Snuggies And ShamWows Beseige Nation's Cheap Airwaves

The economy is ‘sploding so that means it’s infomercial mating season. Prices for airtime are dropping as bigger advertisers pull their spots, so the Billy Mays of the world are now getting slots during 30 Rock commercial breaks. At the same time, more people are watching TV because they don’t have money to go out and it helps anesthetize them to the pain of reality. Thus, the rise of the ShamWow and the Snuggie, a super slurping sponge cloth, and a blanket with arms, respectively. Let’s take a closer look.

Exhibit A: The ShamWow:

Save on heat and warm up with a Snuggie!:

And of course, the inevitable parodies. The ShamWow one is particularly good, and a bit NSFW.

ShamWow Parody:

Join the cult of Snuggie:

As seen on TV! Pitchmen reign during hard times [Star Ledger] (Thanks to Matthew!)

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