Woman Barricades Repairman Until He Fixes Her Washer

A British woman locked a repairman in her washer room and said she wouldn’t let him out until he fixed her washer.

Tracey Fox, had bought the washer, which was still under warranty, 10 months ago and this was its fifth servicing. The repairman set off his entrapment after he told her that she would have to pay for the repair parts herself and it would probably be cheaper if she just bought a new washer. The man called the police and she eventually let him leave. She is not facing any chargers and Currys, the retailer she bought the washer from, has since given her a free replacement washer. “I’m not proud of my actions, but I felt there was no other option,” said Fox. “It sounds stupid thinking about it now, but it was the final straw.” I wonder if that would work against Sears?

Woman locked repairman with washer [UPI] (Thanks to EraserGirl!) (Photo: Meggito)

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