Burger King Expiration Stickers Can't Cover Up Shame

Burger King has some ‘splainin to do. When Reader Evan ordered a pie, he presumed that the stated expiration date was truthful… until he peeled back the layers of deception. Full story inside.

Straight from the tip:

A sticker claiming that my pie, already well into the secondary portion
of its digestive adventure, was good for eating well into the fifth day
of the week. Perfectly alright as this was only Wednesday in the
aforementioned week. But, alas, there seemed to be some sort of ruse
going on in my very own home. Underneath the sticker that assured me of
my delicious treat was well within the time allotted for its freshness,
was yet another sticker not bearing the same message of assurance.
Behold! A nearly identical sticker bearing a freshness date that was
already two days well before the current one! Which would mean the this
was scheduled for original consumption a possible full FOUR days in the
past! AND! They didn’t even have the common sense to remove the ORIGINAL

That is some pretty obvious fraud, right there. I would have confronted someone about it at the store to see their reaction and gauge their response. Ask for a refund, because little sounds more disgusting than fast food pie after its expiration date. Past that, I think dropping the Better Business Bureau a line would be pertinent.

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