we’ve been hearing so much about.

CNN says:

Jay Blanton, spokesman for Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear, said late Wednesday: “We just received this information from FEMA. Tonight, out of an abundance of caution, we are in the process of finding alternative sources of food for people in shelters. The Kentucky National Guard is starting to notify people who’ve already received the (meal kits) or might be getting one.”

The meals have a variety of main dishes, but all apparently contain peanut butter packets. Do not eat.

FEMA food kits may contain tainted peanut butter [CNN]


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  1. BlackMage is doing the Time Warp agaaaaaaain!!! says:

    The new [old?] FEMA name: FAIL.

    FEMA is like a geriatric man with ED. Slow to respond and not a lot of satisfying results.* And sometimes even their own efforts will kill you!

    * (Kudos to Jeff Dunham!)

  2. 269InchDiagonal_GitEmSteveDave says:

    Whew. Luckily we got out of that FEMA trailer, and into this hotel, so we’re safe. OK, who wants some Peanut Butter Sandwiches from the FEMA “Welcome to your new, new, temporary housing!” basket?

  3. ceez says:

    i am still wondering why we have so many organizations which continue to fail american citizens!

    • Aphex242 says:

      @ceez: Because he’s only been in office two weeks. ;)

    • 269InchDiagonal_GitEmSteveDave says:

      @ceez: B/c:

      The purpose of FEMA is to coordinate the response to a disaster which has occurred in the United States and which overwhelms the resources of local and state authorities.

      There has to be two failures before FEMA can be called in.

    • FrugalFreak says:

      Lets play Super Password shall we for the answer;

      The lack of decent Gov is result of the answer above, and the failings of consumer care is the answer above.

      2 secs to guess the answer.

    • Yossarian says:

      @ceez: Let’s let them take over medical care. I’m sure they’ll redeem themselves.

  4. legwork says:

    Sacrilege! How dare Consumerist?! Those free-market care packages are loved by millions!

    “With love,
    G.W.’s FEMA”

  5. Anonymous says:

    It says right there on page 14 of the application … “you must specify that you want to receive the NTFFP (non-tainted Fema food package) when applying for emergency food assistance.” Read the instructions people!

  6. mythago says:

    Is this the former administration’s version of giving smallpox-infested blankets to the troublesome natives?

  7. Ash78 ain't got time to bleed says:

    Salmonella Peanut Butter tastes delicious on my Heckuva Job Brownies!

    • 269InchDiagonal_GitEmSteveDave says:

      @Ash78: It’s nowhere near as good as the egg salad I used to get from Sam N’ Ella’s Deli. Stuff was great if you wanted to lose weight!

  8. theblackdog says:

    Can we really hold FEMA responsible for this when it’s really due to a failure of the FDA and PCA for not making sure the products were safe for consumption in the first place?

    • AD8BC says:

      @theblackdog: Yeah. How can you go bashing FEMA for this? It’s not like they knew the peanut butter is bad.

      FEMA has made some mistakes, sure. But for the love of Pete, don’t bash them for trying to feed people.

      • Anonymous says:

        This peanut butter scare began almost a month ago. Other organizations examined their peanut butter items and acted accordingly; FEMA should have realized that every single food kit they handed out had peanut butter in them, and checked to make sure it was safe before it doled them out.

        It shouldn’t be coming as a surprise now.

      • HogwartsAlum says:


        Can we bash them just because it’s fun? ;D



    • Robobot says:

      @theblackdog: Ultimately, it isn’t FEMA’s fault. On the other hand, plenty of private companies managed to get the word out about salmonella, or the lack thereof, in their food products weeks ago. What took FEMA so long to issue a statement?

  9. IT-Chick says:

    “Food kits distributed by FEMA as part of a disaster relief effort in Kentucky and Arkansas may contain some of that awesome salmonella peanut butter we’ve been hearing so much about.”

    That made me giggle.

  10. oneandone says:

    This is unfortunate, and hopefully no one gets ill (or worse) from the FEMA food. But there’s nothing FEMA could have done differently to prevent or avoid it.

    It actually makes me think of the toy safety regulations (which everyone is really happy to hate on, apparently). Things like the salmonella peanut butter underline the unfortunate fact that today there are *no* materials guaranteed to either be safe or contain what they allegedly should contain.

    I can’t help thinking that a lot of the people who don’t want govt regulation of toys that couldn’t *possibly* have any lead/toxic chemicals in them are the first to point and laugh when FEMA didn’t check to make sure that supposedly safe foods wasn’t actually contaminated.

  11. SabreDC says:

    Isn’t FEMA a victim here? They bought this peanut butter not knowing it was tainted. They got screwed by PCA just as bad as anyone else. Why is it that if Joe Schmoe buys salmonella-laced peanut butter, we can’t call him worthless or a failure because that’s blaming the victim. When FEMA does it, it’s somehow “cool” to call them a failure, even though they bought it specifically to distribute to those who require assistance.

  12. RickeyRickay says:

    Well seeing that when Katrina hit New Orleans it was all Bush’s fault so seeing the EXTREMELY slow response to the poor and impoverished peoples of Kentucky one can only come to one conclusion.

    Barak Obama hates white people.