Watch Out For Firmware Shenanigans At Best Buy

Reader Erin writes in to warn readers that Best Buy is offering a thirty-dollar firmware update to certain Blu-Ray players, and warning that without the update, some newer titles might not work. Erin checked the manufacturer’s website and found no announced firmware updates, and the newer titles play just fine.

Erin writes:

Wanted to tip everyone off: Best Buy sells a sweet Blu Ray player made by
Insignia for $169. I picked one up & spotted the “Geek Squad” can upgrade the firmware for $29.99. Meh. I’ll do it myself.

On checking out, the young lady pointed out that I’d need the firmware upgrade, and they could do it. Without it, I’d not be able to watch the latest Blu Ray titles, such as the Dark Knight. I told her I’d take care of it.

I got home, and took a peek. There is no phone jack or ethernet port on the unit, only an SD Card slot on the front. Hmm. Went to Insignia website, no firmware update notice anywhere. I call Insignia, and guess what? All of their CS is now handled by Best Buy. Awesome.

The Dark Knight plays fine.

Tell everyone you know- if you buy the Insignia KM- BRDVD player, it’s FINE. NO FIRMWARE update needed. I wonder how many people they sucker into this.

To those shoppers confused about the difference between hardware and software, “firmware” is probably scary enough to get them to shell out $30. Thanks for the heads up, Erin!

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