Fisher-Price Kiddie Camera Comes With Fun And A Computer Virus

Jeff says his kid’s new toy, a working camera from Fisher-Price, tried to give his computer a virus when he plugged it in!

Just wanted to let y’all know about an experience we had this Christmas. My 5-year-old received a “Kid-Tough Digital Camera” by Fisher-Price as a present from a relative. I let her play with it and take 50 or so pictures (yow!). When I hooked the camera up to my XP PC via the included USB cable, my anti-virus software instantly announced it had protected me from a virus. Good for me! I carefully formatted the built-in memory stick on the camera.

I checked Fisher-Price’s website for recall info, but there was none. I also searched the Mattel service website with the keyword “virus” and got some hits for MegaMan games but nothing else. Sadly, there is NO electronic method for submitting any feedback on their website! If you have any sort of product issue you need to call an 800 number. I just called it today and was told they couldn’t answer my call right now due to high volume and disconnected me. Yep, I wasn’t even given the *option* to wait in a queue.

Personally, I’m not that upset [about] it because nothing infected my PC. I mostly want an explanation for this and of course to make sure the company was aware of the issue. But I am definitely annoyed that they have made it so I’ll have to call over and over again until I finally get someone.

P.S. Did a websearch on “fisher-price kid tough camera virus” on Christmas day and got like one or two hits. Do it now and you find a LOT of people with surprise viruses! That’s what we get for entrusting all our manufacturing to China…

Well you wouldn’t take the leaded paint or the melamine, Jeff. China has to export something…

Update: This CBS station in Minneapolis has slightly more information on the story.

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