UPDATE: Limited Edition Zune Fixed, and Then Some))

Brooke’s long, tedious, and unnecessary Zune repair is finally over, and it appears Microsoft has done her right. The day after our post on her situation went live, she got a call from Blarim, a personal rep at Microsoft Seattle, and the ball went a-rolling. But she ended up getting a lot more than just her Zune back.

She got the Entire case, more headphones, and a really awesome iHome Zune dock, plus a nice handwritten letter by the Zune team.

Blarim informed me that without a doubt I would be getting the 80gb Joy division Zune back, It should be shipped the next day and to call back to get the fed ex tracking numbers. Along with a ihome free of charge for the inconvenience.

2 packages and only a few days later I received *My* Limited edition Joy Divison #59 80gb Zune original (well a reprint oddly enough, that shipped from China) which came pre-loaded with the documentary film Joy Division. I also came with the collectible box.
That, in addition to the 80 GB Zune, included a Peter Saville-designed
leather case and poster card, a pair of Zune Premium Headphones, and a
sync cable. Which I already had from the original purchase. I now have double everything (except for the Zune itself)
I also received the promised ihome along with a hand written card complete with an apology.
15 weeks later.

Their incompetence leading up to this is unforgivable, but the Zune Dock (a 100 dollar product) is certainly moving in the right direction. Just pray it doesn’t have Skynet loaded alongside the documentary.

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