New York Real Estate Firm Dumps A Year's Worth Of Client Info On The Street

What are those papers blowing down Columbus Avenue? Why, those are your tax returns, driver’s licenses, credit reports, bank statements, and 401k statements. It seems that your real estate company, Citi Habitats, dumped an entire years worth of sensitive client documents in the streets of New York.

ABC7 says:

Dannen used the firm to find an apartment in 2006. We found her name, phone number and annual income on a registration form.

“Just in the gutter? My life was in the gutter. That’s nice,” she said.

ABC7 says that the company has apologized and claims that the papers were disposed of improperly due to their offices being renovated.

They said that they took immediate steps to clean up the mess, but ABC7 says they were still finding documents a block away 8 hours after the clean-up ended. Nice work guys, the real estate industry needs this kind of excellent PR.

Personal info found littered on street [ABC7]
CitiHabitats Dumps Old Clients’ Personal Data on Street [Gothamist] (Thanks, Otis!)

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