The FDA has announced more salmonella peanut butter recalls in the past few days — including items from Kroger and Walgreens. Click here for the updated info. Regular jars of peanut butter are not affected.


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  1. deadandy says:

    Does anyone know if stores are allowed to request a receipt for these types of refunds? I ask because I got a recall notice from Costco for a case of peanut butter cracker things I bought and they wouldn’t accept it for a refund because I lost the receipt.

    • yasth says:

      @deadandy: They are allowed to do anything they want it is a voluntary recall etc.

      Still they will accept a return without a receipt most assuredly. Of course the simplest option might be just to call the number that is listed on the fda’s site (the here for the updated info link) in whatever entry your crackers fall under. You’ll generally get neater stuff for going direct to the MFG. anyways.

  2. Ihaveasmartpuppy says:

    I know they’re saying no jarred peanut butter is included in the recall, but when I was at Kroger Saturday there was a stock guy pulling all the Kroger brand jarred peanut butter off the shelves. I asked him if it was recalled, he said he didn’t know and was just told to take it off.