Make Your Driver's License A Debit Card And Save 3 Cents Per Gallon Of Gas

If you live in or around Austin, Texas, you can save 3 cents or more per gallon by turning your driver’s license into a debit card.

By bypassing the normal credit card payment processors and their fees, and using ACH (Automated Clearing House) transfer instead, National Payment Card (NPC) offers transaction savings to the merchant that can get passed back to the consumer in the form of cheaper gas.

For security, none of your financial info is stored on the card and the card is protected by a PIN.

I found some online reviews in this messageboard that say you do save and it’s legit (despite the decidedly unimpressive website. The hugest drawback is that there appear to only be six gas station locations in the country that accept it, and they’re all in or around Austin, Texas. According to a press release, however, NPC is trying to gear up for a national rollout.

Even if it’s of limited utility, it’s a good concept and I’m always interested in seeing something that disrupts the hidden back network of credit card processing fees, which, as we showed you recently, costs consumers about $50,000,000,000 a year.

How to turn your driver’s license into a debit card [] (Thanks to Rudy!) [Official Site}

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