Graphic: Why GM Will Still Fail

Not that you necessarily need convincing that GM is doomed no matter how much cash is thrown at it, but here’s a cool graphic that shows all of the auto company’s problems as piles of shipping containers. The designer points out that “many aspects of this graphic can apply to the rest of the Big Three but I focused on GM since they are in the most dire position.”

The designer also created the Death & Taxes poster (for sale on his site) that you probably saw last year.

And if you want a deeper look at GM, check out this article from Fortune a couple of months ago—the author has been reporting on the company for decades and offers a unique perspective on the corporate culture and the legacies of its CEOs.

“The Fall of GM – a visual guide” [WallStats via FlowingData]
“GM: Death of an American dream” [Fortune]
(Image: WallStats)

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