There Are Other Sizes Besides Medium And Large, Wendy's

Jeff says the Wendy’s he goes to is getting a little tricky with their upselling, creating the appearance of a universe where the only sizes are medium or large.

Jeff writes:

When you order a combo meal they ask “Medium or large?.” Not, “Would you like to plus size that?” or something similar. It makes it seem as though you only have two options for your combo: medium or large. Most people would probably opt for medium, as they would assume there is a charge for large, not even realizing they are being charged extra for the medium upgrade. You actually have to take a second to think, and say “small please.”

We’re all used to “You know you can get the Glombo size for just a quarter more,” but making it seem like there’s only two options is a little much.

(Photo: colros)

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