TechGearNow Calls You "Very Rude" For Declining Overpriced HDMI Cables

After ordering a TV from TechGearNow, Reid noticed two notes on his account asking him to call to confirm his order. It turns out they wanted to sell him an HDMI cable and warranty for $60, which he declined. The next time he checked his account, he saw the above note.

Reid’s email:

I had recently ordered a 32 inch flat screen television after seeing an offer from one of your morning deals offered from I noticed the “Call to confirm” and “left message” comments a view days later, and gave the caller a call back. The only question he asked was whether or not I would like to add on HDMI cables and a 3 year warranty for another $59.99. I told him specifically “No thank you. I already have HDMI cables.” and he said that he would send the package off right away.

I checked the order page again about an hour later and to my surprise I see another little comment placed. I’ve attached a snapshot of the order form.

“Very rude?!?” Because I bought a 600 dollar TV from your site and didn’t want cables I already had?

Though we’re assuming Reid wasn’t being “very rude,” even if he had been, it’s probably not a good idea to complain about it on his account, where Reid could see it.