If You Use MyCorporation From Intuit, Will You Get Spammed?

Today we posted a Morning Deal for “free” LLC/corporation filing from MyCorporation, a company owned by Intuit (TurboTax, Quickbooks). A one-time “customer” from MyCorporation—he never actually went through with their free service, but filled out the initial forms—contacted us with his own story of how he’s been bugged by spam and free offers on a weekly basis ever since he dealt with them.

Are you guys in bed with them? Are they a paid sponsor? Because there is nothing free about it. They still charge you $30 for shipping and you must pay the state filing fee.

In Iowa all that it takes to form an LLC according to The Iowa Secretary of State’s website is a piece of paper with the company name, list of officers/members, address, basic info like that. Mail it in with a $50 check and you’re done. I can’t see how this would cost $30 in shipping costs. Obviously that price is inflated so MyCorporation makes a little scratch. Sounds like a marketing ploy to harvest some people’s information so they can later harass them with countless emails to buy other services while making a little bit in the front end.

I’m a victim of countless emails from that company even though I’ve emailed and asked for them to remove me, replied to the unsubscribe link, etc.. I even get mail sent to me addressed to an LLC I never formally filed. The only entity that knew that name was MyCorporation. I never finished filling out their forms or paying for the service. Yet at least 1 magazine a week sends me a free copy addressed to this LLC.

For the record, we have no special relationships with any company mentioned in our morning deals; they’re only meant as a service to customers.

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