Was Circuit City's Website Pulled Because The Deals Were Too Good?

If you’ve tried to check out the so-called liquidation “deals” that might be advertised on Circuit City’s website, you’ve no doubt noticed that the website no longer exists. HDGuru grabbed some prices from the site before it was taken down — and they say that the regular website deals were better than the 10% off being offered at a doomed Circuit City in Massapequa, NY.

From HDGuru:

The HD Guru priced five HDTVs at its closeout store in Massapequa, NY. Comparing the original and 10% off closeout prices with prices listed at Circuitcity.com revealed the “current” pre-closeout price written on the price tags was actually $200 to $400 higher than the “real” current selling price of all five HDTVs at CircuitCity.com . After the 10% off closeout price is taken into account, 3 out of 5 HDTVs remained $60-$100 more than the same item at Circuit City’s website!

A Circuit City spokesman was contacted by email. At press time we are waiting for a response (the site will be updated when a response is received). The HDTVs priced are as follows

Model/Store Price/10% Off Price/ “True” Current CCWeb Price

Samsung/PN50A550 $1999.99 $1799.99 $1699.99
Samsung/LN46A550 $1699.99 $1529.99 $1449.99
Samsung/LN52A750 $2999.99 $2699.99 $2699.99
Sony/KDL40V4100 $1399.99 $1259.99 $1199.99
Sony/KDL52XBR6 $3499.99 $3149.99 $3299.99

HDGuru also notes that all sales are final — and you are not allowed to check to see that your merchandise works before you buy it.

Circuit City Liquidation Sale Price Switch-Can You Beat It or Will It Beat You? [HDGuru]
(Photo:Matt McGee)

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