Long-Running Buy Two And Save Deal At Target Offers Savings Of -$1.51

Kevin sent us this picture of a non-sale at Target with the following explanation: “I took the attached picture back in October and noticed today that their pricing still makes no sense (I brought this up to customer service back in October and was told that they will have a manager take a look at it).”

Buying two single bottles of Old Spice body wash at $3.54 each would cost $7.08. Buying the bulk two-pack of Old Spice body wash at $8.59 would cost $1.51 more. As Kevin puts it, “The bottles have the same amount in them, the only difference is the fancy shrink wrapping of lies.”

This is not the first time on the Terrible Twofers list for Target or Old Spice: we’ve pointed out negative savings on orange juice at Target, negative savings on Old Spice at Walmart. The Venn diagram is completed.