Don't Draw Genitalia As Your Signature When Paying Via Credit Card

After accidentally scribbling nonsense on a verification screen and seeing that it didn’t trigger any alerts, Kingpin at DrunkRepublic decided to start goofing around with his signature when using his credit card. It led to some fun times for a while. Then it backfired. (Warning: the image after the jump is cartoonishly NSWF in a Comcast-at-the-Superbowl sort of way.)

At first, he says, he tried using lines or drawing Xes, then escalated to things like “Crotchy Crotchington” or “I’m A Criminal.” Finally, assured that the system was bunk, he drew what any self-respecting smartass would draw once you’ve figured out that The Man isn’t paying attention: a classic cock-and-balls doodle.

Unfortunately, this was exactly what the machine appeared to be waiting for, because it refused to accept the doodle. Instead, it printed it out on a receipt and asked the cashier to verify it against Kingpin’s card. She, of course, called over the manager.

Manager: Sir, your signature…heh…umm…doesn’t match the signature on your card.

Kingpin: I know and there is a good reason for that.

Manager: (quietly) You drew a penis on my credit card machine.

Read the full story on his blog.

Update: We broke Kingpin’s blog. (Sorry.) Here’s a Google Cache of the text version of the post. Just use your imagination to add the penis image above to it.

“When Your Credit Card Signature Fun Backfires” [DrunkRepublic] (Thanks to Shannen!)
(Photo: The Consumerist)

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