Sprint Clears Up 'Unlimited Messaging' Confusion

We got an email today from a Sprint representative addressing the confusion over just what “unlimited” means in their unlimited messaging package. If you recall, Erica says Sprint told her she would still be billed per message when sending pics or video, which runs contrary to the offer she signed up for. Now Sprint has officially responded that unlimited means no additional charges, and they’re investigating the matter. Below is their statement.

(Emphasis ours.)

I saw your article on Sprint’s Everything Messaging plans. Sprint’s Everything Messaging plans include unlimited text, picture and video messaging at no additional charge. With these plans, there are no charges for data usage associated with using picture or video messaging. However, it has come to our attention that a few customers have received charges for data usage that may be related to picture messaging. Sprint is investigating these situations and in most cases has found that the data charges are being billed for other data usage, such as checking email, downloading ringtones or visiting Web sites. In a very small number of cases, charges of 4 to 9 cents per message are mistakenly being billed to the customer. Sprint is conducting testing to fix this issue for those customers affected. Customers on Everything Messaging plans who feel they have been mistakenly charged for sending or receiving picture or video messages should immediately report the issue to Sprint Customer Care at 1-800-Sprint1 in order for their usage history to be researched.

So there you have it; although they’re saying the number of cases where customers were incorrectly billed is small, they’re admitting that it’s real and being investigated.

If you’re being charged extra on your unlimited plan, first make sure you’re not going online, checking email, or downloading ringtones; if you are, you owe the money. If it looks like a real error, let Sprint know so they can reverse the charges.

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