Two Wisconsin Walmarts Evacuated Due To Mysterious Odors, FBI Investigates

The FBI is investigating an incident in which a mysterious chemical was released in a Wisconsin Walmart sending 47 people to the hospital — and is not investigating a Walmart in the same county that had to be evacuated the next day due to an odoriferous sewer problem. What an odd coincidence.

The first evacuation, which the FBI considers a crime scene, took place in the Walmart in Germantown, WI:

Germantown Police Chief Peter Hoell told reporters, “We received a report of people inside our Walmart that were overcome by some unknown substance that was in the air. It wasn’t seen but it was felt physically, internally.”

Hazmat crews and ATF are on the scene trying to figure out what was released into the air. They don’t want to ventilate the building, because they don’t want to release the substance into the air.

Police have found a substance on the floor. Hoell says they have an idea what it is, but prefer not to release that information.

The second stinky Walmart is in nearby West Bend:

Two Walmart employees said that when they arrived at work, the store smelled like rotten eggs.

Those employees started to talk to fellow co-workers, who say they smelled it all night long.

That’s when the evacuation started, with a public address announcement in the store to get out of the building,

Authorities stopped other employees from entering the store.

All employees and others inside went to their cars and were told to hang around and wait until police talked to them.

The smell was different than the bleach/ammonia-like smell from the Germantown Walmart on Thursday.


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