Make 2009 Scam-Free With This List

Stephanie Zimmermann of the Chicago Sun-Times has put together a list of resolutions to prevent scams, cons, and cheats. We really like the suggestion that you find a reputable locksmith, plumber, A/C repairman, and mechanic now, instead of waiting until an emergency.

As for her advice that you use the Better Business Bureau more often, the prevailing opinion of our readers is that the BBB is of limited utility because it’s too easily gamed by businesses, so we’d suggest you follow her advice but add community sites like ripoffreport, resellerratings, and epinions (plus movingscam if you’re moving). And, of course, The Consumerist!

“In 2009, let’s resolve not to get scammed” [Chicago Sun-Times]
(Photo: dyobmit)