You Do Sell Mannequins

Somebody thinks we sell mannequins…


Am Micheal Davidson i will like to know whether you do sell mannequins.And if you do sell them,reply me back with the models and the price ranges you do carry so that I can notify you the model and the quantity am interest in Ordering.Thank You.
Best Regard
Micheal Davidson


Dear Michael,

I’m all out of mannequins. I do, however, have some empty cans. It’s not the same, I know, but they rhyme at least.

We’ll see what happens. Probably just inviting more spam now they know the address is live, but hey, I like to raspberry the devil like that.

(Photo: the c-side)

Update: I’m surprised at the number of commenters who don’t know what this scam is… basically it’s an enticement into advance fee fraud. They send you a check for the widgets they’re asking for, and there will be an overage which you’re supposed to use pay a shipping agent or whatever. After you pay the shipping agent, the first check bounces and you never hear from them again, and you’re out the money you paid out your bank account.

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