Cash4Gold Offers Blogger $3,000 To Remove Negative Post

Want to get rich in blogging? Just write negative posts about sleazy companies and wait for them to bribe you to take your post down. That’s what the Cockeyed blog learned after blogging about their experience in using Cash4Gold’s servicess…

…where the gold buyer offered them a price that was 1/3 of what they could get at a local pawn shop. Subsequently, Cockeyed’s post became the number 3 Google result for Cash4Gold. A SEO rep for the company sent Cockeyed two emails offering money to take the post down or make it more positive. The second email offered “a few thousand.”

Shoot, how do we get in on that action? Our archives would be worth their weight in gold, after we melt them down.

Cash 4 Gold would like to melt down and recast their reputation [Cockeyed]
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