Top 10 Fast Food Chains In Customer Satisfaction

Mmm, how satisfying. A recent survey by Sandelman & Associates, a market research and consumer-trends firm, shows that customers mostly prefer regional or smaller national fast food and chain restaurants to gigantic soul-destroying megafood joints like McDonald’s.

The survey included fast food and chain restaurants (like pizza places, and other casual eateries) and ranked the results by the highest percentage of “excellent” ratings.

Top 10 Chains in Customer Satisfaction:

1. In-N-Out Burger, Irvine, Calif., 60%

2. Raising Cane’s, Baton Rouge, La., 59%

3. Giordano’s Pizza, Chicago, 56%

4. Chick-fil-A, Atlanta, 55%

5. Panera Bread, St. Louis, 54%

6. Chipotle, Denver, 52%

7. Pei Wei, Scottsdale, Ariz., 51%

8. Firehouse Subs, Jacksonville, Fla., 51%

9. Taco Tote, El Paso, Texas, 50%

10. Qdoba, Wheat Ridge, Colo., 49%

For more about the study, check out the WSJ Independent Street blog.

In-N-Out Burger vs. McDonald’s: Guess Who Won? [WSJ]

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