Great Moments In Commercial History: Nestle White Chocolate

Yep, that’s right, we’re bringing back Great Moments in Commercial History, and Reader Paul is kicking things off with this delightfully awful ’80s confection.

I officially nominate the greatest commercial from the 80s: Nestle White chocolate bar. To my prepubescent mind, this commercial had everything: breathy vocals, unctuous synths, the subversive idea that chocolate could actually be white (imagine my disappointment when I realize it was merely artificial cocoa butter solids). To this day, not a month goes by that “Sweet dreams are made of thi-i-s, N-E-S-T-L-E-S” doesn’t go through my head. Now that’s an earworm. I realize I’m praising this commercial more than making fun of it, but this feature IS “Greatest Moments” in commercial history. They don’t have to be all bad, do they?

No, they don’t all have to be bad — however this one qualifies. Enjoy.

Commenter grahams points out that Faith No More covered this jingle in concert. So awesome.

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