Personal Finance Roundup

Six options if you’re underwater on your mortgage [Wise Bread] “Unless they have cash to cover the difference between what their house will sell for and what they owe, [homeowners underwater] are pretty much stuck. Here are six options for people in that situation.”
8 Springtime Travel Bargains [Kiplinger] “Here are eight destinations that offer a great springtime getaway at a great bargain.”
Treasures in the Cupboard: Eight Tactics We Use to Maximize the Value of Our Pantry [The Simple Dollar] “We actually use a number of tactics for stocking, rotating, and utilizing our pantry so that the food kept inside has maximum value. Here’s how we do it.”
What You Need to Know About Gold [Wall Street Journal] “Here are a few of [the options for gold investing], along with the inherent pros and cons.”
Basics of Treasury Bonds & Securities Explained [Bargaineering] “Government bonds are still safer, from a capital preservation perspective, than every other investment.”

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