Retail Management Re-defines Holiday $pirit

I’m sure many Consumerist readers either currently or previously had to work as a part-time wage-slave. Now that the holidays are over, what are the ‘best’ sickening sales creeds that management has ever given you?

One such example of a holiday sales contortion is the picture seen at left – found by Tim Geisenheimer on twitter while renting at hertz. The computer monitor reads “Happy Holidays, Upsell, Upsell, Upsell, $$$$$$$$$”, presumably left there by a piece of the management.

I’ve spent my fair share riding the retail tidal wave, and the most shameless tactics and motto’s were always drudged out around the holiday season. By far the most gut-wrenching one was when a manager looked me in the eye and declared that I should be attempting to sell ‘specifically to children’, since they were flush with post-holiday cash and ‘weren’t as picky about buying things’. That’s right, I was instructed to take advantage of children because they had money and didn’t know any better. Puts a nice warm feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Do you have any stories of horrible Holiday sales spurring?

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