Knowledge Is Power?

Self-proclaimed leading contemporary critic of the Internet Andrew Keen says that increased broadband access will lead to a second Holocaust. Seriously.

We’ll let you read the story and critical response by our ex-stepbrother Gawker, but here’s the first paragraph money shot:

But I fear that one element in Obama’s well-intentioned infrastructure plan—his goal of providing all Americans with broadband Internet access—might one day be seen as inadvertently laying the foundations for a return to fascism, the political catastrophe of the 1930’s [sic].

The article argues that letting crazy people use the internet will lead to other crazy people finding out crazy stuff. Also, Goebbels would be great at Facebook.

The Internet Is Bad For You [The Daily Beast]
Poor People Don’t Deserve Broadband, Says Internet-Hating Madman [Gawker]
(Photo: Paxton Holley)

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